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Comments by Tharaka MTR (Top 133 by date)

Tharaka MTR 28-Feb-14 0:52am View
What is your system date format? you need to use the correct conversion depending on that.
Tharaka MTR 10-Dec-13 23:19pm View
Any comments? :(
Tharaka MTR 2-Dec-13 9:41am View
yes, I can. But I would like to check what you have done so far. Could you please update your code sample?
Tharaka MTR 1-Dec-13 21:39pm View
Did you check the article how it works?
Tharaka MTR 30-Nov-13 11:32am View
agreed with Mahesh, it is not clear enough
Tharaka MTR 23-Apr-13 8:46am View
yes, you can have two primary keys. But can't have two identity columns
Tharaka MTR 11-Mar-13 5:21am View
What is the error you got? Is it working on other browsers?
Tharaka MTR 7-Mar-13 7:25am View
I have updated the answers with some links
Tharaka MTR 6-Mar-13 6:08am View
if you can please provide the sample data script..
Tharaka MTR 6-Mar-13 6:06am View
for the quick answer max(status):
you need to provide a aggregation function for the PIVOT query.. you can use MAX, MIN for this..

In your PIVOT query you want to use the STRING rows display as a column. so, the best aggregation function for this is MAX or MIN
Tharaka MTR 6-Mar-13 3:16am View
I have updated my answer by modifying your query. please check.
Tharaka MTR 6-Mar-13 2:52am View
What is your SQL express version? 2005? 2008? etc..
Tharaka MTR 5-Mar-13 12:38pm View
have you tried anything?
Tharaka MTR 25-Feb-13 10:24am View
please provide the complete code sample
Tharaka MTR 25-Feb-13 0:29am View
yes, this is a one of easiest question. what did you try so far?
Tharaka MTR 24-Feb-13 12:08pm View
what do you mean the injection code?
Tharaka MTR 23-Feb-13 21:31pm View
your question is not clear? do you want to convert byte[] as string?
Tharaka MTR 23-Feb-13 9:44am View
yes, please give us the error message
Tharaka MTR 23-Feb-13 9:42am View
Can you please send us your html code?
Tharaka MTR 23-Feb-13 5:21am View
I have updated my answer with all the needed resources. please check
Tharaka MTR 23-Feb-13 3:38am View
this is wrong you can't use the server side variable with .html page.
Tharaka MTR 23-Feb-13 3:12am View
to me also, this question doesn't make any sense.
Tharaka MTR 23-Feb-13 3:06am View
could you please share the complete configuration file?
Tharaka MTR 20-Feb-13 12:22pm View
with regarding your input 1,2,3,4,1,2
do you want to give the output once all the loop completed?
that's mean finally you want to give the alert saying "there are some duplicate value exists for 1 and 2?
Is that you want or please elaborate your question more
Tharaka MTR 18-Feb-13 9:05am View
why you need "LIMIT 0,1" part?
Tharaka MTR 7-Feb-13 10:33am View
please send me your code sample
Tharaka MTR 7-Feb-13 6:32am View
Ok. plz let us know how do you resolve this
Tharaka MTR 7-Feb-13 5:04am View
Sorry, I can't understand why is that as you said "In our database table one column is stored as an xml string".

Could you please let me know your table column details?
Tharaka MTR 7-Feb-13 4:06am View
What do you mean can't specify the columns inside that?
you said you got the following XML

<Name />

what do you mean I can't specify the value directly in query?
is that you mean "WHERE [XmlDataColumn].value('(//parent::node()/InstalledDate)[1]', 'VARCHAR(MAX)') ='2013-01-15T00:00:00+05:30'" section?
Tharaka MTR 7-Feb-13 0:59am View
I have update my answer, please check whether it is OK.
Tharaka MTR 31-Jan-13 0:26am View
if it is solve, please mark as answer then.
Tharaka MTR 30-Jan-13 5:33am View
was your problem fixed?
Tharaka MTR 29-Jan-13 8:12am View
Yep, But As far as I know this is the best and easiest way. You have to use some other optimization mechanize to optimize this query. Some experts said that ISNULL is bit faster than COALESCE.

