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Naveen.Sanagasetti 28-Sep-16 7:08am View
I just visited the below link for connecting with webservices and getting library files with metada, request you to kindly confirm me whether this could be help us to resolve this issue.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 23-Dec-15 3:59am View
In that case better to go with webapplication, no problem the main difference between MVC and WebApplication is performance, since this is like school project it won't give that much performance issue. Go with WebApplication with 3-Tier architecture.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 23-Dec-15 3:27am View
agree with you..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 22-Dec-15 4:22am View
Question not clear, need more details...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 22-Dec-15 4:19am View
I totally agree with you Mehdi, without where conditions that's not possible to give consistent output in all cases.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 22-Dec-15 4:19am View
Hi Chill, I won't agree with your answer if he needs kumar age then you made one more query for kumar?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 25-Nov-15 5:41am View
What you have tried so far?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 19-Nov-15 7:42am View
please elaborate your question, and don't post your total html, post necessary information and elaborate your requirement clearly so that we can help you better
Naveen.Sanagasetti 19-Nov-15 7:37am View
As per error, you are trying to access null value, so that only you are getting this error. My suggestion is debug the code and check in which line you got this error and check whether it contains value or not?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 19-Nov-15 7:35am View
check the dll location by pressing F4 to check the properties there you can find the dll path and remove it and add the reference again.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 19-Nov-15 7:23am View
not clear
Naveen.Sanagasetti 17-Nov-15 2:25am View
could you please elaborate your requirement, so that we can help you better
Naveen.Sanagasetti 12-Nov-15 2:52am View
Check the logs with that Correlation ID and there it showing the exact error, provide to us that error details, so that we can help you.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 12-Nov-15 2:42am View
Refer below link this might be helpful to you,
Naveen.Sanagasetti 12-Nov-15 2:31am View
Refer below link this might be helpful to you ""
Naveen.Sanagasetti 2-Nov-15 8:57am View
As suggested BillWoodruff, first off all you need to understand the principles then read question and answers.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 2-Nov-15 2:20am View
Hi Andy,

Thanks for correcting me. Yes, you are right instead of table variable CTE is the best option.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 29-Oct-15 2:58am View
request you to debug the code to fix this type of issues..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 28-Oct-15 6:58am View
sry for delay, refer below link
Naveen.Sanagasetti 28-Oct-15 6:04am View
Could you please elaborate your problem
Naveen.Sanagasetti 28-Oct-15 5:50am View
debug and check the exact issue, this is not the full error details. Please post your error clearly.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 28-Oct-15 5:40am View
What's the issue are you facing now?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 27-Oct-15 3:58am View
You know the problem right? because of looping iterations you are getting delay of execution then check whether there is a chance to skip that iteration. If there is a chance then do that, how do you expect help from our end regarding this. We are helpless in this situation this is totally your project setup, you need to discuss with your lead and come to know one solution for the same.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 27-Oct-15 3:44am View
Please check the datatypes.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 26-Oct-15 10:46am View
Your question is not clear, please elaborate little bit.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 15-Oct-15 9:59am View
The best way to resolve this is debug the code and find out by your own, since we don't know about your code logic we can't guide you in this. Usually when you perform button click event postback is happening. So, obviously gridview also rebinded automatically controls should be clear but in your case it won't happen means you need to analyse it by your own.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 15-Oct-15 2:15am View
CSS Style improvement that's totally depend up on your taste. We can't say this is the best one, you need to decide that. So, Please work around it.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 14-Oct-15 10:49am View
Debug the code and then check where it's giving this error.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 14-Oct-15 10:40am View
didn't get your point, could you please share some sample data and expected result.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 13-Oct-15 7:25am View
Please provide the error details, which you have faced while using this code blocks.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 13-Oct-15 7:24am View
What about your gridview columns.?

