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JayantaChatterjee 15-Aug-20 23:42pm View
I have verified the points which you mentioned. Its looks good from my application.

In my scenario I am adding extra header with http request from angular. so after removing that header part from http request its started working.
JayantaChatterjee 9-Sep-19 4:57am View
I assumed that "reports" means RDLC. In that case as I mentioned you can not implement the "ReportViwer Control" because in MVC we doesn't have the concept of server side control, Right?
So you can not implement the "ReportViwer Control" in MVC without .aspx form.

Or if you want to know that other way to implement Reports in MVC then you can try "Crystal Report".
For more details:-
JayantaChatterjee 6-Sep-19 7:19am View
Did you added the JS files references (, in your WebFrom1.aspx?
JayantaChatterjee 6-Sep-19 6:29am View
On which property do you want to Order by desc in your Object list?
JayantaChatterjee 11-Oct-18 4:02am View
Hi Jithin,
if you are using this expression on DOB column then you don't need to check the column name, because it always will the DOB column right.?

you said "showing error '#Error' in columns other than data type date time.":-
is your DOB columns may have different values (which is not date time)?
JayantaChatterjee 9-Oct-18 6:54am View
Hiyou apply the expression only on DOB column's data cell.

right click on the DOB column's bellow cell.
click on "Expression"
then type this expression: =CDate(Fields!VALUE.Value)

this expression will evaluate on DOB data.

i hope this will help you.
JayantaChatterjee 8-Dec-17 8:15am View
you are most welcome....
JayantaChatterjee 8-Dec-17 6:45am View
please set the TimeOut property of your command object then you will get the proper error.
myCommand.CommandTimeout = 20;

more info:-
JayantaChatterjee 8-Dec-17 6:36am View
are all table's structure same?
because you are collecting data from different tables and then fill it in a single DataSet. if all tables structure are not same then it will not add to the dataSet object.
please debug and print the total Row count of DataSet.
JayantaChatterjee 8-Dec-17 4:35am View
Please post your code and also your database structure, so we can understand where this error come from.
JayantaChatterjee 7-Dec-17 8:09am View
right now I don't have mongoDB setup,so I can't test it. but this is the way you can join multiple collections of mongoDB.
did you get any error?
JayantaChatterjee 7-Dec-17 7:21am View
please change Queryable() to AsQueryable()..
see my updated solution.
JayantaChatterjee 7-Dec-17 7:11am View
you follow this links:-

