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Sumon562 24-Jan-16 6:00am View
All reports are showing but only one report is not showing
Sumon562 24-Oct-15 23:45pm View
Actually when I debug the code my procedure return data properly.
Sumon562 1-Oct-15 6:02am View
no this link not working
Sumon562 26-Aug-15 6:40am View
When I remove directory from IIS and publish it again then it works properly.
Can you explain why it happens, Please?
Sumon562 26-Aug-15 6:32am View
private static SqlConnection _HRCon;= null;
public static SqlConnection HRCon
if (_HRCon == null)

_HRCon = new SqlConnection(String.Format("Data Source=SERVER;Initial Catalog=HR;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=sa;Password=123;Connection Timeout=100"));

return _HRCon;
Sumon562 25-Aug-15 1:18am View
it is not working. Please give me a better solution.
Sumon562 25-Aug-15 0:50am View
I have tried this but get no result
Sumon562 20-Feb-15 3:20am View
use this code in my function CalculateValue()? Please help
Sumon562 20-Feb-15 1:44am View
Thank you Mr. Abhinaw Kuma. Where I use thi code.Please help me
Sumon562 18-Dec-14 6:11am View
Thanks it works nice
Sumon562 14-Dec-14 6:33am View
Thanks a lot Mr. Maciej Los
Sumon562 14-Dec-14 6:22am View
I have to show One field in select statement that is Internal Transfer or external Transfer depend on TraType.
Sumon562 10-Dec-14 7:18am View
after typing the id company dropdownlist will be refreshed. then have to type password.
Actually first type id then company dropdownlist loaded but drodown item select after password typing.
Sumon562 2-Dec-14 22:22pm View
It arises the following error
Msg 245, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'T00006' to data type int.
Sumon562 2-Dec-14 22:21pm View
It shows the following error
Msg 245, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'RENT00003' to data type int.
Sumon562 2-Dec-14 1:06am View
It shows conversion error
Sumon562 1-Dec-14 6:16am View
Thank you Me. King Fisher for your kind response.Can you please tell me how can I do it in c#.
Sumon562 24-Nov-14 5:55am View
Actually this occurs in publish site. when I debug in my pc then it is ok.
Sumon562 14-Nov-14 6:20am View
yes you are right. But how can drag each element through a report formula.
Sumon562 3-Nov-14 2:53am View
Thanks a lot. I am really regretful to you.
Sumon562 24-Oct-14 6:56am View
I run it in SQL query analyzer. I am using SQL Server 2008. If has anyway please suggest
Sumon562 21-Oct-14 0:00am View
Hi Mr. Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter is it possible to get control id in another way. Please give me example. Thank u for your response.
Sumon562 19-Oct-14 4:29am View
Its really interesting. Thank u again.
Sumon562 19-Oct-14 4:19am View
I am very regretful to you. Can u please describe what return false does?
Sumon562 19-Oct-14 4:15am View
Thanks for your advice. It works well.
Sumon562 30-Sep-14 6:33am View
I will be very grateful if get a solution.
Sumon562 30-Sep-14 1:49am View
Here I have to use another stored procedure and add this to the dataset.
Sumon562 29-Sep-14 8:08am View
in google crome it open new window.
Sumon562 22-Sep-14 5:28am View
Still it does not work
Sumon562 22-Sep-14 5:27am View
It shows the following error :
Compilation Error

Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific error details and modify your source code appropriately.

Compiler Error Message: CS1002: ; expected
Sumon562 22-Sep-14 4:13am View
Thanks a lot Mr. ChauhanAjay. But it does not work
Sumon562 21-Sep-14 6:42am View
I am new. I dont realize typo
Sumon562 21-Sep-14 6:31am View
Actually alias name is production
Sumon562 15-Sep-14 5:48am View
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
$(".btPOPUP").live("click", function () {
var v = $(this).val();
if (v == "Add Defect Type") {
$(".POPUPHeaderText").html("Create New Defect Type");
$("#POPUPIFrame").attr("src", "Smt_CreateDefectType.aspx");
if (v == "Add Defect Category") {
$(".POPUPHeaderText").html("Create New Defect Category");
$("#POPUPIFrame").attr("src", "Smt_CreateDefectCategory.aspx");
return false;
$(".POPUPClose").click(function () {