Whether it is BoundField or TemplateField.?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 9-Oct-15 5:32am View
could you pl elaborate your requirement..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 9-Oct-15 5:30am View
put a breakpoint in onselectedindexchanged event of dropdown and then check whether event is triggered or not while first click time..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 8-Oct-15 3:22am View
Could you please provide more details.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 8-Oct-15 2:40am View
This is very hard to give solution if you provide the query like this, because we don't know about your table structure and data. I request you to please provide some sample data and table design then provide the details of your requirement. So, that we will help you better.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 8-Oct-15 2:30am View
I have a doubt, if the student is already belongs to one group then why you are allowing him to select(checkbox), my suggestion is if the member is already available in group then disable the checkbox.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 7-Oct-15 9:28am View
Could you please try like below.
Use Proper Id tag

txt.ID = "txtVal"+ i.ToString();

And find that control like below
TextBox txtname = ((TextBox)gvEmployee.FindControl("txtVal1"));
Naveen.Sanagasetti 7-Oct-15 7:54am View
Have you debug the code what dataset returns.? Please check that first...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 7-Oct-15 7:49am View
Please provide error details
Naveen.Sanagasetti 7-Oct-15 6:57am View
Everything is Ok.

Have you check all conditions.?

Keep in mind while join the tables first you need to call master then child, because master contains few records but child contains lakh of records.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 7-Oct-15 6:36am View
Make sure while posting a question please follow the rules and regulations.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 7-Oct-15 5:24am View
If you want styles on your button controls then apply CSS styles over there, you need to prepare those by applying styles as you want.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 7-Oct-15 4:07am View
Your Car giving trouble, first you need to start push it then only few of them are also start push it. If you simply Go and sit and ask others to push the car, that is not a request manner, that is demanding/ commanding we are not working for you. We will push you that's it.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 7-Oct-15 1:54am View
May I know who give downvote for this, on what basis.? Please provide your comment for downvote so that I try to avoid those mistakes don't downvote unnecessarily.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 6-Oct-15 9:17am View
Refer below sample

declare @tab table
Id int,
ParentId int,
IsFavorite bit

insert into @tab
values (1,null,1),(2,1,1),(3,1,1),(4,2,1),(5,1,1),(6,2,0)

select as Parent, as child
from @tab a,
@tab b
where a.Id=b.ParentId
and a.IsFavorite=1
Naveen.Sanagasetti 6-Oct-15 9:17am View
Refer below sample

declare @tab table
Id int,
ParentId int,
IsFavorite bit

insert into @tab
values (1,null,1),(2,1,1),(3,1,1),(4,2,1),(5,1,1),(6,2,0)

select as Parent, as child
from @tab a,
@tab b
where a.Id=b.ParentId
and a.IsFavorite=1
Naveen.Sanagasetti 6-Oct-15 8:51am View
Good to hear ;)
Naveen.Sanagasetti 6-Oct-15 8:25am View
Can you pl elaborate it more..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 6-Oct-15 3:02am View
don't post duplicate posts, if any one having idea about your requirement they will respond immediately, you need to wait until some body respond to your thread.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 6-Oct-15 3:01am View
Improve your question
Naveen.Sanagasetti 6-Oct-15 2:09am View
Is gridview is AutoGenerate Columns or not.? check this once and debug the code and while binding grid check the datasource and see the list of columns over their.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 6-Oct-15 2:01am View
duplicate post remove one of your post.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 6-Oct-15 2:01am View
duplicate post remove your one of the post
Naveen.Sanagasetti 6-Oct-15 2:00am View
duplicate post remove your one of the post.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 6-Oct-15 2:00am View
Please use Proper Title while posting a question in forum
Naveen.Sanagasetti 6-Oct-15 1:59am View
Have you debug the code.? Please debug the code and check the values carefully to resolve the issue.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 5-Oct-15 10:45am View
This is not a good way to ask question.? Please read terms & conditions before asking a question in any forum.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 5-Oct-15 10:44am View
Use proper Title while asking question
Naveen.Sanagasetti 5-Oct-15 10:05am View
Improve your question then only people will review and share their thoughts
Naveen.Sanagasetti 5-Oct-15 8:59am View
Could you please share your error details.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 5-Oct-15 7:31am View
If you want to compare list of values then iterate it through out all the values and then compare.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 5-Oct-15 6:53am View
This is not a good way to ask question, You should provide the details of your query, I don't know Why you are post your total design. Please Use "Improve Question" tag for edit the question and provide details.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 5-Oct-15 6:49am View
Please improve your question to get more +ve responses.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 5-Oct-15 2:38am View
In your designer, if the OnClick property and the event name both are same then it should be trigger; In any cases both are same then also it is not trigger, I request you to recreate the button and events.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 1-Oct-15 6:25am View
Now, What is your need..?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 1-Oct-15 6:23am View
Is this question.?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 1-Oct-15 5:04am View
Enjoy :)
Naveen.Sanagasetti 1-Oct-15 5:03am View
Naveen.Sanagasetti 1-Oct-15 4:47am View
First you should try by your own; if you have any issues we will help you.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 1-Oct-15 4:45am View
Already you are enabling textbox based on radio button selection; then what's the issue on that. Are you getting any error.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 1-Oct-15 2:22am View
Please check the rows in datatable, If there is no rows obviously foreach terminated. Please check and let us know
Naveen.Sanagasetti 1-Oct-15 2:19am View
SELECT Rate FROM rateList WHERE rateList.MakeModel=AllocateAsset.ItemModel

