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Mike Meinz 24-Mar-22 16:08pm View    
The error occurs while the audio/video stream in playing. It occurs multiple times during the time that the audio/video stream is playing. Audio/video play starts when
VLCMediaPlayer.Play(New Media(VLCLibrary, "rtsp://", FromType.FromLocation))
is called.
Mike Meinz 15-Oct-20 9:16am View    
Sorry, I have no experience with IIS Express. When you find a solution, please add it here so others can benefit.

It could be related to the fact that when using Visual Studio, you are in a more permissive environment. Or it could be that the version of PowerPoint and whatever modules PowerPoint uses to create the video are different on the IIS server than on the IIS Express server. An older version of PowerPoint and/or supporting modules that does not play embedded videos may be on the IIS server.
Mike Meinz 15-Oct-20 9:12am View    
Wow! It has been almost seven years since I wrote that answer. Totally forgot about it.

See <a href="">Turn your presentation into a video - PowerPoint</a>[<a href="" target="_blank" title="New Window">^</a>] What parts of a presentation won't be included in a video? section.

If the information on that page does not help in your case, your can use video editing software to edit the newly saved PowerPoint video file inserting the videos used within your original PowerPoint file. I use CyberLink PowerDirector.
Mike Meinz 11-Jun-18 10:08am View    
Thanks. Your solution helped a lot. There are so many partial examples. It is good to be able to see a complete working example.
Mike Meinz 3-Jun-18 9:22am View    
Thank you for your response.

Can you also provide a solution to my specific question?

I am trying to add one row to the ListView control in a similar manner to that shown in this StackOverflow question.

I don't understand the BindingExpression path error message. I can see that the data is in the ListView control but it is not displayed.