if you think this solution works for you, please click on Accept Solution button
JayantaChatterjee 7-Dec-17 6:35am View
please see, I update my solution.
JayantaChatterjee 7-Dec-17 5:57am View
you cannot integrate the SQL server with android studio, you need to create an Web API for SQL server database to perform CRUD operation.
after creation, call the Web API with parameters and display the values on your application.
JayantaChatterjee 14-Jun-17 3:35am View
same, no result..
is there anything I missed?
JayantaChatterjee 14-Jun-17 3:22am View
I also tried that, but no result.. :-(
JayantaChatterjee 20-Feb-17 23:49pm View
You are Welcome..
JayantaChatterjee 16-Feb-17 2:34am View
check your TextBox1 & textBox2 value, the value should be number.
or you can try TryParse method as @Peter said..
JayantaChatterjee 16-Feb-17 2:23am View
What are the errors?
JayantaChatterjee 2-Jan-17 22:45pm View
Please click on "Accept Solution" Green Button..
this will help others to find there answer...
JayantaChatterjee 2-Jan-17 4:55am View
Can you post your full code, so we can find out what are the logic and the problems..
JayantaChatterjee 1-Sep-16 1:53am View
check out this link:-
JayantaChatterjee 31-Aug-16 6:23am View
you can use "FolderBrowserDialog" control to choose the folder from the system..
more info click this link:-
JayantaChatterjee 31-Aug-16 5:58am View
Your question is not clear to me.
please add your code in the question by clicking on the "Improve Question" link..
JayantaChatterjee 2-Aug-16 1:23am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n I'm searching this example and now I find it..
thanks a lotttttttt..
JayantaChatterjee 2-Aug-16 0:59am View
I'm glad to hear that..
@Atul you are welcome..
JayantaChatterjee 25-Jul-16 1:59am View
As per your code, if Unique_No is found in the Table then it will Increment the Sales_count value with one..
if your query doesn't increment the Sales_count value in the table, that means the Unique_No(which you provided through the txtInput textbox) doesn't exist in the table.
Debug your program and see the txtinput.Text value, and find out is it exist in the table or not...
JayantaChatterjee 13-Jul-16 5:21am View
that's means your method doesn't exit, after invalid Unique_no entry on Form1??
JayantaChatterjee 9-Jul-16 4:44am View
Its works for me..
did you get any error?
what is "not working"(please explain)??
JayantaChatterjee 7-Jul-16 0:42am View
Its works for me....
did you follow the steps and change the "product name", copyright etc??
after changed press-F6 to build solution...
JayantaChatterjee 5-Jul-16 5:38am View
Please see I updated my Solution..
JayantaChatterjee 5-Jul-16 4:55am View
to get the "Setup Project" properties:-
select setup project and press F4, then the properties windows will appeared..
in the properties windows you can find all the properties like Product name,version etc..
JayantaChatterjee 5-Jul-16 4:32am View
What happen after changing the properties of "Setup Project"?
JayantaChatterjee 2-Jul-16 5:47am View
I think you missing some external file links...
JayantaChatterjee 2-Jul-16 5:32am View
provide designer code, and Error details...
JayantaChatterjee 2-Jul-16 4:09am View
please post your code. link is not working....
JayantaChatterjee 1-Jul-16 2:44am View
you can use more conditions with logical operator like:
&& (and) , || (or)..
not like (,)comma separator, which you used in "initializer" and "iterator"(increments or Decrements) part
JayantaChatterjee 1-Jul-16 2:29am View
You can not add more than one condition in the For Loop..
You need to specify inner loop for that, with the different logic...
JayantaChatterjee 1-Jul-16 2:12am View
check your question tags....
ASP with Console... :-)
ASP is Server Pages, which doesn't have the Console Application...
What are the errors??
where are you stuck ?
JayantaChatterjee 1-Jul-16 1:46am View
Yeah!! that's right..
btw, enjoy your hard work.. :-)
JayantaChatterjee 30-Jun-16 23:24pm View
Simple and efficient approach..
My 5ed...
JayantaChatterjee 30-Jun-16 23:08pm View
You can get there IDs like this:
var selectedStatus=document.getElementById("<%=ddlStatus.ClientID%>");
JayantaChatterjee 30-Jun-16 6:05am View
You try Google Baba-Ji, who can give you some Doubt clearing results..
JayantaChatterjee 30-Jun-16 6:02am View
My problem is solved after installing the "MS Access 2007 DB Engine"..
some key points are:-
Restart your computer. if you already did that,
then you can try installing the "MS office 32-bit version"...
Sorry I'm out of Points. :-)
JayantaChatterjee 30-Jun-16 4:56am View
My 5ed..
Best Answer of the Month.. :-D
JayantaChatterjee 30-Jun-16 4:32am View
Home work not done here....
sorry... :-)
JayantaChatterjee 30-Jun-16 4:27am View
Not the "Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable", only install "MS Access 2007 Database Engine", from provided link..
I had this problem also...
JayantaChatterjee 30-Jun-16 0:54am View
You need to post that in a separate question, because it will help others to find there problems Solution...
JayantaChatterjee 28-Jun-16 6:16am View
Codeproject doesn't support the Screenshot in question..
you have to add the code block, which you have tried....
JayantaChatterjee 28-Jun-16 6:10am View
First of all, on the web credentials are used "Post" method other then "Get" method.
Credentials are suppose to be secret.
no web site are accept the Credentials through the QueryString..
Can you be more clear?
like, which web site do you want to login?
is that web site created by you or others?
JayantaChatterjee 28-Jun-16 5:53am View
you're welcome...
Please accept the the Solution..
JayantaChatterjee 28-Jun-16 0:58am View
what have you tried ??
did you create the function with the above code, and then drag and drop the function into your crystal report from the "Field Explorer"?
JayantaChatterjee 27-Jun-16 6:23am View
right now I'm not having the Crystal report..
the code will be like this:-
if IsNull({reportFieldName}) then

after this code added to function, you have to add this function to the report, then add a summery fields and select this function Name with sum function in the report..
JayantaChatterjee 27-Jun-16 6:00am View
sorry, code, I didn't see the C++ tag...
this is not in C++ code,its in
you can get the help click this link:-
JayantaChatterjee 27-Jun-16 4:48am View
"st.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd");" would be "dt.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd");"... :-)
otherwise its simple and clear..
JayantaChatterjee 27-Jun-16 4:30am View
did you get any error on converting the date?
if you get errors then, what are the errors?
JayantaChatterjee 27-Jun-16 4:10am View
Yes, you are right..
I think OP show us the static value to render the chart, but he may be dealing with the dynamic values.. that's why I'm post this solution..
JayantaChatterjee 27-Jun-16 2:24am View
thank You....
JayantaChatterjee 21-Jun-16 6:21am View
Exactly what I am trying to say..
thanks for Explanation Sir....
JayantaChatterjee 21-Jun-16 6:08am View
I think its the wrong process to save the RichTextBox content on TextChanged event, because it will fire every time when you change(typeing or deleteing) the text in the RichTextBox..
You can try to create a timer or Button to save the Content..
What are IOException error Message?
JayantaChatterjee 21-Jun-16 5:50am View
You can use JavaScript to replace browser History of your web page..
Using ClientScriptManager...
JayantaChatterjee 3-May-16 4:31am View
Okay. thank you..
JayantaChatterjee 2-May-16 5:21am View
if I use invDate in GROUP BY then it group records with single day wise not for month wise..
JayantaChatterjee 30-Apr-16 22:47pm View
You got me right, but I already tried this. This doesn't work because invDate is not in Group by clause, so its give me an error...