Please check the result set of this...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 1-Oct-15 2:04am View
I guess, if you include "~" symbol your problem solved.

Naveen.Sanagasetti 29-Sep-15 10:48am View
1) What is not working.?

2) Where it is not working.?

Then only we can come to know,

3) why it is not working.?

Without knowing first 2 points we can't say 3rd answer
Naveen.Sanagasetti 29-Sep-15 10:06am View
Why you want existing excel is there any reason, what's the wrong if you export in new excel sheet.? What you have tried so far..?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 29-Sep-15 10:02am View
Have you tried to keep the popup in outside the div.?

As of my knowledge there is no relation using div and button click event.

May be because of some other issue, it might be fail..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 29-Sep-15 6:22am View
First off all you can split up the requirement into small modules and then start working from module 1 to achieve your goal, if you struck in any place then we will help you.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 29-Sep-15 2:21am View

Whatever you post in design, there are 2 tables in one table you declare id but you didn't set the runat server property, but in 2nd table you set the runat server property without declaring id. follow whatever I said in my answer.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 28-Sep-15 9:31am View
Could you please confirm to me, as per your thread header you are asking to get the result. Where you want to show the same.? Is it in gridview or any other datasource controls.?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 28-Sep-15 9:29am View
Hi, this is answering section don't post your queries on here, use Have a Question or Comment? or Reply for reply to the current comment. Please delete the answer
Naveen.Sanagasetti 28-Sep-15 7:12am View
What's the issue..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 28-Sep-15 7:11am View
What type of issue are you facing.?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 25-Sep-15 7:40am View
Can you please share the plugin details, so that I can use that to accomplish my task.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 24-Sep-15 10:40am View
Sry, don't mine what I'm expecting is different, and your solution is different.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 22-Sep-15 4:53am View
There is an option to Integrating service using sitecore, but the problem is it's sending information in XML format, but we required in JSON format. Is their any third party integration for the same, that is what I'm expecting.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 22-Sep-15 3:42am View
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Sep-15 10:58am View
Hi RasiKazi,

I already go through those all links, but all are using Web API only, we require without using API, and without wrote any code we need to configure it using sitecore content, that is what I'm expecting.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Sep-15 10:32am View
Hi RasiKazi,

I want to implement the service using sitecore.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Sep-15 10:23am View
In SSRS, which database are you using. If that is SQL then it should work in SSRS too. If it is not working means, please check the query which you have passed.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Sep-15 10:05am View
My suggestion is keep backup before integrate it..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Sep-15 6:10am View
Could you please confirm, whether image gets saved in your database or not.?
If Yes, then please post your getting data method.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Sep-15 5:24am View
Is this question.?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Sep-15 5:23am View
That is the reason it is throwing that error, As per Solution 1 if you remove static it will show that method in service call, obviously it should work as you expected.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Sep-15 4:07am View
Call the Service URL and open the method which you try to call using JSON.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Sep-15 3:49am View
your question is not clear, can you please elaborate it little bit.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Sep-15 3:44am View
I request you to please search the URL in browser, if it is working fine, then please check the parameters which you passed through Json call, I guess this is case sensitive, as Point out by Rohan Leuva, in method declaration you are using the parameter "BasketInfo" and in JSON call you call like below "basketInfo", I guess this might be problem, Please check this once.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Sep-15 2:22am View
What about datatype of dtProducts.Rows[0]["ProductImage"], I guess the problem is conversion. Please check the left & right hand side datatypes both should be same then only it should work perfect.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 18-Sep-15 8:15am View
Where is the error log, please share those details instead of share your full content.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 18-Sep-15 4:10am View
Cell[2], which row..? Is this static or there is any condition you required.?

