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Comments by Rabee3-F1.787545 (Top 15 by date)

Rabee3-F1.787545 22-Feb-21 15:37pm View
Thank you very much it was very helpful
Rabee3-F1.787545 16-Jan-21 14:20pm View
if i want to make selected item CostTypeId = 1 how can u give me an example
Rabee3-F1.787545 8-Jan-20 4:07am View
Thanks for your reply but this report for one database
Rabee3-F1.787545 22-Jan-19 10:03am View
Source code on
Rabee3-F1.787545 22-Jan-19 9:59am View
I uploaded all Details on the link
Rabee3-F1.787545 9-Jan-19 16:51pm View
End is a DateTime i tried my best to keep it as DateTime but as you said i have to change it in the class to string

Thanks alot
Rabee3-F1.787545 6-Jan-19 11:03am View
I need to get each currency with last rate not latest record as first answer means
Rabee3-F1.787545 6-Jan-19 10:58am View
Yes Sure but this to record them and save the changes during the all year
Rabee3-F1.787545 6-Jan-19 10:57am View
I'm sorry for that and thanks for your time
i made the changes i hope its clear now
Rabee3-F1.787545 22-Aug-13 11:57am View
no i tried this string name=phonelist[2];
but it does not work
Rabee3-F1.787545 9-Aug-13 7:28am View
Thank You It Is very Useful
Rabee3-F1.787545 9-Aug-13 6:03am View
it is not a text file i want to take a snap shot
and print it
Rabee3-F1.787545 9-Aug-13 6:02am View
it is not a text file i want to capture the form and print it with all components
Rabee3-F1.787545 7-Aug-13 13:29pm View
it returns null reference
Rabee3-F1.787545 7-Aug-13 13:28pm View
i tried this code and as the site
String url = "{2dc66b7a}&api_secret={0c8e9471}&";
XmlDocument xmldoc = new XmlDocument();
// HTTP GET request to Orange API server
// display status of the post
MessageBox.Show("Status: " + xmldoc.SelectSingleNode("/response/status/status_msg").InnerText);
catch (Exception ex)