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vini vasundharan 5-Nov-15 8:12am View
How do i post the values from my View to the Create post action method? I display all the Option values in my View and the user selects the required Option Values. How do I access all these values in the post and save it into the database. I suppose these values should be saved in the Config_OptionVal table
vini vasundharan 26-Oct-15 9:00am View
I have not tried TVP. I am afraid i haven't even heard of it before. I am a basic level programmer.
vini vasundharan 13-Oct-15 5:00am View
i have also created a list of objects of ViewModel class and passed it to the View
vini vasundharan 13-Oct-15 4:59am View
I am unable to make the View as a code. it truncates half of my code when I use the <pre> tag
vini vasundharan 13-Oct-15 4:53am View
And thanks a lot for your time.
vini vasundharan 13-Oct-15 4:51am View
Hello John. Sorry for such a delayed response. i could achieve it without using a ViewModel. May not be the best practice, but i could make it work. And i missed to convert the var set to list or Ienumerable i guess. and that prevented it from working

But finally without use of ViewModel i could do it. using ViewModel was making the model class redundant. I was getting messed up with all the One to many relationships.
vini vasundharan 9-Oct-15 1:43am View
I am using remote Json validation. Server side validation.
vini vasundharan 9-Oct-15 1:41am View
hello Richard.
Thanks for your reply. I also added a if else statement to get it working because i else i got the same reply like i had before.
I am not sure if the If else approach is a right way of doing. Posting what I got
vini vasundharan 9-Oct-15 1:38am View
i have already checked if count has the right value. It has the right value. The code doesnt display the results as required. the logic in the HTML block is wrong but it is right to generate a table with rowspan

vini vasundharan 8-Oct-15 8:37am View
I am having remote validation that is not working for. the normal required attribute is working. ihave also checked with validation in the controller and that is laso working fine
vini vasundharan 8-Oct-15 8:35am View
I have tried a lot to make the model more simpler. But i think when i tried making it simple it got more complex. making it even difficult make a delete function work. I will try the join.
I already tried join once for another class and it never worked out. i am not really well versed in using joins. But i will try.
vini vasundharan 8-Oct-15 4:05am View
It will select all the elements in TcSet, but i only want the elements where a particular condition is satisfied
vini vasundharan 8-Oct-15 4:04am View
i have already added all the model classes that are referred in the context.
So as you can see in my model classes, I have Option(each with a TechnicalCharacteristic) with many OptionValues.
Each OptionValue contains a collection of SetValue which holds the value for one property of TcSet associated with a TechnicalCharacteristic.

SideNote : TechnicalCharacteristic is a collection of TcSet.

A real example could be the following with sample data.

Technical Characterstic : WheelCup
TcSet for WheelCup(for simplicity only the TCSet Name is mentioned) : Diameter, material, Durability
Option : Wheel (Foreign Key : WheelCup)
OptionValues for Wheel : 01,02,03
What I want to achieve

for Option Value 01, I need to insert values for TcSet with foreign key WheelCup

So i have SetValue

SetValue for OptionValue 01
Diameter :6
Material : Plastic
durability: Long

SetValue for OptionValue 02
Diameter : 9
Material : Steel
Durability : long

I want to list in a dropdown only the TcsetName where the TechnicalCharacteristic matches with the Option.

Hope I could make it clear.
vini vasundharan 8-Oct-15 3:50am View
vini vasundharan 6-Oct-15 3:23am View
What exactly are you confused about? If you could give a bit more detail.
vini vasundharan 6-Oct-15 3:21am View
you seems to be so much irked..
vini vasundharan 6-Oct-15 3:14am View
Yes. I removed the Scripts in my View and it worked. But i could not get my Json validation working.
vini vasundharan 22-Sep-15 5:14am View
@krunalRohit : I want to pass the value from my view to the controller to achieve the task of creating a new record. I am unable to pass values from view to action method in another controller. I have created a viewmodel to access the the variables from both my classes
vini vasundharan 18-Sep-15 4:31am View
in my view can i the code that is place in my create to add a new row? but it doesnt match with the data types of the model.