thanks for the help..
JayantaChatterjee 30-Apr-16 21:54pm View
Can you provide more info, code block which you have tried....
It would be helpful to know what is your problem and what would the solutions..
JayantaChatterjee 14-Apr-16 23:56pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Thanks for CSS UI Frameworks, they are amazing....
JayantaChatterjee 24-Dec-15 0:11am View
Thank You Sir...
JayantaChatterjee 22-Dec-15 1:31am View
Thank for Suggestion..
PrintDocument support the Unicode Characters. now I'm finding the IC as a subscript character from the unicode character list....
thanks a lotttt...
JayantaChatterjee 22-Dec-15 1:05am View
HTML Renderer is good. but Sir, I already developed my "Final year" project with PrintDocument control. I'm stuck in this part. if I change the printDocument, then I need to change approx. three PrintDocument controls code.
So, is there any way to do this with PrintDocument?

Thanks for the suggestion..
JayantaChatterjee 15-Dec-15 5:14am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n My vote of 5ed.
thanks for disposed the IDisposable and Disposed nightmare...
Really it's concept clearing article...
JayantaChatterjee 26-Nov-15 1:17am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n My vote 5ed.
I like your all approaches about "Number to Words"..
thank you for sharing this article..
JayantaChatterjee 22-Nov-15 23:02pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n My Vote of 5ed.
Small and Effective ..
JayantaChatterjee 28-Aug-15 8:07am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n My vote of 5
thanks for sharing this sample..
Its pretty helpful..
JayantaChatterjee 10-Aug-15 1:59am View
thanks ....
JayantaChatterjee 10-Aug-15 1:47am View
thank you sir..
JayantaChatterjee 10-Aug-15 0:57am View
Sorry I don't understand..
actually in the cast field have values like:
List <string > cast=new List < string > ();
cast.Add( Marc Silverstein);
cast.Add(Abby Kohn);
cast.Add(Jason Katims);

this is for one movie, and there is more than one movie which have the multiple cast in it. I want to get all the cast name from all the movies name..

How to do that?
JayantaChatterjee 27-Jun-15 5:25am View
thanks for suggestion..
I know this process(which I did) is not good for performance..
here I am making this application to doing some test with worker thread, so that's why I'm making this type of concept with Winforms controls..
most importantly I'm not include it with my habit.. :-)
JayantaChatterjee 26-Jun-15 8:33am View
JayantaChatterjee 25-Jun-15 12:20pm View
Thank You all..
I solve my problem by sending the thread to sleep for 50 millisecond in DoWork event, and it worked like animation... :-)
Thanks a Lottt @F-ES....
JayantaChatterjee 25-Jun-15 12:12pm View
Yes you are right hanging the UI on Complete Event of BackgroundWorker.
I change my code:
private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

private void backgroundWorker1_DoWork(object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e)
List<Label> lblList = new List<Label>();
for (int i = 1; i <= 1000; i++)
Label lbl = new Label();
lbl.Name = "lbl" + i;
lbl.Text = i.ToString();
lbl.BorderStyle = BorderStyle.FixedSingle;
lbl.AutoSize = true;
lbl.BackColor = Color.LightSalmon;
lbl.ForeColor = Color.DarkViolet;
e.Result = lblList;

private void backgroundWorker1_ProgressChanged(object sender, ProgressChangedEventArgs e)
int percentage = ((e.ProgressPercentage * 100) / 1000);
progressBar1.Value = percentage;
Label lbl =(Label) e.UserState;

private void backgroundWorker1_RunWorkerCompleted(object sender, RunWorkerCompletedEventArgs e)
//List<Label> CreatedLbl = (List<Label>)e.Result;


but it also hanging my UI...
so I want to give the option to cancel the process to the user..
how it is possible(in this scenario )?
JayantaChatterjee 25-Jun-15 12:03pm View
I don't want to show the creation process to the user, Only I want to give the option to cancel the process. In this scenario the UI is freezed so user can not have that(Cancel) option..

