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SukirtiShetty 11-Dec-20 5:43am View
can anyone please help me
SukirtiShetty 10-Dec-20 19:45pm View
It showed me error LEAD is not recoginised function in sql server2008
SukirtiShetty 10-Dec-20 19:45pm View
It showed me error LEAD is not recoginised function in sql server2008
SukirtiShetty 10-Dec-20 8:44am View
SELECT EmpID, EmpName, DATE, [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7]

E, [In1], [Out1]
FROM new
PIVOT (MAX([In1]) FOR RowNo IN([1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7])) AS PT

tried this one
SukirtiShetty 5-Oct-19 5:29am View
It has been solved thank you all for your help
SukirtiShetty 4-Oct-19 0:18am View
We recommend to remove DynamicCompressionModule from IIS. Follow the steps as shown below to remove the module from IIS -

Open up the IIS Manager
Click on your Server Node (top level). In the right-pane, look for Modules and double-click Modules
Within Modules, look for DynamicCompressionModule. Select the module, and in the upper-right pane (Actions), choose Unlock
Fall back to the left Pane (Connections), expand the Server Node and then expand Sites. Go ahead and click on BizTalk360
Within BizTalk360 Home in the right pane, locate Modules and double-click Modules. This will display all of the propagated Modules from top level (Server Node)
You will notice DynamicCompressionModule in the list of Modules. Right-click and select Remove DynamicCompressionModule
Reset IIS by using iisreset in Admin command prompt

I have checked the above solution
but it showed me same error
SukirtiShetty 3-Oct-19 6:32am View
Yes I have checked in Google the Error Code but nothing seems to be works for me
SukirtiShetty 3-Oct-19 6:27am View
I have checked the above but still i am facing the same problem
SukirtiShetty 3-Oct-19 2:43am View
Still I m facing the same Error
Please anybody help me.
SukirtiShetty 14-Aug-19 2:23am View
I have checked in Javascript debugger and it throws 1 error "Uncaught TypeError: oCtrlTable.getAttribute is not a function"

var oRow,oCtrlTable,iFieldID,oPromptCell;
iFieldID=oCtrlTable.getAttribute('FieldID');//error throws here
SukirtiShetty 13-Aug-19 5:22am View
I have checked return SaveData(); and still its not working for me
SukirtiShetty 5-Jun-18 1:20am View
I am able to get the particular months report.
but anyone please help me to transpose the Date column
SukirtiShetty 5-Jun-18 0:28am View
I am getting all dates report in stead of my selected months report
Please help me in this
SukirtiShetty 18-Jan-18 23:01pm View
I am trying to display monthwise report for the particular resource but it displays all the dates in database so please help me in this.

I have updated database data in my question
SukirtiShetty 15-Jan-18 22:51pm View
Please anyone help to resolve this issue
SukirtiShetty 22-Nov-17 7:17am View
Thank you it worked for me
SukirtiShetty 21-Nov-17 5:50am View
Thank you sir but can you pls guide how to pass merged values to string builder(Text file using delimiters)

Previously i used code like below

totalRowsCount = dtPatterns.Rows.Count;
totalColumnsCount = dtPatterns.Columns.Count;

this.lblRowsCount.Invoke((MethodInvoker)delegate { this.lblRowsCount.Text = totalRowsCount.ToString(); });

for (int c = 0; c < dtPatterns.Columns.Count; c++)
if (c == dtPatterns.Columns.Count - 1)
SB1.Append(cValue.ToString() + dtPatterns.Columns[c].ToString() + cValue.ToString());
SB1.Append(cValue.ToString() + dtPatterns.Columns[c].ToString() + cValue.ToString() + sValue.ToString());
for (int d = 0; d < dtPatterns.Rows.Count; d++)
this.toolStripStatusLabel1.Text = string.Format("Processing Please Wait ...{0} of {1}", (count + 1), totalRowsCount);
for (int c = 0; c < dtPatterns.Columns.Count; c++)
int g = dtPatterns.Columns.Count - 1;
if (c == g)
SB1.Append(cValue.ToString() + dtPatterns.Rows[d][c].ToString() + cValue.ToString());
SB1.Append(cValue.ToString() + dtPatterns.Rows[d][c].ToString() + cValue.ToString() + sValue.ToString());
SukirtiShetty 21-Nov-17 3:20am View
System.Data.DataTable dtPatterns = new System.Data.DataTable();

excelCommand = new OleDbCommand("SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$A:Z]", excelConn);
excelDataAdapter.SelectCommand = excelCommand;

List<string> xcelData = new List<string>();
List<string> ColumnNames = new List<string>();

System.Data.DataTable dtPatterns1 = new System.Data.DataTable();

excelCommand = new OleDbCommand("SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$AA:KZ]", excelConn);
excelDataAdapter.SelectCommand = excelCommand;

List<string> xcelData1 = new List<string>();
List<string> ColumnNames1 = new List<string>();
SukirtiShetty 21-Nov-17 2:27am View
Yes I have tried to merge two datasets but its merging not as columns.