Sumon562 13-Sep-14 7:23am View
I have asked you rdlc report. This link show how to do it in crystal report
Sumon562 4-Sep-14 0:49am View
The actual error are :
The maximum report processing jobs limit configured by your system administrator has been reached
Sumon562 3-Sep-14 3:24am View
The error message is:
The Maximum Report Processing Jobs Limit
Sumon562 3-Sep-14 2:09am View
Thank you Mr. Animesh Datta. I have found MaxNumOfRecords and by default it's Value data is -1 that u advised me.
Sumon562 3-Sep-14 1:40am View
I found SOftware not Crystal Decisions
Sumon562 3-Sep-14 1:09am View
Thanks for your kind reply. I get HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOftware but could not find Crystal Decisions
Sumon562 1-Sep-14 0:16am View
I have used master page. But I use this javascript method in content page. your above mentioned function does not work. Content page does not have <form> tag.
Sumon562 25-Aug-14 8:03am View
you give answer if we throw easy question. But can not give any idea about a complex question.
Sumon562 25-Aug-14 8:02am View
you give answer if we throw easy question. But can not give any idea about a complex question.
Sumon562 25-Aug-14 7:59am View
I tried many times. If possible help me.
Sumon562 24-Aug-14 8:17am View
I am new in SQL Server Reporting Service. Please tell me which class I have to install
Sumon562 24-Aug-14 5:45am View
Can anyone help me please
Sumon562 22-Aug-14 4:28am View
I have done a report using Business Intelligence Development Studio. I can run this. But my requirement is to run it when I click a button.
Sumon562 10-Aug-14 6:29am View
I want to divide the report into four different rpt. Is it possible?
Sumon562 10-Aug-14 6:14am View
paper size is legal
Sumon562 20-May-14 3:16am View
Thanks for your suggestion. Please can you help me how can I use iTextSharp
Sumon562 28-Apr-14 2:19am View
It does not work. I have to prevent scroling.
Sumon562 28-Apr-14 2:13am View
<asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server" EnablePartialRendering="true">

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server" UpdateMode="Conditional">

<td class="TDLeftLabel">
Item Group :
<td class="TDRightInput">
<asp:DropDownList ID="ddlItemGroup" runat="server" Width="180px" CssClass="TextBoxNormal" AutoPostBack="true"


<td class="TDLeftLabel">
<span lang="en-us">Item Name</span>:
<td class="TDLeftLabel" colspan="2">
<asp:TextBox ID="txtItemName" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True" CssClass="TextBoxFixed"
OnTextChanged="txtItemName_TextChanged" Width="90%">
<cc1:AutoCompleteExtender ID="txtItemName_AutoCompleteExtender" runat="server" CompletionListCssClass="TextBoxFixed"
DelimiterCharacters="" EnableCaching="true" Enabled="True" MinimumPrefixLength="1"
ServiceMethod="GetItemNameForAccessories" ServicePath="WebServiceMerchandise.asmx"
TargetControlID="txtItemName" UseContextKey="True">

<td class="TDLeftLabel">
<asp:Button ID="btnCreateItem" runat="server" Font-Bold="True" Font-Italic="True"
ForeColor="#0066CC" Text="Create New Item" Width="124px" OnClick="btnCreateItem_Click" />

Sumon562 27-Apr-14 2:36am View
Thanks for your kind response. Here 28:45 means 28 hours 45 minute.
Sumon562 27-Apr-14 1:21am View
I have used Trigger but it does not work
Sumon562 26-Apr-14 5:44am View
I have done but it does not work. Please give a better solution.
Sumon562 26-Apr-14 4:22am View
NO I have not written any javascript code
Sumon562 22-Feb-14 5:04am View
TextBox is the last Control
Sumon562 17-Feb-14 23:45pm View
This does not work
Sumon562 17-Feb-14 2:26am View
Remove at does not get
Sumon562 10-Feb-14 3:02am View
yes, you are absolutely right
Sumon562 26-Nov-13 6:40am View
Thanks Mr. obhijitghosh for your kind response. This query arises an error. The error is in the line of
'Select @NetPayable2 = sum(cast(S.NetPayable as decimal)) as NetPayable, @OTAmount2 = sum (cast(S.OTAmount'
Incorrect syntex near the keyword as.
Sumon562 25-Nov-13 1:03am View
I have numeric value
Sumon562 6-Oct-13 1:56am View
Now it shows the following error :
Msg 207, Level 16, State 1, Line 4
Invalid column name 'Todays Approval'.
Sumon562 30-Sep-13 3:03am View
I checked and use quick watch. It's ok but the result is wrong
Sumon562 19-Sep-13 2:15am View
If I get the structure and data simultaneously from Copy method then why should I use clone.
Isn't it a wast of time, or it consume time when compile?
Sumon562 17-Sep-13 7:39am View
Thank you very much
Sumon562 11-Sep-13 6:30am View
local application
Sumon562 10-Sep-13 6:47am View
Thanks for your kind response
Sumon562 9-Sep-13 6:22am View
Actually I use the store procedure in C# code and in the else portion of the store procedure will show a message. How can I do that
Sumon562 9-Sep-13 6:14am View
I expect an answer.
Sumon562 9-Sep-13 5:38am View
Sumon562 9-Sep-13 5:34am View
Thanks brother
Sumon562 9-Sep-13 5:15am View
Thank you for your response. Can you help me how can I call it in C# code. We use a method to connect database. I provide you the method :