Please provide few more details.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 18-Sep-15 4:01am View
do you have static data.? please give more details.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 18-Sep-15 3:40am View
What information Are you expecting from our end.?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 18-Sep-15 2:51am View
What do you mean by Insert textbox into usercontrol.?
Please elaborate your requirement, so that we can help you in better way.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 18-Sep-15 2:50am View
Hi Rohit,

Can you please debug and see the CommandArgument, what it's return and check whether that is your desired RowIndex or not.?

I guess the problem is RowIndex, if RowIndex also correct then check your column type whether that is BoundField or TemplateField.

Please check and revert back to me.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 15-Sep-15 8:53am View
The Answer is simple previously you done with static data, now you need to implement the same with dynamic data.

First note down the plan in one paper and proceed..

Step 1 : Whether DataBase is static one or dynamic one
Step 2 : prepare SP for getting all the tables against Database
Step 3 : Prepare select queries against each table
Step 4 : once you made query then get the result into DataSet.
Step 5 : using DataSet, you can read the data into Excel sheet.

Achieve the requirement by splitting into small small modules like above and achieve your goal.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 15-Sep-15 8:47am View
What you tried so far..?

Naveen.Sanagasetti 15-Sep-15 6:19am View
Hi, if something is working fine in one environment and it is not working in other environment there might be problem in Configuration level or DB level please compare these 2 in both the environments and let us know.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 15-Sep-15 5:34am View
Could you please elaborate your requirement.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 15-Sep-15 5:33am View
Share your exception details instead of post your full code; that will help you to get more responses from our end.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 15-Sep-15 5:26am View
Hi Hari prakash, only for this two objects intelligence is not working or through out all the objects..? If this is happen for all I request you to please reinstall your Visual studio, if this is happen only for those 2 then lets wait for one of our experts responses.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 15-Sep-15 5:23am View
Have you debug the code and check the same.?
What's the CommandText, and execute that commandtext in SQL Management studio and see the result set.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 15-Sep-15 3:59am View
Are you getting any error.? Please share your error details to us, so that we will help you as our best.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 30-Aug-13 6:39am View
Few people are working for just find the faults in others. I don't consider those people responses.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 27-Aug-13 0:03am View
Thanks for your suggestion i know that is not correct wy to ask code. But for this i tried from 2 days onwords that's the reason i'm asking. Or else please give idea to do this, i have ajaxtabcontainer in that i have multiple tables now when i click on print button i need to print particular table information only how to do any idea out of this...?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 19-Aug-13 9:50am View
Ok i try to remove that CSSClass then also it's not working. Css class is used for Styling purpose only nooo. I don't want style that's the reason i remove that CssClass and try again but no result.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 19-Aug-13 9:43am View
Here, im using OnActiveTabChanged event only so that is available in my code behind. And if Cssclass is available or not there is no impact due to CSS class right..?
I tried to delete that CssClass also .But no use...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 26-Jul-13 6:24am View
hi, here material_id is repeated more than once then i want to show the 1.a , 1.b ... based on repetation. How to do...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 19-Jul-13 6:34am View
My self tried all those links but while export the data becomes like this .
<meta http-equiv=Content-Type content=text/html;charset=UTF-8><div>

Naveen.Sanagasetti 6-Jul-13 2:09am View
no, in that link they are hide grid header and statically they pass grid columns using table. But i don't want to pass static columns i want to pass dynamic columns.
If i use this link i do some operations in my grid header that features also i missedout. That's the reason i'm asking..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 6-Jul-13 1:51am View
Hi nirav,

good link but in that link they pass static columns. But i don't want to pass static columns i want to fetch columns from DataBase. Based on database values i want to display columns. But using that link how its possible..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 8-May-13 8:15am View
no here what i'm trying to do is when i click a button in my first page it's redirect to another page ( popup window ) and i fill total all details and click on submit button then my popup window is closed and it's open my first page itself but it's not redirect to my first page ....
Without redirect to my first page how to check the querystring value....
If its loaded in page load then only that value is read other wise it's not possible to read that querystring value naaa...?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 16-Apr-13 1:16am View
Your correct Prashant but the column name your mentioned is not correct, the column name is "BudgetFYDef". Any way good Answer...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 12-Apr-13 8:14am View