For Ex:
1 2
3 4

5 6
7 8

I want output like below
1 2 5 6
3 4 7 8

But i m getting
1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
SukirtiShetty 20-May-17 6:41am View
can you please give me some idea how can i achieve the same results using my code
SukirtiShetty 20-May-17 6:28am View
I wanted delimiters so i used for loop to get data from excel
SukirtiShetty 20-May-17 5:50am View
Yes. and I have debugged the code. It works fine for 1000 rows in Excel. It throws error when rows more than 1,00,000 in Excel file
SukirtiShetty 2-May-17 5:43am View
I want to display report resourcewise.
If user selects particular then it should display only that resource data.
SukirtiShetty 2-May-17 2:19am View
yes it is test table only i have updated in question. I am using single table here
SukirtiShetty 2-May-17 2:05am View
I have updated table data only in question panel
SukirtiShetty 2-May-17 2:01am View
testid_PK dat_e resources work_area image_count doc_count status duration fieldscount
10926 4/1/2017 Sam Coding 0 5 Completed 0 8
10928 4/1/2017 Sam QC 0 10 Completed 0 8
10930 4/2/2017 Sam Coding 0 2 Completed 0 8
10932 4/2/2017 Sam QC 0 20 Completed 0 8
11285 4/4/2017 Sam QA 200 1 Completed 0 0
11288 4/4/2017 Sam QA 0 21 Completed 0 12
SukirtiShetty 2-May-17 0:45am View
I have updated table data in my Question panel.
SukirtiShetty 19-Jul-16 0:01am View
thank you so much. It worked fine for me...
SukirtiShetty 18-Jul-16 0:29am View
Hi thank you for providing answer
Query worked for me except the Total

If any values is 'NULL' then Total also showing 'NULL' its not clculating other values from different scopes

now it displays results like this it calculates sum only for the entries in all the fields

resources Technical DataEntry Total
John 215 NULL NULL
Rita NULL 5700 NULL
Sharo 200 1700 1900
SukirtiShetty 25-Nov-15 3:40am View
i tried using javascript but it simply redirecting to the index page.
SukirtiShetty 3-Oct-15 0:01am View
As i am new in PHP can you please help me on this
SukirtiShetty 2-Oct-15 8:12am View
As it doesnot showed me any error and I have configured smtp in Php.ini file
SukirtiShetty 29-May-15 4:28am View
yes i am trying to bind procedure as well as the query
SukirtiShetty 19-May-15 0:37am View
It doesnot work. It showed the same result.
Please help me on this
SukirtiShetty 14-Apr-15 5:31am View
Its solved thank you..
SukirtiShetty 14-Apr-15 0:58am View
If i run the above query i get error message like below
"Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '99.49' to data type int."
Please help me on this.
SukirtiShetty 10-Apr-15 2:03am View
thank you. i will redesign the table for numeric values
SukirtiShetty 10-Apr-15 1:39am View
whether i have to remove those characters from query or from database
SukirtiShetty 10-Apr-15 1:15am View
some quality % is like --- Scope1: 98.73%, Scope2: 100%
so if i run the above query it always shows the error. i tried to convert to numeric as well.
SukirtiShetty 10-Apr-15 1:09am View
in my quality column some values like "Both 100%" and 95.65% etc..
SukirtiShetty 10-Apr-15 0:55am View
i have not used single quotation in query.
select distinct b.UserName,SUM (Cast(b.Quality as int)) as Amt from table1 a, table2 b where b.UserName like b.USerName Group BY b.UserName ;
SukirtiShetty 10-Apr-15 0:44am View
if i use cast(quality) it shows the same error.
Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '100.00' to data type int.
SukirtiShetty 8-Apr-15 2:46am View
I have runed the below query

SELECT avg(sample) from
select b.UserName, Sum(Case when (b.test1 <> b.test2
OR (b.test1 IS NULL AND b.test2 IS NOT NULL)
OR (b.test1 IS NOT NULL AND b.test2 IS NULL)) then 1 else 0 end) as sample from table b group by b.UserName
select b.USerName, (Sum(a.counterid)*1.0/Sum(a.fieldcount))*100 as sample2 from table2 a inner join table c on a.UserID=c.UserID inner join table3 b on c.UserName =b.UserName Group by b.USerName
) x

but it display output like this:

