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GDdixit 8-Jul-15 23:57pm View    
yes , u r right bro
GDdixit 4-Jun-15 22:56pm View    
i mean by this when i getting user current location , it will provide me geo code and point on map . Actually i need to save address in database so i want address also with geo code .
GDdixit 2-Dec-14 2:25am View    
how empty spaces come in @firstname, although i didn't give spaces ?
GDdixit 2-Dec-14 2:23am View    
it's working fine if change datatypes to varchar ....
it does not take any extra spaces in case of varchar...
GDdixit 2-Dec-14 1:33am View    
no , char have not fixed length , its' have fixed bytes that it taken ..

if we find it's length individually by using len function it will give 9 and 7 respectively for @firstname and @lastname ...