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thajudeen301190 14-Sep-14 1:56am View
cnobj =
cmd.Connection = cnobj
cmd.CommandText = "select QM_NAME from TABLE where BOX = '" & ComboBox1.Text.Trim & "'"
Dim dr As OleDbDataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader
While dr.Read
Dim mada As String = TextBox1.Text
Dim strda As String = ComboBox2.Text
Dim endda As String = ComboBox3.Text
RichTextBox1.AppendText(dr.Item(0) & mada & strda & endda & Environment.NewLine)
End While

You can see i am appending data mada strda and endda, so need some space between mada and strda

apple 15 2004
mango 15 2004
anar 15 2004
grapes 15 2004

If i define space fixed space, above output will come, but it is wrong.
So, my question is 15th character must be my second column and 22nd character should be my third column
thajudeen301190 14-Sep-14 1:49am View
There is some pre-formatted values in unix.
Here people are doing some mistakes while editing in the unix.
I am doing that in, just copy paste to unix.
So no mistakes will occur..

Unix space and tab both are considerable, so here we have to use space.
Between first column and second column there is 9 space.
Between Second and third column there is 12 space.

How to do in any idea
thajudeen301190 14-Feb-13 2:37am View
:p...I dont have twitter boss.
thajudeen301190 14-Feb-13 2:37am View
I need a code, how it works.
How to send an email in loop by retrieving the data according to the email.
It should be in automated. No Manual Work.