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Comments by Monica Agrawal (Top 4 by date)

Monica Agrawal 9-Feb-13 21:55pm View
Ofcourse. But even after adding try-catch the problem persists. If the program crashes in between, then it doesnt reach the catch block also and the resources do not get released. What I am trying to put is if there is a way to release the resources in case they are engaged at the start of the application itself
Monica Agrawal 9-Feb-13 21:43pm View
But if the application crashes in between and the code doesnt reach catch. Then how do we handle such situation next time code starts
Monica Agrawal 15-Dec-12 5:25am View
Thanks. This worked using Asynchronous call. I removed WaitForChanged. The console sometimes throws an error for accessing the file being used by another process. So I removed that from the FileChanged. Thanks again :)
Monica Agrawal 14-Dec-12 13:30pm View
But I am not getting exceptions when I put the breakpoint in the catch blocks. Could this be a cross-threading issue ?