My question is :
how to provide the cancel option to the user??
JayantaChatterjee 25-Jun-15 11:33am View
I know that is big process, but that is in BackgroundWork class DoWork,
it suppose to not freeze the UI?
JayantaChatterjee 24-Mar-15 3:59am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n My vote of 5ed....
JayantaChatterjee 3-Feb-15 9:52am View
It's works for me....
Finally I get rid of this error..
Thanks a Lotttttttttttttttt....
JayantaChatterjee 6-Jan-15 23:06pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n My vote of 5'd..
Nice and Clear Tips..
thank You Sir...
JayantaChatterjee 13-Dec-14 5:01am View
Sorry I'm not getting you..
what do you means "other fields result"?
how do you get the "userid" variable value?
and what is the problem?
JayantaChatterjee 13-Dec-14 4:55am View
why you are not able to search??
did you get any errors?
JayantaChatterjee 13-Dec-14 3:36am View
I update my Solution, please check..
JayantaChatterjee 13-Dec-14 3:02am View
I think you need to check the length of Pin number in textBox1_TextChanged event, if the length is match the length of Pin number length then search and show the address according to that pin number..
JayantaChatterjee 3-Dec-14 7:05am View
Sorry for late reply..
thank you sir, I will keep it in mind..
JayantaChatterjee 1-Dec-14 22:39pm View
No, I didn't use DataGridView..
I trying to get all the records from the table for display in "Crystal Report"..
JayantaChatterjee 1-Dec-14 10:34am View
thanks a lotttttt..
JayantaChatterjee 1-Dec-14 9:19am View
I used try catch, but the exception doesn't caught by the catch statement.. :-(
so what is the solution for this "rows count" ??
what you did?
JayantaChatterjee 28-Nov-14 23:27pm View
@member11242856 you can try this link:
JayantaChatterjee 12-Nov-14 0:53am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n This is Awesome.....
Thanks for making this Notification in windows.... :-)
JayantaChatterjee 12-Aug-14 10:32am View
Thank you Sir, I appreciate Your suggestion..

Its help me lots.. :-)
JayantaChatterjee 12-Aug-14 10:09am View
Thank you it's worked..
but I am using Struc instead of class because of performance(the collection can be upto 50 or more items).
is there any other way to do this???
JayantaChatterjee 29-Jun-14 3:08am View
Thank you Sir.
JayantaChatterjee 28-Jun-14 23:03pm View
Put your code in time_tick event..
JayantaChatterjee 8-Jun-14 11:31am View
I want to create Settings Variable in VS2010, which describe in this link -:
JayantaChatterjee 8-Jun-14 11:27am View
is there any other way to do this(I mean, to stored array of data)??
JayantaChatterjee 8-Jun-14 11:05am View
actually I want to create a setting that is Queue data type, but in the list of all namespaces but I couldn't find System.collections namespace in that list..
so How to bring System.Collections Namespace in that list??
JayantaChatterjee 8-Jun-14 10:59am View
I don't understand..
JayantaChatterjee 10-May-14 12:40pm View
I tried Message.Show("") before the openFileDialog object creation , its okay(showing the message box), but after that OpenFileDialog.ShowDialog line gives same error.. :-(
JayantaChatterjee 10-May-14 12:33pm View
I ReInstantiate the OpenFileDialog but its same error..:-(
I am not using any dll, Com or DirectX controls, only windows common controls...
JayantaChatterjee 10-May-14 12:29pm View
I dispose all the objects one after one and at last the connection object.:-(
When I dispose the Adapter object, is that still uses the connection object reference?
I am using only private object in that class..
JayantaChatterjee 10-May-14 12:16pm View
I debugging my whole project from beginning, but couldn't find any outside code which used the connection object directly or indirectly.<br>
Actually I create Data_con class object when it needed and after worked done Dispose the Data_con object with dispose method(Its happened on every block in which the Data_con object created like open and close).<br>
Is there any way to close the connection object??
JayantaChatterjee 10-May-14 11:44am View
Now I think I got the Error root.
If I dispose or Close the connection object in the Dispose method then it gives that error, if I comment that two lines then its okay..
So My question is if I only send that class(Data_Con) to garbage Collection without dispose or close the connection object , is the connection still open??
JayantaChatterjee 10-May-14 11:24am View
I used only .NET classes(I think .NET is used Managed memory)..
How to find out unmanaged object in my Application??
JayantaChatterjee 10-May-14 11:18am View
Sir I crossed checked but there is no error in catch block(which is in Dispose method), and change the formation of the object disposing in that method as you say connection object dispose goes last ..
but its still gives same error.... :-(
Is there any other way to do this(I mean Disposing or memory management) to remove this error??
JayantaChatterjee 10-May-14 10:39am View
Thanks for Remind me about SQL Injection, I will Use Parametrized Query..