May be I'm wrong. :)
Tharaka MTR 28-Jan-13 11:57am View
This is a repost
Tharaka MTR 28-Jan-13 8:15am View
Your question is not clear. Please explain further
Tharaka MTR 28-Jan-13 1:46am View
please send us code sample
Tharaka MTR 28-Jan-13 1:43am View
please give us more details
Tharaka MTR 28-Jan-13 1:01am View
Yes, provide the logic please
Tharaka MTR 26-Jan-13 12:49pm View
Agreed. But my point is, I wrote the query for the inserted data and for the expected result set.
Tharaka MTR 26-Jan-13 12:24pm View
Could you please bit explain me, what is the problem with my updated query? I think my output is exactly match to your output and fully compatible with SQL 2008.
Tharaka MTR 26-Jan-13 11:21am View
ok. I have modified the query. Please check and let me know whether it is ok or not.
Tharaka MTR 26-Jan-13 10:56am View
Agreed, I just realize that.
Tharaka MTR 26-Jan-13 8:33am View
first validate the control count.
if (this.Controls.Find(string.Format("lbl{0}", i), false).Count()>0){
// then your code here
Tharaka MTR 24-Jan-13 22:01pm View
Yes, please share your complete sql
Tharaka MTR 24-Jan-13 22:00pm View
yes, please share the code
Tharaka MTR 24-Jan-13 12:43pm View
I already replied your same request using SQL server, now you are asking that MS Access. what is your actual problem?
Tharaka MTR 24-Jan-13 3:05am View
Is it? I tried this, it works fine for me. are you control in inside the master page or panel etc..

then it may generates the different ID for text fields.
Tharaka MTR 23-Jan-13 8:48am View
ok. that is the best one I know. some one will reply to another solution.
Tharaka MTR 23-Jan-13 7:01am View
your question is not clear for me. please give me more details
Tharaka MTR 23-Jan-13 6:56am View
:) .. in each solution there is a button called "Mark As Answer". Please select the correct solution and click that button. then it will marked as answer.
Tharaka MTR 23-Jan-13 5:37am View
here are some useful links

and please confirmed your question is resolve by pressing "mark as answer".
Tharaka MTR 23-Jan-13 5:18am View
oh.. false is for not to search all the children.
That's why I asked to check the definition of the Find() method first

public Control[] Find(
string key,
bool searchAllChildren

It asked two parameter, "key" and Boolean parameter for searchAllchildren
Tharaka MTR 23-Jan-13 5:03am View
I have added the explanation by improving the solution. pls check
Tharaka MTR 23-Jan-13 4:33am View
What I understood is you have set of label and text boxes
for ex: lbl1, lbl2 lbl3,lbl4 etc ..
txt1,txt2,txt3 etc..
and you want to get the value of those controls dynamically. please correct me if I'm wrong.

If I am right, you can use this.Controls.Find() method for this.
Tharaka MTR 23-Jan-13 3:43am View
this seems re-post of following question
Tharaka MTR 23-Jan-13 2:35am View
what do you mean static and dynamic? give me more details how your steps work,
1-3, 3-5, 5-7 etc..??
without giving proper information how do we generate the sql?
Tharaka MTR 22-Jan-13 7:07am View
Yes, Please specify more details.
Tharaka MTR 22-Jan-13 0:00am View
Hi Mahesh, Please check the solution section, I have already added good URLs for your reference.
Tharaka MTR 21-Jan-13 23:57pm View
I'm agreed
Tharaka MTR 21-Jan-13 3:51am View
Sorry, my answer is wrong, there for I deleted that
Tharaka MTR 21-Jan-13 1:08am View
Yep, I think first you should try.. this is more basic implementation ..
Tharaka MTR 20-Jan-13 12:13pm View
agreed with you.
Tharaka MTR 20-Jan-13 11:30am View
I'm clear about following rows
1001 A.1 1-Jan-12 25-Mar-13
1002 B.1 8-Sep-12 30-Apr-13