On top of right corner your name is there with DropDown , just move a cursor to that DropDown and click on "MySettings" option and then you edit what ever you want and click on save changes. That's it..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 12-Apr-13 5:00am View
I think the problem is related to connection problem , please send your connection string..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 11-Apr-13 5:24am View
check this line ORDER BY rnd (INT(NOW*ImageID)-NOW*ImageID)
is it correct , first of all you can execute this query in your SQL side in sql wise its working fine then you can use that in your code
Naveen.Sanagasetti 11-Apr-13 5:09am View
check your parameteres are refer in proper name or not.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 3-Apr-13 6:15am View
send me your code, you bind data to which control...?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 3-Apr-13 5:56am View
send me sample data
Naveen.Sanagasetti 3-Apr-13 5:15am View
That is not a table , in my SP one of the column and that SP i'm using to Generate the Report purpose..

i already given the details in my question itself
ex: jan-2013, feb-2013....

month ----jan-1, year---2013 .

Once pl study my question again
Naveen.Sanagasetti 2-Apr-13 5:30am View
hi i tried like this this works fine for me

select month(cast('01-'+'feb-2012' as datetime)),year(cast('01-'+'feb-2012' as datetime))
Naveen.Sanagasetti 2-Apr-13 5:28am View
thank you this works fine for me,
but here month means it's showing monthname but i want month number without using case is it possible to display month number
Naveen.Sanagasetti 2-Apr-13 5:14am View
Ok fine but my query is look like this
SELECT DATEPART(MONTH, 'jan-2013') 'Month', DATEPART(YEAR, 'jan-2013') 'Year'

how to fetch month && year details
Naveen.Sanagasetti 2-Apr-13 5:06am View
SELECT DATEPART(MONTH, 'jan-2013') 'Month', DATEPART(YEAR, 'jan-2013') 'Year'

i'm getting this error message "The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value."
Naveen.Sanagasetti 2-Apr-13 5:03am View
If my date is '2013-04-02 14:36:10.300' this format then i know how to fetch that month && year details month(date),year(date).

But my date is varchar type and my date is look like this 'jan-2013'....
Naveen.Sanagasetti 13-Mar-13 6:23am View
you are finding the control "dlQuantities", does that controls exists ?, if that controls not exists, that object becomes null and if you are trying to access null object, then this error will occur. just put the break point at that line, and place mouse pointer over the object, you can see whether it is null or not.

This is very help full to me thanks alot...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 13-Mar-13 6:18am View
Can you plz explain the reason of this error, what are the cases we see this type of error
like Binded data is empty....
Naveen.Sanagasetti 13-Mar-13 6:15am View
dlQuantities control is exist, then also i'm facing the object value is null....
How to overcome this issue now...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 13-Mar-13 6:13am View
dlQuantities is not a DDL , it is DataList already i assigned that object
Naveen.Sanagasetti 13-Mar-13 6:12am View
dlQuantities is NULL
Naveen.Sanagasetti 13-Mar-13 6:10am View
Can u plz explain eloborate about "dlQuantities" is an invalid reference....
Naveen.Sanagasetti 13-Mar-13 6:08am View
Can u plz explain eloborate about "dlQuantities" is null or not....
Naveen.Sanagasetti 27-Feb-13 22:54pm View
Your Question is not clear
Naveen.Sanagasetti 26-Feb-13 23:45pm View
K fine i checked that query it's working fine but here it's displaying yyyy-mm-dd also , but i want to display quantity based on prev month only , in this case no need to consider date
Naveen.Sanagasetti 26-Feb-13 23:26pm View
FOR ex this is the month of jan 13, previous month means dec 12. using that dateadd function whatever you given using that it's satisfied the date condition , here my doubt is year also changed na..? that's the confusion now
for this i tried like this DATEPART(M,a.Planned_Date)=DATEPART(M,DATEADD(M,-1,GETDATE())) AND DATEPART(yy, a.Planned_Date) = DATEPART(yy, DATEADD(m, -1, getdate())) , this is ok or any issues
Naveen.Sanagasetti 26-Feb-13 0:47am View
I tried like this but my output is mismatch to my requirement

