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jing567 29-May-19 9:11am View
Thanks for your reply. Please do read my query. I did considerable time on google and posted this question. The link which you have provided is the first link appear in google search and doesnt have info about my question :) Hope you posted reply to stand in the "Top experts" in dashboard in code project site.
jing567 12-Jan-17 0:34am View
I am trying to send them through xml result in the url... But the url length limitation is being done.Half content only is being sent
jing567 21-Feb-16 6:08am View
I am sorry Griff..I have updated with detail explanation.. Can you help me Please!!!
jing567 8-Dec-15 6:14am View
I want to set it in c# code...
jing567 30-Jan-15 2:59am View
I canr recomment Client yar :)
Actually end user make some changes in excel and then try to import... so inorder to make easy i have to export the file in excel...
Hope u understand sanjay :)
jing567 29-Jan-15 23:20pm View
Sry Tadith as per security issues... I have given wrong I.p address... i just tried to show the mock code....
jing567 29-Jan-15 2:54am View
From past two days I am googling.... If you know the working solution please let me know
jing567 13-Jan-15 2:58am View
When Program run 600 files should be procduced and each file is of 1 mb.... By using Defined functions only it takes bit time... If I use User defined function... I am prety sure that It takes more time :(
Any Alternative way?
jing567 8-Jan-15 0:15am View
Yia thats a very good reply... i am converting my application from Windows service to console app.... This would solve my problem .... thanku very much :)
jing567 7-Jan-15 23:51pm View
hi Dave,
I am not aware to scheduile a taks , Is it possible to schedule a task for windows service?
jing567 13-Nov-14 4:15am View
Hi Shwetha I placed a Sort column in the Database table and tried to order by on that column which solved my problem. Thanks for the solution.
jing567 12-Nov-14 9:51am View
My problem is that to insert records in a desired sequential order and that sequence is customized via c# code... So i want to insert that sequence into sql table... So any idea about that how to insert in same order?
jing567 15-Oct-14 2:22am View
Please check my suggested solution in the below format...
jing567 14-Oct-14 2:40am View
Please try to run that page independently as start up page and check whether the code everything in it is correct or not.
2. Another possibility is that are ou sending any paramters to that page which typically consists of special characters?
jing567 14-Oct-14 2:29am View
Can you tell me that at what location exactly u r facing problem? What is ur exact problemm... So that we can provide an alternative code
jing567 14-Oct-14 2:22am View
Hi Fadi Chamieh,
Yia I have placed < > in the format you have suggested only... I dont have problem with them..When I am trying to place this code in IIS the whole site is geeting down because of the é . Moreover the I have UTF-8 property only...
I have doen HTML encode for that specail character and tries to read the Encoded text from Web config and at that code location I have decoded the web config french text.
If you are really intested I would provide the sample codee.
jing567 26-Jul-14 0:00am View
I am able to get each and every value and i am able to find the correct built in URL also... The search is not working properly only after search on % related... rather than working finr
jing567 17-Jul-14 3:44am View
I have corrected my synatax and done... but ur logic failed bro.... because when else condition executes both the records will be listed out again :(
Again the problem continues :(
jing567 17-Jul-14 3:05am View
jing567 17-Jul-14 2:56am View
Thanks ashok.... i will check it and let you know... i am new to sql... can u give better syntax to place in where condtion of my query.... I am using Sql2008...Please
jing567 17-Jul-14 2:39am View
It worked by little change

Description like '%>%' +'%Mobile%'
jing567 17-Jul-14 2:30am View
Just now i tried by searching like this '>%Mobile%'

