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Comments by Nawabpasha (Top 6 by date)

Nawabpasha 21-May-14 5:49am View
Thank you vedat Ozan, sure i will try in this manner
Nawabpasha 21-May-14 0:27am View
thanks for you help , can you help me tofix this issue where it is failing and how to configure end point.
Nawabpasha 20-May-14 7:20am View
Thank you for the Answer , can you help me to solve one port listening a service twice, which means port listening to call again same call came with out finishing it, can it's listen, for me it's throwing exception Connection could not be made because the target machine did not respond actively
Nawabpasha 12-Mar-14 8:52am View
I just gave example to convert it to c++ to C#
Nawabpasha 26-Jun-13 6:49am View
while double clicking the button control i am not able go the code, where is is placed
Nawabpasha 19-Jun-13 2:59am View
Can i upload the demo project for above question..??!!