But not first row
1000 A 1-Jan-12 30-Apr-13

How do you took the start date and end date for wbs_id = 1000?
Tharaka MTR 20-Jan-13 8:13am View
Ok. I am agreed. first I posted only SWITCH statement. But Within a minute of time I posted the extension method. If you downvoted just seen the SWITCH statement, I'm agreed with you. My bad. sorry...
Tharaka MTR 20-Jan-13 7:37am View
yes, I know that. but could you please tell me if there is no record for person "C" in table 3, then how do you join these table?

with your current design you can't join Table1 and Table 2. It is based on Table3. without any records for the C in table 3, how do we join that?

Check your table data, and how we decide Employee 3 belongs to PayID 1? is it default condition?
Tharaka MTR 20-Jan-13 3:03am View
My question is, how do you get the payamount and payid of the employee3?
How do you join them?
According to your question, we can only able to link 3 table using Table3.
how do you able to like the record without table3
Tharaka MTR 20-Jan-13 3:01am View
please specify your output. What do you mean by combine?
Tharaka MTR 20-Jan-13 1:42am View
y is this negative voting? is this answer not correct?
Tharaka MTR 20-Jan-13 0:50am View
yes please
Tharaka MTR 20-Jan-13 0:42am View
Seems re-post.
Tharaka MTR 19-Jan-13 21:36pm View
again someone down-voted without checking the complete answer ... :p
Tharaka MTR 19-Jan-13 21:33pm View
If you are using same account no for DEPOSITS and LOANS. then above answer is correct. you have to use ISNULL to validate the fields.

That's why we need some background information of the question before answering. In real world, banking application if you open the Deposit account and Loan account you will get the two different account numbers.
Tharaka MTR 19-Jan-13 8:21am View
yep, that because I'm not much familiar with VB.NET. but I think you have an idea what I'm explaining here. so, I hope you can resolve this.

please add a debug point to string selectedCompany= cbCompany.SelectedValue; place. and check wheter selected value is correctly pass to the sql or not.
Tharaka MTR 19-Jan-13 7:02am View
Please provide your code sample
Tharaka MTR 19-Jan-13 1:26am View
well. add break point to insert() function in the Else part. when the it breaks, recheck the discount text box value and cell value.
Tharaka MTR 19-Jan-13 0:25am View
when you using Rows(i).Cells("DiscountNormal").Value.ToString(), what is the error you got?

you can using Convert.ToDecimal()
Tharaka MTR 18-Jan-13 23:13pm View
Could you please convert the Row value to string CAST both txtDiscount.Text and Rows(i).Cells("DiscountNormal").Value to discount type (integer/decimal) and check
Tharaka MTR 18-Jan-13 22:38pm View
Orders can have multiple order items. you are asking average value for orders, and average value for order items. could you please let us know how is your expecting output look likes
Tharaka MTR 17-Jan-13 22:16pm View
just for the verification, instead of using runat tag, can't you use set the data variable from the server side as in my example?
Tharaka MTR 16-Jan-13 4:09am View
if you get the answer, it is best practice to mark as answer. then thread will be closed.
Tharaka MTR 16-Jan-13 3:16am View
Yes, we can help you. but please provide more details with what is the exact output you want.
Tharaka MTR 16-Jan-13 3:14am View
Yes, Question is not clear.
Tharaka MTR 16-Jan-13 2:55am View
oh.. I think you want to create auto number like A100, B100? is it?
what is the starting number? what is the starting number and ending number for each series.
give us more sample series ..
Tharaka MTR 16-Jan-13 2:53am View
yes, I agreed with Vani's comment. What is the problem here? or could you please give us more information.
Tharaka MTR 16-Jan-13 2:52am View
Your question is not clear. give us more details
Tharaka MTR 16-Jan-13 2:38am View
Tharaka MTR 16-Jan-13 2:36am View
your question is not clear. please give us more details.
Tharaka MTR 16-Jan-13 2:28am View
I tried this, but it didn't work for me.
Tharaka MTR 15-Jan-13 12:25pm View
he he ... if you found the answer, then mark it to close this thread.
Tharaka MTR 15-Jan-13 12:24pm View
he.. he ... if you found the answer, then mark it to close this thread.
Tharaka MTR 15-Jan-13 8:20am View
Your question is not clear, please give us more details.
Tharaka MTR 15-Jan-13 6:48am View
If you need the articles from PHP, It is good practice you add the "PHP" in tag section. then the supporters can easily give you correct information. Anyway, I have added the tag and try to help you.
Tharaka MTR 15-Jan-13 5:56am View
Yes, that's what I said. you can't eliminate the popup blocking issue. it is a user privilege to enable or disable the popup blocker. either you display a message to them to enable popup blocker for your site, or you have to use DIV popup.
Tharaka MTR 14-Jan-13 23:13pm View
I can fully agreed to " works well without popup blocking if I use it in client side." this part.

