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Comments by lakshmi priya iyer (Top 4 by date)

lakshmi priya iyer 21-Mar-13 3:03am View
Please provide complete details or elaborate your question.
lakshmi priya iyer 20-Mar-13 8:50am View
May be you could use Emp1.Billing_Address.EmpBillingAddress might work out. Not sure !! just a logical suggestion !! It might work :)
lakshmi priya iyer 20-Mar-13 8:22am View
Please post ur complete code. Because you have to say if that object value u want to get in post is via what? As in, do u get it from textbox after entering and submitting??
lakshmi priya iyer 20-Mar-13 8:03am View
Please paste your code or give us more detail