After making comments on those lines its work properly, that's why I posted that lines of codes.
In Data_Con class dispose method code is :
public void Dispose()
protected virtual void Dispose(bool disposing)
if (disposing)
catch { }
Is this wrong ?
JayantaChatterjee 10-May-14 10:25am View
My vote of 5...
JayantaChatterjee 10-May-14 10:21am View
Thank You Sir..
I got the error generator code in my application, which is :
Data_Con Modi = new Data_Con();
if (paraVal != null)
Modi.SelectSta("select * from custDetails where custName='" + textBox1.Text + "'", "custDetails");
if (Modi.dataSet.Tables["custDetails"].Rows.Count > 0)
textBox2.Text = Modi.dataSet.Tables["custDetails"].Rows[0][2].ToString();
textBox3.Text = Modi.dataSet.Tables["custDetails"].Rows[0][3].ToString();
textBox4.Text = Modi.dataSet.Tables["custDetails"].Rows[0][4].ToString();
textBox5.Text = Modi.dataSet.Tables["custDetails"].Rows[0][0].ToString();
This code is in TextBox_leave event..
I create Dispose method in that class(Data_Con). close and dispose all the object in that class..
so now what i need to do??
JayantaChatterjee 10-May-14 10:14am View
OpenFileDialog is Build in Class(which .NET provide).
I checked OpenFileDialog in different project it worked fine.
The InitialDirectory property of OpenFileDialog is empty...
JayantaChatterjee 10-May-14 10:04am View
this is the first line of button_click event in my project.
I also add break point to that line and debugging my project I found nothing suspicious , but same error occurred. :-(
JayantaChatterjee 10-May-14 9:47am View
I have 3 Classes and 8 forms in my Project..
all project running good except this ... :-(
JayantaChatterjee 10-May-14 9:43am View
Sorry I don't understand...
JayantaChatterjee 5-Apr-14 10:34am View
Sir, I have a problem.
How to focus both controls(ListView and TextBox)??
I mean when the combobox is Expand the items then if we use the keyboard down arrow key to select the item, at that time textbox text and combobox item is selected like system comboBox (with blue backColor),
I set HideSelection property to False, but after this the selection is visible as a light_gray color not like system color(which is blue background color)..
How do I do that ??
JayantaChatterjee 29-Mar-14 11:46am View
Thank You Sir.... :-)
JayantaChatterjee 28-Mar-14 8:20am View
I'm not able to give quick reply for my Internet connection.
Sorry for that... :-(
Thanks for giving custom Events code, and I already made the expand / Collapse behavior for my userControl...
I'm trying to make that control.
JayantaChatterjee 27-Mar-14 11:16am View
That's works...
thanks... :-)
JayantaChatterjee 27-Mar-14 10:46am View
Yes it is Winform project.
I'm familiar with ListView control and also with groups items, but I'm not familiar with custom EventArgs....
JayantaChatterjee 27-Mar-14 1:50am View
Sir, I have lots of time,
I'm pretty excited to do it..
can you post your rough code sketch.
JayantaChatterjee 27-Mar-14 1:46am View
thanks @ BELGIUMsky !!
I tried GroupedComboBox custom control, but I couldn't add group wise items in that control...
JayantaChatterjee 10-Feb-14 9:50am View
My vote of 5++

Thank you Sir...
Thanks a Lottttttttttttttttt...
its perfect .... :-)
JayantaChatterjee 10-Feb-14 9:12am View
i want to do:- I have two controls one is CheckedListBox1 and another is CheckBox1.

CheckedListBox1 List Items are :
"A" unchecked
"B" Checked
"C" Checked
"D" Unchecked

if Checkbox is checked then shows only checked items from CheckedListbox1 to CheckedListbox1 . Here the items are :
"B" and "C"
if checkbox is unchecked then shows all items which were in CheckdeListBox1. Here the items are :
"A" unchecked
"B" Checked
"C" Checked
"D" Unchecked

I saw it in VB6 Add component dialog Box, where all the component are in one checkedlistbox, and there was a checkbox(which text is "Selected Items only").if we checked that checkbox then it will shows only checked items in checkedlistbox.
JayantaChatterjee 10-Feb-14 8:45am View
show in same CheckedListBox1.
JayantaChatterjee 10-Feb-14 8:43am View
Sir, Sorry for My English language..