But it did not worked.... :(
jing567 17-Jul-14 2:27am View
Some times Description column may remain normal text also.... at that consition what to do?
jing567 8-May-14 8:32am View
Did ur stored procedure created successfully???
jing567 30-Apr-14 4:47am View
Ok I will try and let u know.... thanks for reply
jing567 30-Apr-14 3:09am View
30,140 kb its taking 10 mins
jing567 30-Apr-14 1:45am View
SharpSSH is taking large time download.... Do u have any other alternative for optimizing time
jing567 4-Mar-14 8:20am View
Are you using HTTP response to download the file???
jing567 20-Feb-14 1:22am View
Can u suggest me how to apply in wpf application???
jing567 11-Feb-14 1:27am View
Thanks Hari ... it worked like a champ :)
jing567 3-Feb-14 3:16am View
Hi Fedrik,
I customized the tool tips.... But now I want to place a tool tip when my mouse comes inside a screen.... Then that tool tip should be visible.... Above code u have mentioned for placing a tool tip for button.... i want a tool tip for window area.... Thanks for responding to my question :)
jing567 31-Jan-14 23:34pm View
Hi Mark,
Your info is very valuable...I just followed it... Now I want to provide uninstall option in my start up menu.....Can u guide me how it is possible through click one...I previously achieved uninstall option through setup file....
jing567 11-Dec-13 3:34am View
Its not right way to add a row to directly to Datagrid.... Try adding a row to the dataSource(Datatable or Dataset) and then try to bind the DataTable to that Grid View...

For Example":
dgvDisplayTiles.ItemSourc=DataTable;(DataTable is source)

Then Add a Row to the DataTable and the give the source to the Grid view...
jing567 7-Dec-13 23:29pm View
Can u give me any sample snippet code so that I can implement in my apllication
jing567 29-Nov-13 4:23am View
No it does not effect my problem... Is there any way to set the height of the data grid to auto dynamically in code side? in wpf c#
jing567 26-Nov-13 23:26pm View
No need of multi check or any bullets.... I just require good coluring of my combo with sharp edges... and which looks qquite different from boring combo style... morever it should be professionl.. instead of being funky yar.. Please help me out... I have done so much of googling... I did not ind the working code any where... Please help me out in xaml styling... Please :)
jing567 25-Nov-13 3:34am View
Can yuo give me an implemented code if you have please...
jing567 19-Nov-13 9:26am View
Do we use Java script in wpf applications?????
I think we don't use it bro.............
jing567 13-Nov-13 6:20am View
i am doing in wpf yar not it is in xaml + c#
jing567 8-Nov-13 8:24am View
DataGrid nestedGrid = (DataGrid)e.DetailsElement.FindName("NestedDG");
if (e.Row.DetailsVisibility == Visibility.Visible)
nestedGrid.ItemsSource = dsKitDetails.Tables[0].DefaultView;