SukirtiShetty 8-Apr-15 2:43am View
UserName Test
Mary 4.846808716
John 9.814148553
Alice 4.315931283
Robert 3.804043352
Peter 4.884685152
Robin 0
Robin 4.910291098
Trainee 0

i used the above query but it will calculate all those values in single filed i want result as username wise. I have tried but it shows me total count.
SukirtiShetty 8-Apr-15 2:42am View
ok thank you.
SukirtiShetty 8-Apr-15 0:20am View
I am getting correct answer but why did you used x in the query. Please explain the query.
SukirtiShetty 7-Apr-15 6:39am View
I am getting error as Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'select'. for above query
SukirtiShetty 6-Apr-15 4:30am View
i am getting values as compressiontag.value ---- byte[2]
[0]=5 and [1]=0 i want here 5 as a result.

I want results as 1, 2, etc like below
1: no compression
2: CCITT Group 3
3: Facsimile-compatible CCITT Group 3
4: CCITT Group 4 (T.6)
5: LZW
SukirtiShetty 6-Apr-15 1:57am View
but i want that result in int.
I am unable to pass that compressiontag.value to int
SukirtiShetty 6-Apr-15 1:56am View
1: no compression
2: CCITT Group 3
3: Facsimile-compatible CCITT Group 3
4: CCITT Group 4 (T.6)
5: LZW

public static int GetCompressionType(Image image)
int compressionTagIndex = Array.IndexOf(image.PropertyIdList, 0x103);
PropertyItem compressionTag = image.PropertyItems[compressionTagIndex];
return BitConverter.ToInt16(compressionTag.Value, 0);

I have used this code to get tiff compression of an image
SukirtiShetty 4-Apr-15 7:45am View
its showing results in byte array as com[0]=5 and com[1]=0 in (byte[] com = compressionTag.Value;) but how to pass this value to string

it display results as below numbers
1: no compression
2: CCITT Group 3
3: Facsimile-compatible CCITT Group 3
4: CCITT Group 4 (T.6)
5: LZW

but how can i get only value 5 from byte array.
Please help me on this.
SukirtiShetty 4-Apr-15 7:44am View
I am getting results in byte array. but i am unable to get that value pls help me
SukirtiShetty 2-Apr-15 1:58am View
thank you it worked fine now i have changed the table3 data.
now its working fine as required.
thanks again for your help
SukirtiShetty 2-Apr-15 0:34am View
UserName is same in both tables. i tried for full join also
SukirtiShetty 1-Apr-15 7:25am View
it displays results for test1 but for test2 it shows null values.
Please help me on this
SukirtiShetty 30-Mar-15 7:42am View
We have tried both. but we are getting query results as required
SukirtiShetty 5-Dec-14 23:01pm View
Anybody please help me on this. I am stuck on this.
SukirtiShetty 5-Dec-14 5:22am View

Here <%=userid%>, what userid I have to add? Please tell me.
SukirtiShetty 3-Dec-14 5:18am View
I got solution for that thanks for your reply
SukirtiShetty 3-Dec-14 4:55am View
i am getting error when i add <%=textbox1.ClientID %>
Error The name 'textbox1' does not exist in the current context

I have added like this
onclick="javascript:NewCssCal('ctl00_pc_grd1_+_<%=textbox1.ClientID %>', 'MMddyyyy', 'dropdown', 'true', '12', 'true', 'all dates are enabled')"
SukirtiShetty 3-Dec-14 4:51am View
i need to add control id of eachrow of gridview like this ctl00_pc_grd1_ctl00_textbox1

Help me on this
SukirtiShetty 20-Nov-14 4:23am View
Thank you so much. It worked for me.
SukirtiShetty 20-Nov-14 3:54am View
and condition is if(column4==Column5) then Count is 0 (if it is NULL value)
else if(Column4!=column5) the Count=1
SukirtiShetty 20-Nov-14 3:52am View
i need it as a distinct value of mary which gives me 3 times in the output.
below is the output what i get while executing below query.

select distinct(UserName), case when (column4 <> column5
OR (column4 IS NULL AND column5 IS NOT NULL)
OR (column4 IS NOT NULL AND column5 IS NULL)) then
Count(column2) else '0' end as Count
from table1 where column1='test' Group BY column1 , column2, column3

