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Comments by Hasham Ahmad (Top 22 by date)

Hasham Ahmad 11-Jan-17 1:19am View    
Just a thought.. why cant you give a dropdown to ask the user to select their age instead? otherwise its a simple calculation, just parse the date from Calendar1.SelectedDate.ToString() and calculate it with the current date, then bind it with txtDob.Text.
Hasham Ahmad 19-Nov-14 14:06pm View    
you can make another object with hour values in it and then query it with the left join
Hasham Ahmad 19-Nov-14 13:48pm View    
can you also write down the result what you want to achieve?
Hasham Ahmad 23-Dec-13 1:59am View    
thanks :)
Hasham Ahmad 23-Dec-13 1:24am View