I want to show only checked Items from checkedListBox, means when checkBox is checked then show which items were checked in CheckedListBox, and if checkbox is unchecked then show all items(which checked before and rest of all)...
JayantaChatterjee 31-Jan-14 8:37am View
I need custom function in Crystal Reports to calculate sum of "total amount" with condition, not the sql query...
JayantaChatterjee 11-Jan-14 22:31pm View
My vote of 5..
JayantaChatterjee 11-Jan-14 21:50pm View
this code gives same error in "Class1" methods..
Please run your code before post..
JayantaChatterjee 11-Jan-14 21:48pm View
My Vote of 5+..
Thank you Sir, its works fine...
Thanks again....
JayantaChatterjee 10-Jan-14 9:27am View
I clearly understand what you said , thanks for the Help..

I tried Your Last Example :-
private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
Thread t = new Thread(() => doWork(tableLayoutPanel1));
t.IsBackground = true;

public void doWork(TableLayoutPanel TLP)
for (int i = 0; i < 30; i++)
Button btn = new Button();
btn.Text = (i + 1).ToString();
btn.AutoSize = true;
TLP.Controls.Add(btn);//same error here

and I also tried to send tableLayoutPanel1 as an argument in backgroundWorker1.
like :- backgroundWorker1.RunWorkerAsync(tableLayoutPanel1);
the event is :-
private void backgroundWorker1_DoWork(object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e)
TableLayoutPanel tlp = (TableLayoutPanel)e.Argument;
for (int i = 0; i < 30; i++)
Button btn = new Button();
btn.Text = (i + 1).ToString();
btn.AutoSize = true;
tlp.Controls.Add(btn);//Cross-thread operation not valid
same error here..
nothing improved .....
JayantaChatterjee 10-Jan-14 8:58am View
Thanks @Rahul VB for this UI Thread Concept...
Thanks Again...
JayantaChatterjee 7-Jan-14 11:33am View
Thanks a lottttttttt Sir its works perfectly more faster then previous..... :-)
JayantaChatterjee 7-Jan-14 11:07am View
Sir, sorry for the missing info..
I tested this all methods loops with 30 (means Noq=30).
If I do it with 100 then it will be getting longer time(more then 4 min.) to execute ...
then the problem will arise .... :-(
How to solve this???
JayantaChatterjee 7-Jan-14 10:37am View
I get all the Execution details in Milliseconds.
createBtn() == 1280 (Milliseconds).
getQues() == 121 (Milliseconds)
generateRnd() == 2 (Milliseconds).

Solution ?? :-)
JayantaChatterjee 7-Jan-14 9:22am View
1. generateRnd();
2. getQues();
3. createBtn();
above all functions are making slow my "form load"(which are Important functions also). :-(
and "Noq" maximum value will be "100"(I think this not the very high Number)....
is there any way to do this(I mean, that when the functions are executing meantime a messageBox appear.)??
JayantaChatterjee 7-Jan-14 8:54am View
if i create a thread class and access all the controls(UI) which are needed to manipulate then it will be complicated..
how I accessed tableLayoutPanel1 Controls from another thread??
JayantaChatterjee 7-Jan-14 8:40am View
Yes sir, I'm having a problem with speed on my Form(main thread)....
the functions are slowing my form load....
I'm not good in thread(UI thread).
JayantaChatterjee 7-Jan-14 3:15am View
Sir, create a method for that code, and called that method from BackgroundWorker DoWork event, but still its gives same error... :-(

can you please give me example of
how to move the code into the UI thread via the BackgroundWorker.ReportProgress method???
JayantaChatterjee 13-Dec-13 1:01am View
Thanks Sir Its works fine..
thanks a lottttttt... :-)
JayantaChatterjee 13-Dec-13 0:56am View
Sir, how to separate variable value from an Object type variable??
JayantaChatterjee 30-Nov-13 10:24am View
Its Works fine,This is I need...
Hats Off to You Sir(You did Just In 15-Mins).. WOW
Thank You Very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sir........ :-)
JayantaChatterjee 30-Nov-13 1:55am View
I want to create a option button which have the scroll bar to display its overflow text..
So first I create a custom textbox(which doesn't show the cursor) and a ratio button, and combine them in a user control.
I need two property: 1) Text property, 2) Checked Property and both are set and get type,also this user control behave like an system radio button...