public void DBConnection(string strDBName)
if (IDisconnection != null)
if (IDisconnection.State == System.Data.ConnectionState.Open)
IDisconnection = null;
IDisconnection = new SqlConnection();

IDisconnection = new SqlConnection();
strConnectionString = "Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=" + strDBName + ";User ID=sa;Password=sa1234";
IDisconnection.ConnectionString = strConnectionString;
mblnTransactionStart = false;

catch (System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException e1)
throw (e1);
catch (System.Exception ex)
throw ex;
Sumon562 9-Sep-13 4:51am View
Thank you for your kind response. I have modified the procedure. But now it tells that error near second 'begin'
Sumon562 31-Jul-13 5:26am View
string strTest= Requested.QueryString["Query"].toString()
Sumon562 10-Jul-13 2:19am View
min and max dues not work
Sumon562 7-Jul-13 6:02am View
Its an Exception.
Sumon562 7-Jul-13 4:27am View
Thank you Mr. OriginalGriff
Sumon562 7-Jul-13 1:14am View
When I will debug what this line "string abc=Session["Value"].ToString();" shows !!! Please describe..
Sumon562 6-Jul-13 4:19am View
in the Management Studio "New Query" which is on the top left corner. When we click to New Query then open a new window and we write different query there. Did you mean that?
Sumon562 6-Jul-13 3:45am View
Can't you understand me?
Sumon562 6-Jul-13 2:12am View
You mean in the Management Studio "New Query" Where we click to write SQL queries, Am I right?
Sumon562 2-Jul-13 22:45pm View
I have tried but not all control
Sumon562 29-Jun-13 5:01am View
Thank You. I am posting another question. Please help
Sumon562 26-Jun-13 6:41am View
No i can not. Please help me
Sumon562 16-Jun-13 2:09am View
Thank you very much. Your code is ok. Can you help me how can I get a map of place by searching a specific place. Such as I have a text box and I write here "Dhaka" and it shows Dhaka city's map.
Sumon562 13-Jun-13 3:59am View
Thank you for your valuable answer. Actually I want to make a method that will connect database which database I need
Sumon562 13-Jun-13 3:47am View
Suppose I have a database name is Inventory, 2nd one is HR, 3rd one is Accounts.....
and many other
Sumon562 13-Jun-13 3:39am View
I want to use only one method to do it. Is it possible? If possible how can I do that?
Sumon562 9-Jun-13 1:25am View
Thank you
Sumon562 9-Jun-13 0:38am View
Thank you Mr.AYDIN EBRAHIMI HOMAY . And Can I join Between two Views.
Sumon562 6-Jun-13 3:07am View
Can you please explain some of the ways? I will be gratful to you
Sumon562 6-Jun-13 2:07am View
Thank you Mr. _Maxxx_. If I want to retrieve only one row then is it possible?
Sumon562 5-Jun-13 7:35am View
Can you help me please How can I find Visual Studio code editor. I can not find out Go to definition and Find all references.
Sumon562 5-Jun-13 6:53am View
Thank you Mr. Oshtri Deka.
Sumon562 5-Jun-13 2:49am View
mark means Bookmark!!! Am I right
Sumon562 5-Jun-13 2:24am View
First I checked if the value of textbox is " " then
string str = Server.HtmlDecode(txtRemark.Text);
str = txtRemark.Text;
In the space I wrote ampersandnbsp;
Sumon562 5-Jun-13 2:12am View
Yes, I have solved the problem.
Sumon562 3-Jun-13 7:51am View
In the database there is no data and it is not null
Sumon562 3-Jun-13 7:30am View
Sumon562 3-Jun-13 5:03am View
Thank you. It works well
Sumon562 3-Jun-13 4:39am View
I have posted the markup of GridView below :
<asp:GridView ID="grdEdit" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False"
BackColor="White" BorderColor="#999999" BorderStyle="None" BorderWidth="1px"
CellPadding="3" Font-Names="Arial"
Font-Size="Small" GridLines="Vertical" HorizontalAlign="Center">
<rowstyle backcolor="#EEEEEE" forecolor="Black">
<footerstyle backcolor="#CCCCCC" forecolor="Black">
<asp:Button ID="btnEdit" Text="Edit" runat="server" onclick="btnEdit_Click" />
<asp:CheckBox ID="chkCheck" runat="server" />

