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a_alise 11-Nov-21 4:14am View    
I tried All You Send In Base64 C++ - Google Search[^] But There No Resault , I Need Full Code ,Thank You
a_alise 10-Jan-17 8:39am View    
please help me
a_alise 10-Jan-17 8:08am View    
i didn't add any webmethod

can you show me it in my project
as it be clear above
a_alise 8-Jan-17 8:48am View    
$('nav').click(function () { //tab click event, note the "." here means css class
var id = "MainContain"; //to get div id ex: "mytab_name1"
var divid = '#' + id;
$(divid).empty(); //clear the div contents, note the "#" here means id

//retrieve data with Ajax ex:
//in data (this is optional) you can pass some identifier (or multiple) to indicate which dynamic content will loaded on server..."parameter1" or whatever you name it will be paramter in WebMethod
type: "POST",
url: "url to method [declare this as static and WebMethod]",
data: {
parameter1: id
success: function (response) {
//check if "response.SomeProperty" is sufficient or "response.d.SomeProperty" as you're using ASP.NET Web Forms
var html = '' + response.SomeProperty + ''; //build your div content using the response
$(divid).append($.parseHTML(html)); //render the string as html elements and insert inside the div
//the tabs will remain the same but contents of div should change on tab change
error: function () {
//handle any error ex:
var html = 'Error loading data';

Have Error When Do it

Error loading data ..
a_alise 8-Jan-17 8:41am View    
yeah i try it , but i think not work
can you help me in my vertical menu that above