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surkhi 3-Jun-13 5:53am View    
But sir,while creating .exe I'hv checked for all errors, on my PC it works fine but not on other systems.....
As you wrote about drivers so package wizard itself select drivers from list....we juz have to add our .exe to it
surkhi 23-May-13 6:52am View    
k thanks for the help...
surkhi 7-May-13 5:51am View    
Here I'm using BtnAdd() for juz filling listview from textboxes (not saving them to database 1 by 1 but display in listview) n
BtnEdit/BtnSave() will look into listview n save the newest as a whole record...
surkhi 7-May-13 5:42am View    
Actually not just the last item but (group of record with same doc_no) multiple items(bcoz one doc_no contains many doc_subno line of items) added to the list already....... so btnsave_click sh'd check all the records and filter the existing n new one n save those new records....
so this'll not go for that.....
help me
surkhi 29-Apr-13 7:24am View    
I mean(suppose this is listview....)

doc_no sub-no aid loc_id sup_id
101 01 64 3 33
02 78 7 12
03 36 6 37
102 01 65 25 15

so here <101> is saved as whole record id(containing 3 lines of records)in access n while I'll take <101> it'll show all it's lines of records....
but I don't know how to code to get these results???