<HeaderStyle HorizontalAlign="Center" Width="55px" />
<itemstyle horizontalalign="Center" width="55px">

<asp:BoundField DataField="SheduleDate" HeaderText="Shedule Dates"
SortExpression="SheduleDate" DataFormatString="{0:dd-MMM-yyyy}" >
<HeaderStyle HorizontalAlign="Center" />
<itemstyle horizontalalign="Center">

<asp:BoundField DataField="Remarks" HeaderText="Remarks"
SortExpression="Remarks" >
<HeaderStyle HorizontalAlign="Center" />
<itemstyle horizontalalign="Center">

<asp:BoundField DataField="MPDCode" HeaderText="Maintenance Shedule Code"
SortExpression="MPDCode" >
<HeaderStyle HorizontalAlign="Center" />
<itemstyle horizontalalign="Center">

<PagerStyle BackColor="#999999" ForeColor="Black" HorizontalAlign="Center" />
<SelectedRowStyle BackColor="#008A8C" Font-Bold="True" ForeColor="White" />
<HeaderStyle BackColor="#000084" Font-Bold="True" ForeColor="White" />
<alternatingrowstyle backcolor="#DCDCDC">
Sumon562 3-Jun-13 4:01am View
The value in first column of last row is a date "06/03/2013" But as your code It shows no value.
GridViewRow row = grdEdit.Rows[grdEdit.Rows.Count - 1];
string val = row.Cells[0].Text;
Sumon562 3-Jun-13 3:10am View
I don't have a footer
Sumon562 3-Jun-13 2:33am View
I have written the following codes :
GridViewRow row = grdEdit.Rows[grdEdit.Rows.Count - 1];
string val = row.Cells[0].Text;
dtpMaintenceEnd.Text = val.ToString();
But it brings empty value;
Sumon562 3-Jun-13 2:11am View
I am waiting for your answer.
Sumon562 3-Jun-13 2:09am View
Thank you Mr. Tadit Dash for your kind response. Actually I do not use any control in the gridview. I just want last Row;s first column's data. I think you can help me now.
Sumon562 3-Jun-13 1:35am View
A use normal gridview of asp .net c#
Sumon562 3-Jun-13 1:03am View
It arises error like DataGridRow could not be found
Sumon562 2-Jun-13 3:16am View
wow!!! I am really happy. Thanks
Sumon562 1-Jun-13 6:12am View
Thank you for your kind response. Can you explain me why should We convert IQuerable /IEnumerable result to the generic List<> type.
Sumon562 30-May-13 7:15am View
Now is it possible to solve the same problem using view state? I wish I will get your help.
I have tested above solution of you and these works well.
Sumon562 30-May-13 6:44am View
wow Thank you.
Sumon562 30-May-13 6:41am View
Hi Ms. Swayam Mishra can you solve this using cookies and application state. I feel grateful if you provide solution by the two ways : Cookies and application state. God bless you.
Sumon562 30-May-13 6:24am View
I did it using session. You can help me how to use Application state and cookies. Thank you
Sumon562 30-May-13 6:00am View
Thank you for your response. Actually I don't want to use query string. Give me another solution please
Sumon562 30-May-13 5:16am View
No it does not work.
Sumon562 30-May-13 4:03am View
I have used response.redirect
Sumon562 27-May-13 6:15am View
It can not fulfill my requirement
Sumon562 27-May-13 4:45am View
Actually I am new in programming. I do not know the use of UTF-8 and do not know its functionality. Can you describe me. Thank you advance.
Sumon562 25-May-13 0:39am View
Yes I need Bengali script. Now how can I utilize this that you mentioned.
Sumon562 24-May-13 23:02pm View
I tried but it does not work
Sumon562 24-May-13 22:25pm View
Thank you Mr. Bernhard Hiller. Is it all? If so I am really happy
Sumon562 23-May-13 0:59am View
Thank you
Sumon562 23-May-13 0:44am View
Thank you Mr. siddharthrainit
Sumon562 19-May-13 1:38am View