JayantaChatterjee 30-Nov-13 1:33am View
Yes I have only one radio button in my User control...
JayantaChatterjee 30-Nov-13 0:59am View
Sir, Its works fine ...
But only one problem is there: when I set IsChecked Property of user control is false then the last control's IsChecked is true(among four control the last is MyCustRadio4)...
My form code is :-
private void Form2_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
myCustRadio1.Text = "1";
myCustRadio2.Text = "2";
myCustRadio3.Text = "3";
myCustRadio4.Text = "4";
private void unCheck()
myCustRadio1.IsChecked = false;
myCustRadio2.IsChecked = false;
myCustRadio3.IsChecked = false;
myCustRadio4.IsChecked = false;
How to resolved this ???
JayantaChatterjee 26-Nov-13 4:58am View
Thanks Sir... :-)
now I create a userControl for that...
JayantaChatterjee 13-Nov-13 4:25am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n My vote of 5.
JayantaChatterjee 30-Sep-13 8:05am View
when i run your code it couldn't stop(its generating the numerous printing documents pages), if I canceled the the generating then its shows the print pages other wise its continue to generating the pages..
please help me...
JayantaChatterjee 30-Sep-13 4:19am View
No, 'AxRichTextLib' is not in VB6 code, after I converted the code to C#, then the converter convert some code to this "AxRichTextLib" in .CS file.

I download code from here : (which you mention above).

JayantaChatterjee 30-Sep-13 3:33am View
Sir, I download "ILSpy version", but i couldn't understand how to convert the VB6 project into C#..
when I want to open my VB project its file types is ".NET Assembly" only..
can you be more elaborate please???
JayantaChatterjee 30-Sep-13 3:26am View
Sir, thanks for help...
I converted the whole VB6 Project into C# application.
but the VB6 to C# converter doesn't converted all line of codes, I solve some of them but I stuck here...
I got an error -: cannot convert "AxRichTextLib.AxRichTextBox" to "RichTextBox1" in C# application.
How to convert this??? :-(
JayantaChatterjee 30-Sep-13 3:21am View
Sir, Thanks for help..
I converted the whole project into C# application.
the VB6 to C# converter doesn't convert this and so many, I solve some of them but I stuck here...
I got an error: couldn't convert "AxRichTextLib.AxRichTextBox" to "RichTextBox1" in C# application.
How to convert it??
JayantaChatterjee 28-Sep-13 22:26pm View
Sir, I can't convert this VB6 code into, there is lots of complexity.... :-(
can you provide it in C# or VB.NET ??
JayantaChatterjee 8-Sep-13 10:20am View
JayantaChatterjee 7-Sep-13 22:27pm View
Sir, I told in a previous comments that i need smaller size of my setup files,so that's why I don't want to add any prerequisite. The user have .NET 3.5 in his machine and my program classes are for .NET 2.0 or 3.0. So Why should I use .NET 4.0(which increase the size)???
can You please suggest me how to change .NET Framework of a setup Project???
JayantaChatterjee 7-Sep-13 13:00pm View
Sir, I know that .NET Framework 4.0 is new and 2.0 is obsoleted. But in this situation I need small size of a setup file. so I need it to 2.0 or 3.5 .NET Framework(user have win7 OS)...
JayantaChatterjee 25-Aug-13 11:57am View
Oooo.. I got the Mistakes...
Now I create and dispose the object after using,its working fine..
Thanks Sir, Thanks a Lottttttttttttttttt....
Thanks Sir... :-)
JayantaChatterjee 25-Aug-13 11:02am View
Sir, I updated my Question. Please See....
JayantaChatterjee 24-Aug-13 10:17am View
Sir, I solve that problem with some addition..
I made changed with bill No. before is '13-14/1' now it's '13-14/01' it returns the right value(maximum bill No.)..
thanks you so much for helping me Sir.... :-)
JayantaChatterjee 24-Aug-13 9:39am View
But Sir, I have bill no from '13-14/1' to '13-14/10' in my "BillDetails" table...

