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Comments by IpsitaMishra (Top 117 by date)

IpsitaMishra 27-Nov-15 4:59am View    
Which mail are you using?
You have issue in mail box or in the code that you are using to send mail, please clarify on this.
IpsitaMishra 14-Nov-14 7:49am View    
I think you are referring to the same link.
IpsitaMishra 14-Nov-14 7:39am View    
Is it like you have a Icon on click of that you will be redirect to room reservation process,and if the room corresponding to the icon ,is not available you want to show a different icon and that will not be redirect to process.Is it ?

If this is your query,then get the status from your db and depending upon the status change the icon.
IpsitaMishra 14-Nov-14 7:25am View    
You can use the same error logging method to log the error in code behind file.
IpsitaMishra 14-Nov-14 7:15am View    
//your logic
} catch (SqlException exSqlType)
Log("Error message:" + exSqlType.Message, exSqlType);
catch (Exception exGen)
Log("Error message:" + exGen.Message, exGen);