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Comments by lalar18 (Top 18 by date)

lalar18 22-Dec-13 20:48pm View    
is it posible? can give an actual code for that?? thanks..
lalar18 12-Oct-13 9:34am View    
can u give an example of using just a variable? for example a variable holding a text of hello world, and i only want the "ld" to display on a messagebox.. tnx..
lalar18 28-Aug-13 7:10am View    
i have changed the format of the number... by format(x,"#0,000.00"), this is a sample.. and i want for example to return the old format of the number i have inputed. sorry for my bad english..
lalar18 24-Jul-13 11:54am View    
hey... i have managed to make it work!.. hehe.. tnx, but now.. another problem arises, the problem goes like how bout for example if i wanted to insert diff text or numbers on the file??

for example: i have 3 lines
1 hello
2 world
3 beautiful

tnx in advance.. :)
lalar18 24-Jul-13 11:29am View    
yes i have already try it.. and yes it works. however that's not the way my program should work.. it should be that i should first create the textfile and then insert text or numbers to it.. not that the file is already there and just insert text's or numbers to it.. tnx..