select a.Proj_code,a.Material_Id,a.DED_Description,a.DED_Short_Desc,a.Planned_date,

a.Planned_Material_qty, sum(b.Planned_Material_qty) As Total

from #TempTable a cross join #TempTable b where (b.Material_Id=a.Material_Id)

group by a.Proj_code,a.Material_Id,a.DED_Description,a.DED_Short_Desc,a.Planned_date,

a.Planned_Material_qty order by Material_Id
Naveen.Sanagasetti 25-Feb-13 2:15am View
Dear Sir ,
Here my doubt is related to SQL query.. But you given link in that they explain something about Commands,Parameters...
But i'm struking in my query ...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 25-Feb-13 2:12am View
Ok but my requirement wise no need to pass the parameters..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 25-Feb-13 2:04am View
Yes, But i don't want to Pass any parameter on here iwant to fetch total all information from project satrting date to till date
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Feb-13 8:02am View
All d best but previous comment written by Ed Nutting
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Feb-13 7:55am View
Sorry yar i'm try to resolve this issue , but still now i'm confusing about your requirement.
Your DataTable returns empty records means that's the problem of your Select Query only.
I understand the scenario 1, but i can't understand scenario 2..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Feb-13 7:43am View
your searching based on driver name , in this case your query returns any value
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Feb-13 7:41am View
Without enter text value you got the result...
But when you try to search some text in TextBox and then click on button at that time your searching result is blank...right...?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Feb-13 7:30am View
your select query returns any value...?

upto now your not given exact information , what's the problem you facing please mentioned that...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Feb-13 7:28am View
you face the problem in select query right..?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Feb-13 7:26am View
I think your requirement is based upon search value you want to display the information in DDL...?

Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Feb-13 7:24am View
you try to display the information ... right...?
your using select query , where to display that information...
I can't understand your exact requirement...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Feb-13 7:12am View
can you provide your source code....
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Feb-13 7:11am View
After insert data you want to clear your textbox values.... right....?

use like this txtname.clear();
Naveen.Sanagasetti 21-Feb-13 7:04am View
What's the problem now ...?
Any error you got...?
your given some improper information...
How to workout using this information...?
please provide your source code also..
And where your facing problem , that's also you should mentioned..

what's the meaning of this
but the debugger doesnot enter the bt1_Click() ...?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 19-Feb-13 4:22am View
Thank's alot...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 19-Feb-13 4:14am View
Oh k k thank you , after that which option i selected for editing
Naveen.Sanagasetti 19-Feb-13 4:02am View
But now you can do that na..
To edit the tusharkaushik question na...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 19-Feb-13 3:57am View
this question is published by tusharkaushik , but in my screen it's not showing improve question option.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 19-Feb-13 3:49am View
Hi Karthik Harve , How to edit the question can you please tell me the steps..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 19-Feb-13 3:39am View
your question is not clear... can you please elaborate your question
Naveen.Sanagasetti 19-Feb-13 1:38am View
page is moving up and down...?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 18-Feb-13 22:49pm View
Select col1,col2,col3
into #TEMPTable
from table1

this is the sample syntax only ..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 18-Feb-13 6:18am View
If they want to update more than one row how to achieve using this query..?
Naveen.Sanagasetti 16-Feb-13 3:20am View
Once please execute the SQL table in sQL server side how much time it's taking for execution please checkout this...
If the table execution takes more time then you contact to your DB team to resolve this issue
Naveen.Sanagasetti 15-Feb-13 8:21am View
but i'm not using LINQ
Naveen.Sanagasetti 14-Feb-13 7:03am View
I already mentioned in my question i know how to do using for loop but i'm asking using foreach loop
Naveen.Sanagasetti 14-Feb-13 4:56am View
Any doubt's use "Have a Question or comment" button.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 14-Feb-13 3:40am View
Put a break point in your code and check the "ds" having Table "0" or not.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 14-Feb-13 1:53am View
'ING' means your assembly name...?
I think your refering the assembly is not loaded properly. please checkout this...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 12-Feb-13 6:21am View
I'm also tried using Response.Redirect & server.Transfer but my boss is not accepted to use those , he ask me using only hypelinks
Naveen.Sanagasetti 12-Feb-13 6:12am View
<asp:HyperLink ID="link" runat="server" Text="EXCEL MANUAL" OnClick="btnManual_Click" >

