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Comments by Hslldm (Top 44 by date)

Hslldm 9-Feb-13 9:22am View    
After i created the table can i import those valuse to my GridControl?
Hslldm 9-Feb-13 9:02am View    
Then for them;
Gd.Columns.Add("Web Site");

it gives "..has some invalid arguments" error.
Hslldm 8-Feb-13 8:03am View    
Yes you're right. I am new at C# so i dont know exactly where to look at? All i want users choose the excel file by this dialog, and the data from the selected excel files, and i want the data imported to my GridControl
Hslldm 7-Feb-13 15:18pm View    
This is not really what i want. I want choose the excel file when program runs.
Hslldm 7-Feb-13 14:14pm View    
How do i use that code?