But. you can try this way. First you create a JavaScript function like,

function openpopup(){'Default6.aspx','List','scrollbars=no,resizable=no,width=420,height=330');
And then you can call that function using the "RegisterClientScriptBlock" method.

But I'm not fully sure this will solve the popup blocking issue. plz try and let me know the results.
Tharaka MTR 14-Jan-13 11:16am View
if you want you can display the .aspx page inside the DIV. no problem for that. but If you want to open it as, then you should display some information or FAQ to client, to disable the popup blocker for your site. Otherwise, it will be blocked, if the user enable the popup blocker.
Tharaka MTR 14-Jan-13 9:14am View
ok. great.
Tharaka MTR 14-Jan-13 7:35am View
if you use to open a popup window, it will blocked by popup blocker by default. If you want to open a popup without blocking, you have to use div popup. Please check improved solution
Tharaka MTR 13-Jan-13 4:03am View
This question is a re-post.
Tharaka MTR 13-Jan-13 1:40am View
Sorry, I didn't see your answer.
Tharaka MTR 12-Jan-13 21:10pm View
All other. Mainly IE, Firefox and Safari
Tharaka MTR 12-Jan-13 8:39am View
Could you please give us what are the columns in the table?
is it |Approver|Valid From|Txn Used| ?
and data in TxnUsed store as comma separated?
Tharaka MTR 12-Jan-13 8:27am View
Please check the answer, I have added new URL which will help you
Tharaka MTR 12-Jan-13 8:22am View
if you are able to check the above site, you may found the working sample there.

and also, you can find the documentation here
Tharaka MTR 12-Jan-13 6:31am View
Ok, I have added another solution, if you can modify your grid view binding template, then please try that also
Tharaka MTR 12-Jan-13 6:17am View
ok. Then it should work. hmm.. let me create a sample project and check
Tharaka MTR 12-Jan-13 6:11am View
did you add the debug points as I said and check? are you sure your column is 8? column starting index is 0, not 1. please debug the project and give me your results
Tharaka MTR 12-Jan-13 6:02am View
And could you please send me your grid view layout html also?
Tharaka MTR 12-Jan-13 6:01am View
well. Could you please add two debug point to "GridView1_RowDataBound" and "getMonthName" functions and check whether event is firing or not?
Tharaka MTR 12-Jan-13 5:38am View
could you please show me your code behind file and grid view layout..
did you debug the project and check whether the event is firing or not?
Tharaka MTR 12-Jan-13 5:28am View
ok. I have modified the code, you have to modify the switch statement with other condition such as "T" - Tuesday, "W" - Wednesday etc..