If you observe that code I am getting control of the child grid in that RowDetailsVisibilityChanged event...At that time I am bomding the child grid data But I dont want to use that changed event... I wan to display child grid only on clicking a button in grid... So I unable to get the control of child grid in button click event... Can you help me
jing567 8-Nov-13 6:32am View
Hi Alexender,
I want to get the control of child grid in the main grid... as I want to give the source to that child grid and make it visible at the time of expand button click.... Did you got my point?
jing567 8-Nov-13 4:03am View
I want to get the control of child grid in button click event.... is it possible?
jing567 7-Nov-13 23:44pm View
Hi Alexender,
My code is working fine in rowVisibilty Changed.... But I dont want like this because I have Edit and Delete buttons in my DataGrid..... Is there any way to get the child grid control in click event??? Please reply yar
jing567 6-Nov-13 23:14pm View
I am sorry , I am asking for Datagrid yar...
jing567 6-Nov-13 7:13am View
Hi Keerth,
My requirement is that whenever I close my window application , the service that is associated to that application should be killed... thats what my requirement....
jing567 6-Nov-13 4:59am View
Hello Keerth,
Can you help me that how to get the exact name of my application ... Dont laugh at my question.. I am placing my app name but i am unable to get the process
jing567 6-Nov-13 1:44am View
how to dispose all that threads yar... I am new to this please provide me if you have any sample snippet
jing567 28-Oct-13 0:07am View
Hello Alexander...
Can you provide me the solution that how to add the image to that button... The code which you have provided is not so clear... inorder to implement in my solution
jing567 24-Oct-13 23:26pm View
Hello Alexander,
Code is very good.... please let me know that how to add image to a button created dynamically and the button is attatched to the datagrid through FrameworkElementFactory and cell template... But right now i cant use your code as i am not creating through xaml... pls provide the code in c#
jing567 24-Oct-13 10:07am View
Hey hi... I am using same synatx but it is not focusing yar.... is there any other way to focus?
jing567 24-Oct-13 6:27am View
Hey thanks for that....its very useful... Can u say me that how to set the focus to a text box in a dynamic grid after its change event... an that to the cursor should be placed at the end position of the string present in text box... Please help me i am working out on wpf
jing567 24-Oct-13 4:47am View
I has to do only in code... There is no possibilty for xaml as I am dynamically building it...
jing567 23-Oct-13 10:42am View
Can u provide me the c# code for UpdateSourceTrigger=LostFocus so that i can add to my code and check whether it is working or not.... and one more thing is that how to bind event for the text box if we place UpdateSourceTrigger... I mean for which event???
jing567 23-Oct-13 10:31am View
Hello richcb,
I am familaiar with on blur event in, But right now i am using wpf windows application,now i has to attach event for FrameworkElementFactory.. here there is no such event like on blur... So if u have done anything in past... please provide me the code...
jing567 23-Oct-13 3:23am View
I cant create a text box in xaml as every elemnt on my screen should be dynamic and that too... I want to handle a to grasp the text box text entered by user in change event... and these text boxes are present in datagrid...and all components are formed dynamically only... and no xaml is used...
jing567 23-Oct-13 2:54am View
No man... I have tried almost to work out this one.... other wise let me know how to add handler to a text box for loast focus event thorugh c# in wpf... After waking up please look up the issue
jing567 23-Oct-13 2:47am View
K please dont sleep... wait for 5 mins... I will update the code in couple of minutes
jing567 23-Oct-13 2:38am View
Yes i will provide the code , but just now i have observed that the text change event is calling infinitely... this is because in the text change event i have updated the datable which is given as the source for Datagrid... so as the source of grid is updated... again text box event is being called... so like this this loop is becoming infinite... In few minute i will provide the code
jing567 22-Oct-13 3:57am View
No ots not the solution yar... my problem is that it should allow the user to enter whole value into text box that he is expecting to enter... But in my case when user entering first character the event is being triggered
jing567 19-Oct-13 0:16am View
A Data grid contains some number of rows and columns.... In one column I am providing a text box(i.e text box will be repeating for every row in a particular column)... user enters values in each text box and then clicks a save button... where save button is present out of grid... and in that click event I should get all the text box values.... If any one able to answer my question they will be highly appreciated :) :)
jing567 19-Oct-13 0:07am View
Actually their is no text box used in that solution... That is not the code I am expecting
jing567 18-Oct-13 0:10am View
That code works only for single grid... but in my case i have multiple grids where i have to bind buttons for each multiple grid... so pls give a best suitable solution
jing567 23-Aug-13 9:02am View
It is in readable and more ever i have given complete rights to read and write the file.... sorry to say that u are not getting into my point... u are going it in another way... which i am not expecting for...
jing567 23-Aug-13 8:50am View
Hello OriginalGriff,
This is error where every one is facing while reading a system generated excel file.... but no one gave the correct solution when i googled...
jing567 12-Jul-13 1:45am View
Hi Rohan,
They have asked us to name a role as super and to assign that type of properties... Is it possible to define a functionality like that? If possible how to do in
jing567 12-Jul-13 1:16am View
Hi Rohan,
They have asked us to name a role as super and to assign that type of properties... Is it possible to define a functionality like that? If possible how to do in