actually My question was about composite key. If I have multiple columns in my primary key then Are they contain duplicate value. I know that primary key does not allow any duplicate key. I will be regretful if you explain.
Sumon562 18-May-13 2:16am View
Thanks for realizing
Sumon562 14-May-13 1:01am View
Thank you Mr. _Amy. It works nicely
Sumon562 13-May-13 1:41am View
Thank you Mr._Amy. I have tried but it does not work.
Sumon562 13-May-13 0:12am View
Web Application
Sumon562 12-May-13 3:02am View
Hi, have anyone to help me?
Sumon562 11-May-13 4:40am View
Thank you Mr.Maciej Los
I have used sql server 2008
Sumon562 11-May-13 2:58am View
Is this portion of method is right?
Sumon562 11-May-13 2:56am View
Thanks Mr. Mohammed Hameed. I have mentioned the whole method. Please now describe what
if (ddlAction.SelectedValue == "")
this portion of method means
Sumon562 8-May-13 6:28am View
Thanks Aarti Meswania. The three formula that you mentioned how it create and how can I use these formula. Can you explain please?
Sumon562 8-May-13 1:18am View
Do u have skype id? I want to talk to you
Sumon562 7-May-13 22:27pm View
Thank you Mr. Aarti Meswania
Sumon562 7-May-13 7:49am View
I want to prevent data duplication without using distinct. Can you explain what is better for me?
Sumon562 7-May-13 6:24am View
Thank you. But I do not declare theTable2.Column1 column as foreign key. both columns are primary key.
Sumon562 7-May-13 6:22am View
Hi patel_vijay . I have explained the question
Sumon562 7-May-13 6:06am View
I want to join two table with a common field and same datatype and both the field is primary key. I want to join the two table with the above mentioned field
Sumon562 29-Apr-13 2:31am View
Can't I get a proper answer??
Sumon562 29-Apr-13 0:20am View
I want to work with the control that is in another page. How can I do this?
Sumon562 28-Apr-13 2:11am View
Thank you Mr.Zoltán Zörgő for your kind response
Sumon562 27-Apr-13 0:41am View
Thank you Mr. Karthik Harve
Sumon562 24-Apr-13 5:34am View
Thank you Mr.Prasad Khandekar for your kind response. If you explain details it will be better for me.
Sumon562 23-Apr-13 5:58am View
I m sorry. I have solved the problem. Thank u for ur help.
Sumon562 23-Apr-13 5:10am View
I created datatable but the problem is that when at the second time loops go to catch. I m very worry.
Sumon562 23-Apr-13 4:47am View
Thank you. Please give the answer that I posted here before this question. I will be very regretful if I get it.
Sumon562 23-Apr-13 4:46am View
I have posted a question before this. Please answer that
Sumon562 23-Apr-13 1:17am View
Its an stupid answer Mr. Sandeep Mewara. I must have looked web. But it seems to me difficult.
So I send a question.
Sumon562 18-Apr-13 7:33am View
Yes but it does,t work
Sumon562 18-Apr-13 7:29am View
I have tried but it doesn't work
Sumon562 15-Apr-13 22:48pm View
Thank you
Sumon562 15-Apr-13 3:53am View
Sumon562 15-Apr-13 3:53am View
Sumon562 27-Mar-13 6:06am View
Thank you very much Mr. Sumit_Kumar_Sinha
Sumon562 24-Mar-13 6:52am View
Thank you for your decision.
I have run your store procedure but It does not work
Please check it and let me know a solution.
Sumon562 24-Mar-13 6:35am View
You can show a way programatically not using procedure
thanks Mr. Maciej Los
Sumon562 24-Mar-13 6:19am View
Thank you for your solution. But I don't want to use store procedure. I want to use sql query
Help me pls.
Sumon562 24-Mar-13 1:51am View
I will be grateful if answer me with example.