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C3D1 8-Sep-15 9:15am View    
Sorry, could you explain that a little bit more? I'm a little bit confused at the moment...
C3D1 8-Sep-15 9:12am View    
Thank you, but i want to create PDB-Files and don't include the debug info into the .lib file.
C3D1 2-Apr-15 3:21am View    
i'm not planning to do that via an self-written-programm. I want to do that with windows on-board features. That's because there are no language/technology tagged.

Sorry for the confusion
C3D1 3-Mar-15 5:39am View    
Yes, i know this.
Did you read my question till the end?

The problem is what is the Category-Items-Relationship?
C3D1 21-Oct-14 5:57am View    
I have it done now with FindFirstChangeNotification and FindNextChangeNotification. But the question is still there.
It seems to be a general problem with ReadDirectoryChangesW. So IMHO there should be any solution (or maybe just a workaround) out there.
It's not that important anymore for me to find 'THE' solution for this problem, because i have solved it with your Link, but i'm still interested to solve it.
At the moment i think it's okay to accept your solution, because it solved my problem. But i'm glad to see if anyone knows 'THE' solution for ReadDirectoryChangesW, and then i will mark his (/or her) Answer as solution.
Thank you verry much for any new answers.