if I have bill No. like 'BI/13-14/000001' to 'BI/13-14/000010' then its return maximum bill no.('BI/13-14/000010'), and query is
"select max(bill_no) from BillDetails where left(bill_no,9)='BI/13-14/'"..
so where I did wrong???
JayantaChatterjee 24-Aug-13 9:14am View
Sir,Its doesn't return any billNo..
I also use "SELECT BillNo FROM BillDetails WHERE BillNo LIKE '13-14/%'" , but same result(blank). :-(
Sir, I'm using MSAccess as a Database..
JayantaChatterjee 21-Aug-13 9:23am View
Can you please tell me how to use DevExpress Rich Text Editor in VB2010(C#) applications???
JayantaChatterjee 21-Aug-13 9:19am View
Sir,sorry for late reply.
I get an error that "the type or namespace name 'unoidl' could not be found(are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)" on this line : "using;".. :-(
I have installed "LibreOffice 4.1" and "OpenOffice 4.0.0" on my pc. I read about dlls,but I couldn't find DLLs(which start with cli in reference)..
Please Help .....
JayantaChatterjee 19-Aug-13 10:53am View
Thanks for your help...
Sir I found the Solution...
Here :
JayantaChatterjee 19-Aug-13 10:42am View
Your links program is in VB.NET(which I didn't know)...and I also download the source File which gives an error("Type 'DskResearch.RuntimeMovableControls.MovableLabel' is not defined").
JayantaChatterjee 17-Aug-13 23:15pm View
My Vote of 5(for nice Advice)..
JayantaChatterjee 17-Aug-13 23:07pm View
my vote of 5+
JayantaChatterjee 12-Aug-13 10:06am View
Sorry Sir,Its my mistake. I just read only documentations not the Examples...
now I got the Idea for implementation..
thanks ...
and My apology.....
JayantaChatterjee 11-Aug-13 12:28pm View
Sir,Can you give the code to embed openoffice text document in C# winform??
I read Your last updates and links also, but there's only the theory parts,they are telling which DLL files are required, but not telling how to implements... :-(
JayantaChatterjee 11-Aug-13 11:29am View
Sir, I didn't understand there code. Can you please elaborate..
How I use Libreoffice in C#(which reference to be add), and how i embed the Openoffice text document in winform(On edit and printable mode)??????
JayantaChatterjee 2-Aug-13 9:37am View
Sir, can I embedded OpenOffice in my Winform application??
JayantaChatterjee 2-Aug-13 9:09am View
Thanks again I solve it with our suggestion(Graphics.MeasureString()).... :-)
JayantaChatterjee 2-Aug-13 8:56am View
I will try it with Graphics..MeasureString()...
JayantaChatterjee 20-Jul-13 23:36pm View
Okay Sir.. :-(
JayantaChatterjee 20-Jul-13 23:26pm View
Sir I have MS Office installed on my computer...
is there any way to embed the MS word in winform ???
JayantaChatterjee 17-Jul-13 1:02am View
JayantaChatterjee 17-Jul-13 0:31am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n My vote of 5..
thanks It very helpful....
JayantaChatterjee 17-Jul-13 0:30am View
I mean it cannot smaller than Initial size(first time drawing size)....
JayantaChatterjee 12-Jul-13 8:45am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n My vote of 5.
Total Its awesome..
thanks for this article .... :-)
JayantaChatterjee 11-Jul-13 9:52am View
thanks for quick reply..
I passing null value to my parameter that's why I'm getting error(as said @jokler.007)....
JayantaChatterjee 11-Jul-13 9:50am View
Thanks a lottttt..
Its workssssssss..
JayantaChatterjee 11-Jul-13 9:22am View
My vote of 5+...
JayantaChatterjee 28-Jun-13 11:11am View
@Mahesh I tried crystal report with direct database connection,Its fine shows all the records.
but when i tried with dynamic data which i posted, then it happened same result(No data on crystal reports)... :-(
JayantaChatterjee 28-Jun-13 10:22am View
TopSalesmanReport(TSR) is a crystal report,and report_show() is form name in which crystal report viewer exist...
so here I assign crystal_report to crystalReportViewer by ReportSource property...
JayantaChatterjee 24-Jun-13 10:00am View
My 5+..
thanks you Sir... :-)
JayantaChatterjee 17-Jun-13 10:55am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n My vote of 5.
thanks Sir....
This is amazing .NET 4.0 ...
JayantaChatterjee 17-Jun-13 10:51am View
Thanks a Lotttttttttttttt..
Its works....
Thanks again...
JayantaChatterjee 17-Jun-13 10:32am View
My vote 5, for new technique..... :-)
JayantaChatterjee 17-Jun-13 10:28am View
if there were another way to do that, then give that also..
JayantaChatterjee 19-May-13 8:50am View
My vote of 5!!!
JayantaChatterjee 18-May-13 11:42am View
But its ask "TotalAmount" value, when the query run..
JayantaChatterjee 18-May-13 11:18am View
Thanks a lottttttttt its works ..
Thank You..
JayantaChatterjee 17-May-13 12:06pm View
I changed dates 2012 to 2013 but same result(all rows are display) nothing grouped ...
JayantaChatterjee 17-May-13 12:00pm View
Its returns all rows from the tables ... :-(
JayantaChatterjee 17-May-13 11:50am View
here is my test data, I give you only one row.
Jay Mukherjee
Raj Roy
checked (last one is Yes/No type)..
JayantaChatterjee 17-May-13 11:32am View
after I putted parenthesis around 10 :-
"The select statement includes a reserved word or an argument name that is misspelled or missing, or the punctuation is incorrect"
its shows error is here "slsmName"...
JayantaChatterjee 17-May-13 11:29am View
same error shows .. :-(