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Comments by Sohaib Javed (Top 14 by date)

Sohaib Javed 9-Jan-16 12:12pm View
could you please help in javascript scanner? scanner.js is limited. is there any other complete solution to this? Thanks
Sohaib Javed 30-Nov-15 9:18am View
Sohaib Javed 30-Nov-15 9:10am View
Thanks it worked for me. Great! Can you tell me when it was not creatign directory, why it did not trow exception?
Sohaib Javed 30-Nov-15 8:34am View
thanks it has shown me a path.
Sohaib Javed 22-Nov-15 14:42pm View
Actually art.USER_ARTICLEID is primary key of article table and uad.USER_TemplateID is foreign key in AticleDetail table. and are not null.
Sohaib Javed 22-Nov-15 8:42am View
I'm doing all above for outer join if we have any other way to achieve outerjoin then please let me know. I will appreciate your respone
Sohaib Javed 22-Nov-15 7:19am View
no if I execute it without DefaultIfEmpty() it works
Sohaib Javed 22-Nov-15 7:12am View
I'm unable to post it properly maybe because of some problem in code project editor or my bad, so had to post this improper way. I appreciate responses
Sohaib Javed 11-Oct-15 18:15pm View
Hey thats great. Its working. Could you please tell me how to solve this exception while deserializing?

"The string '9/30/2015 12:59:37 PM' is not a valid AllXsd value"

whereas I'm receiving it in a string. This is response I'm getting from web service. So I can't modify xml.
Sohaib Javed 11-Oct-15 17:08pm View
Thanks for your response. I'm giving it a try.
Sohaib Javed 11-Oct-15 15:33pm View
Thank you so much Ali its worth looking these links. very much helpful for me.
Sohaib Javed 9-Oct-15 12:37pm View
Thank You so much It really worked for me. I appreciate your efforts.
Sohaib Javed 8-Oct-15 11:46am View
currently I am handling login with Session this way. I believe it is not a proper way of doing this.

UserDAL ud = new UserDAL();
List<dal.datamodel.user> usersList = ud.STP_SELECT_USER_ROW_login(model.UserName, model.Password);
if (usersList.Any())
if (usersList.FirstOrDefault().USERROLEID == 1)//1 is admin Id from role table
//await SignInAsync(user, model.RememberMe);
Session["signedin"] = "yes";
return RedirectToLocal(returnUrl);
Session["signedin"] = "no";
ModelState.AddModelError("", "Invalid username or password.");
Sohaib Javed 8-Oct-15 11:30am View
Thank you so much Nathan for your response
Actually I'm newbie to MVC. I have created MVC application and registered a user and couldn't understand how it logs me in with that created user whilst I have no database or any persistant storage. Is it making some web service call or what? Also I need to understand those decorations like [AllowAnonymous] how it works? what is going in the background. I know what are these decorations for but I do not understand how they works.

I don't know how what are Identity and Role provider and how they provide authentication and authorization.

I have a database where I need to implement authentication and authorization and also I need to implement SSL with SQL Server. I'm from desktop application development background new to ASP.

I hope you can understand what I need to know.

I appreciate your response.
Thanks once again.