UserName Count
John 0
Sam 3
Mary 1
Mary 0
Mary 0
SukirtiShetty 20-Nov-14 3:29am View
I have provided the table structure and expected output in above comment in above comment. Please help me on this query.
SukirtiShetty 20-Nov-14 3:28am View
Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4 Column5
test sample001 Mary NULL NULL
test sample002 Mary NULL NULL
test sample003 Mary NULL NULL
test sample004 Mary NULL NULL
test sample005 Mary A NULL
test sample006 Mary A A
test sample007 Mary NULL NULL
test sample008 John NULL NULL
test sample009 John NULL NULL
test sample010 John NULL NULL
test sample011 John NULL NULL
test sample012 John NULL NULL
test sample013 John NULL NULL
test sample014 John NULL NULL
test sample015 John NULL NULL
test sample016 Sam A NULL
test sample017 Sam NULL NULL
test sample018 Sam NULL NULL
test sample019 Sam NULL NULL
test sample020 Sam A NULL
test sample021 Sam NULL NULL
test sample022 Sam NULL NULL
test sample023 Sam NULL NULL
test sample024 Sam A NULL

Output will be:
UserName Count
Mary 1
John 0
Sam 3
SukirtiShetty 20-Nov-14 2:09am View
No i have tried but same results. i want results of count as 0 for other usernames but for mary i want 21 as count. Please help me on this
SukirtiShetty 8-Nov-14 6:23am View
I have added crystal report aspx page and it works correctly in localhost but after published and hosted in server table will be displayed but graph image is not displaying in the report. I am using IIS version 7 ,Visual Studio 2005 , .Net Framework2.0
SukirtiShetty 8-Nov-14 0:41am View
Hi, It worked fine. thank you for the solution.
But now the problem is in crystal report graph image is not displaying in client machine after published in server.
SukirtiShetty 3-Sep-14 4:44am View
Thank You so much it worked perfectly.
SukirtiShetty 3-Sep-14 2:17am View
thank you for your reply.
I have tried your solution, but it works same as before.
I added picturebox inside the panel. Please help me in this.
SukirtiShetty 4-Jun-14 7:50am View
Yes thanks for your quick reply. I already checked that.

But it should be similar to this link:
SukirtiShetty 1-Mar-14 6:59am View
I used Canvas to load image. It worked well. Now i want to save that image with drawing so please give me idea how to save image.

SukirtiShetty 28-Feb-14 0:32am View
Will you Please give me idea how can I achieve this without using Picturebox.

thanks in advance
SukirtiShetty 27-Feb-14 4:13am View
Here I need to redact some portion of image by drawing multiple rectangles. I tried above code, but its not working.

Here I am loading image in a picturebox and drawing multiple rectangles in the image and save that image in the virtual folder.

Another pain point is that, when I set picturebox size mode to zoom and if I draw rectangle it will not be in the selected position. It will be in the top right corner position.
SukirtiShetty 8-Dec-13 22:35pm View
FilePath = TextBox1.Text;
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
dt.Columns.Add("ImageName", typeof(System.String));
DataRow dr = null;
DirectoryInfo dir = new DirectoryInfo(FilePath);
foreach (FileInfo fi in dir.GetFiles())
dr = dt.NewRow();
dr[0] = fi.Name.ToString();


ImageGridView.DataSource = dt;
SukirtiShetty 7-Dec-13 0:50am View
I want to hide file names from gridview and I will save only file names into database.

Here now I do not need file names which is already in database, when I select same folder for the next time.
SukirtiShetty 25-Nov-13 7:06am View
thank you sir it works fine now. Its firewall issue.
SukirtiShetty 23-Nov-13 7:29am View
yes i have tried all those options. and i have restarted server also but it is not connecting to remote server database. Please help me. I dont no where it went wrong.
SukirtiShetty 22-Nov-13 23:26pm View
Please help me on this.
SukirtiShetty 22-Nov-13 23:25pm View
I am trying to connect database from remote server in c# windows application for authentication but it is not connecting to database..
If i try to connect database from server in my sql server by providing ip address it shows me the below error message.

A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: SQL Network Interfaces, error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified) (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: -1)
SukirtiShetty 22-Nov-13 22:34pm View
I have tried all these steps but still its not working.
SukirtiShetty 22-Nov-13 3:24am View
Yes I have tried even that.
SukirtiShetty 24-Jun-13 1:49am View
Is there anyone to reply. Kindly reply soon its very urgent
SukirtiShetty 2-Jan-13 22:56pm View
this query is working in Sql server but i want query in c#
SukirtiShetty 2-Jan-13 5:49am View
here is my c# code

DataTable dt = new Select(Test1.Resource.WorkAreaIDColumn, Test2.User.UserIDColumn, Test2.User.DisplayNameColumn).From(Test1.Resource.Schema).InnerJoin(Test2.User.Schema).ExecuteDataSet().Tables[0];

DataView dv = new DataView(dt);

I m getting this error: Invalid object name 'dbo.User'.