protected void btnManual_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

if (COM_Code == 5)
link.NavigateUrl = "http://eipvidhyadev/edrc/elect/O11153/Documents/EMS_PTD.xls";
else if (COM_Code == 1)
link.NavigateUrl = "http://eipvidhyadev/edrc/ems/O10070/Documents/EMS_BnF.xls";
Naveen.Sanagasetti 12-Feb-13 6:05am View
for based up on parent project code
Naveen.Sanagasetti 12-Feb-13 4:40am View
k thank you
Naveen.Sanagasetti 12-Feb-13 4:30am View
Naveen.Sanagasetti 12-Feb-13 4:14am View
yes, inside of linkbutton_click event
Naveen.Sanagasetti 12-Feb-13 1:13am View
i'm not asking about exporting option. i'm asking to display manual what are the columns we provide while inserting excel data into SQL DB, i want to display the details .... any way thanks for your help....
Naveen.Sanagasetti 12-Feb-13 0:53am View
yes, already i have an Excel file .
Naveen.Sanagasetti 11-Feb-13 4:48am View
sorry i'm not checking the previous solution.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 8-Feb-13 4:06am View
that's not a textbox i fetch the information from Excel sheet that data i want to be to store it on SQL database before that i want to check the date has to be correct format or not
Naveen.Sanagasetti 6-Feb-13 6:09am View
Sorry Abhinav i'm asking i upload any type of file name but i want to save the file name as xxx.xls. But one thing after save the file i displayed the sheet names available in that excel . If we change some thing in file name it wont effect on existing.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 5-Feb-13 23:50pm View
Are You passing the values via page wise only....?
If you pass the values in page wise then check the condition using "if".
Naveen.Sanagasetti 5-Feb-13 4:31am View
for error explanation , they post some information that's enough...
But user asking in his question "Please help me in this... I'm Stuck for a long time... No luck in googling.", that's way i'm asking code, try to resolve where he facing the issue. that's want i'm asking yar...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 5-Feb-13 4:16am View
error findout means whatever you post that enough. But i'm asking try to resolve that.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 5-Feb-13 4:07am View
post your code.. please
Naveen.Sanagasetti 4-Feb-13 23:22pm View
please elaborate your question..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 4-Feb-13 6:49am View
in your source code itself you follow this code..
<asp:Label ID="lblMSCE_SE_Code" runat="server" Visible="false" Text='<%# DataBinder.Eval("your object") %>' />
Naveen.Sanagasetti 4-Feb-13 6:26am View
How many times you post the same query...?
If you want to modify the question use Improve Question tag, then modify whatever you want..
Naveen.Sanagasetti 3-Feb-13 23:06pm View
I think here the problem is saving location. CheckOut your saving location , you saved the application in exact location or not check out that.
Naveen.Sanagasetti 2-Feb-13 6:21am View
once post your code
Naveen.Sanagasetti 2-Feb-13 5:52am View
You can achieve this by using QueryStrings & Sessions also . Checkout the Syntax for that...
Naveen.Sanagasetti 31-Jan-13 1:49am View
In question it self they mentioned that, PK col is "numb".
Naveen.Sanagasetti 31-Jan-13 1:45am View
I told you in coding wise you do that stuff, your not an end user ... right..?, you know that logic , what are the PK column etc.. so, you do that stuff in your coding wise i'm also do the excel uploading concept, my table PK col is auto increment column . So, i never face this type of issue. But in some other page i'm facing this issue at that time i'm checking whatever i mentioned in my solution
Naveen.Sanagasetti 31-Jan-13 0:19am View
hmmmmm, Could you please elaborate your question...