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Comments by Colin Roe (Top 3 by date)

Colin Roe 26-Apr-13 10:39am View    
I don't have a handler, yet! Just trying to understand what I need to do first. Currently, each hidden field gets its own unique id through a counter and concatenating that to a string. I will now do the same for each listview item. Then I need to create a handler
Colin Roe 26-Apr-13 9:30am View    
Thanks for the comments, but before I can pass data to another page, I need to determine which dynamically generated listview was selected so I can get the hidden value from within and I am unsure how to do this. Perhaps I should rephrase the question!
Colin Roe 25-Mar-13 15:45pm View    
Thanks Prasad. I updated my php. Can I ask if you know why after I click/tap "Submit" on my form, if the insert occurs, I am redirected to the index page with the url (http://localhost/share/add_journey.php) while if there is an error with the form, I am directed to the same url (http://localhost/share/add_journey.php), but is blank. Only if I refresh the page, do I see the error.php page.