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Comments by Adarsh chauhan (Top 194 by date)

Adarsh chauhan 13-Nov-13 0:09am View    
Nice link Ron Beyer.. +5
Adarsh chauhan 10-Nov-13 23:48pm View    
I don't know.. I am asking this for me, if there is any way, as I will do it by writing function ( In case of VS 3.5)
Adarsh chauhan 8-Nov-13 7:03am View    
.ToTitleCase is not available in VS 3.5 or lower versions.. Is there any way( other than writing a user defined function) to achieve this??
Adarsh chauhan 7-Nov-13 0:18am View    
Nice.. +5
Adarsh chauhan 8-Oct-13 1:02am View    
you have not provided enough information.
Please share your table structure and SP so that we can help you..