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Comments by Zamshed Farhan (Top 13 by date)

Zamshed Farhan 4-Feb-13 0:16am View
Not clear to me as I am a newbie. Is it right way to write registry entry on development time, then make msi from the development?
Zamshed Farhan 27-Jan-13 23:20pm View
Fine. Very helpful. Really you are to be thanked.
Zamshed Farhan 27-Jan-13 23:19pm View
A lot of thanks Abhishek.
Zamshed Farhan 27-Jan-13 3:05am View
Thanks a lot Edo.
Zamshed Farhan 24-Jan-13 4:19am View
Thanks a lot Raza.
Zamshed Farhan 15-Jan-13 5:01am View
Many thanks. I got your link - it's really useful.
Zamshed Farhan 14-Jan-13 21:52pm View
Do you please mention here exactly what error it's showing? full error please.
Zamshed Farhan 14-Jan-13 21:51pm View
I am agreeing with lewax00, actually what output you have preferred for your provided code? Would you please clear us.
Zamshed Farhan 14-Jan-13 21:47pm View
Thanks, but the link showing 403 Forbidden. Please check the link.
Zamshed Farhan 14-Jan-13 10:02am View
At first, declare #one, then make a clone of #one for #two.
Zamshed Farhan 14-Jan-13 10:00am View
Please, make the code well-look to check, it's very hazy!
Zamshed Farhan 14-Jan-13 9:57am View
Are you sure, the MySQL service is running properly here!
Zamshed Farhan 14-Jan-13 9:51am View
Is it showing any errors, or showing nothing without functioning?