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Comments by SlaneR (Top 8 by date)

SlaneR 17-Dec-13 9:40am View    
p.s. Without shader: 200 2d textures and at least 200 lines := frame goes 15 ...
SlaneR 10-Dec-13 4:18am View    
Thanks for your answer!
Very helpful to me :D
SlaneR 27-Oct-13 0:38am View    
I want to implement this without .NET or PDH.
I just want to know is this possible or not
SlaneR 30-Jun-13 3:49am View    
How do I change this code??
In VB.NET, Select method only takes 1 argument...
SlaneR 30-Jun-13 2:45am View    
What 'sub menu' you exactly saying? like ContextMenu?