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ujali 4-Sep-13 5:39am View    
Can u Provide Me any link For This.
ujali 4-Sep-13 1:32am View    
I am Not using sql, i am simply using streamreder to read csv file and then browsing into the DataGrid Of Windows Mobile Application,now when i am updating and saving or writing into csv Its Taking Only 16000 Lines Of data,So how can i use Bulkcopy if i am not using sql
ujali 3-Sep-13 12:42pm View    
I used String Builder And Then i write that String To the File By using StreamWriter ,And IT Work..Now 16000 data is getting save into the file but i want 30000 data to be saved ,
If I put more data than 16000 then its giving error that out of memory Exception..
any kind of help will be appreciated.

and Thanks For the Solution given before..IT Was quite helpful
ujali 2-Sep-13 5:19am View    
i am not using sql ..the data is only in csv file,and i am writing string value in csv
ujali 2-Sep-13 5:17am View    
more than 2000 data taking too much time