Please try and let me know if you need any more help
Tharaka MTR 12-Jan-13 5:20am View
Are you want to convert the windows client project as web based project?
Tharaka MTR 11-Jan-13 8:15am View
There should not be any problems in uploading large files if you input and output streams are correct. FTP uses TCP transport layer to send data and you can remain open it as you want. So the size and time will not be an issue.
Tharaka MTR 11-Jan-13 5:01am View
try this

cmd.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("PO_Date", Convert.IsDBNull(mDT_PoHead.Rows[0]["PO_Date"]) ? null : (DateTime?)Convert.ToDateTime(mDT_PoHead.Rows[0]["PO_Date"])));
Tharaka MTR 9-Jan-13 21:47pm View
Yep.. Thx Richard :)
Tharaka MTR 9-Jan-13 13:56pm View
At least, if you can give me why you are down voting this? then I can provide the answers..
Tharaka MTR 9-Jan-13 12:38pm View
I don't know who are the persons down voted my answer. I only know two person did that. But I'm pretty sure they haven't tested this or they haven't check the actual logic behind the solution. And also, I'm pretty sure they had some doubt with the following part

int? zz = string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(Request.QueryString["buzzInfluence"]) ? (int?)null : buzzInfluence;

Logic behind here is, you can cast the null value to nullable type. Please googled and verified. or please try this in visual studio. even you can use as follows also

int? zzz = string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(Request.QueryString["buzzInfluence"]) ? default(int?) : buzzInfluence;

int? zzzz = string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(Request.QueryString["buzzInfluence"]) ? new int?() : buzzInfluence;

I'm just asking please check this and correct your voting.
Tharaka MTR 9-Jan-13 12:19pm View
I can't agree your comments. try this, this works definitely.
Tharaka MTR 8-Jan-13 10:07am View
Thank you. I didn't know about that.
Tharaka MTR 8-Jan-13 8:07am View
see the Definition and Usage section of above URL
The onresize event occurs when the size of an element has changed.

and please checked the
"onresize is Supported by the Following HTML Tags" section "<table>" tag there
Tharaka MTR 7-Jan-13 14:03pm View
please see my answer, I have updated with code sample
Tharaka MTR 7-Jan-13 12:08pm View
please check my answer, I have added all the information you need
Tharaka MTR 7-Jan-13 10:37am View
Could you please send me the error you got?
Tharaka MTR 7-Jan-13 5:47am View
I have checked your code, it is working fine in chrome also. Could you please tell us what is your chrome version?
Tharaka MTR 7-Jan-13 5:29am View
Please give us your complete code sample.
Tharaka MTR 6-Jan-13 8:28am View
Could you please let me know why you guys are down voted my query? if this is not working I'm OK for that. But I'm pretty sure this is working well.
Tharaka MTR 6-Jan-13 7:55am View
following links are very helpful for me also

for biginers

if you are OK with my answer, please "Mark as Answer"
Tharaka MTR 4-Jan-13 10:27am View
Just check this and see. this works definitely
Tharaka MTR 4-Jan-13 8:32am View
do you want to hide the complete div?
Tharaka MTR 3-Jan-13 13:47pm View
no you no need to add anything for this.
Tharaka MTR 3-Jan-13 11:17am View
yes, that because the data type of the column is char(50) and char is a char data type is a fixed-length data type. (varchar is a variable length type)

try converting char to varchar as follows

select CAST(RTRIM(location_name) AS VARCHAR(50)) from dbo.Location
Tharaka MTR 3-Jan-13 10:28am View
could you please modify your error function as follows and give us the output

function OnError(data, status, error) {
Tharaka MTR 2-Jan-13 8:55am View
if you ordered by "year" and then "month" , I think that is not what he asking.
Tharaka MTR 2-Jan-13 8:26am View
This query will not work. see following section

= 'A' ORDER BY Name
ORDER BY MONTH(Date_of_birth)

modify it as

= 'A' ORDER BY Name, MONTH(Date_of_birth)

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