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amitrkcian 31-May-16 5:38am View
I made the following changes which caused the installation to succeed but there are still some hiccups:

1) Initially I was placing three files in the Sample folder(devcon.exe, VirtualSerial2um.inf & Virtual Serial2um.cer), but now I have the VirtualSerial2Um.ll & all the object files along with the three files in the Sample folder.

2) initially in the command prompt I was trying to execute the following command
"devcon install virtualSerial2um.inf UMDF\Virtual_1" in this the hardwareID (UMDF\Virtual_1) was incorrect I changed it to UMDF\VirtualSerial2um.
So when I executed the following command

"devcon install virtualSerial2um.inf UMDF\VirtualSerial2um" in command prompt it said "Driver installed successfully"

When I checked my device manager, under Ports(COM & LPT) Microsoft VirtualSerial Sample (UMDF2)(COM9) appears with a "yellow !(exclamation mark)"

When I right click on the device name & go to properties-> General-> Device status it say "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)"

I also checked the task manager & I donot see the wudfhost.exe running, which is the host process for the UMDF drivers.

Pleas advice me solution that would let remove the "yellow !" mark from the device in the device manager & let the host process run.
amitrkcian 30-May-16 11:50am View
This is the content of the VirtualSerial2um.inf file

; Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation, All Rights Reserved.
; VirtualSerial.inf
;Installation Notes:
; Type "devcon install VirtualSerial2um.inf UMDF\VirtualSerial2um" to install

Signature="$Windows NT$"




1 = %MediaDescription%

; =================== UMDF VirtualSerial Device ==================================




UmdfService = VirtualSerial, VirtualSerial_Install
UmdfServiceOrder = VirtualSerial
UmdfKernelModeClientPolicy = AllowKernelModeClients
UmdfFileObjectPolicy = AllowNullAndUnknownFileObjects
UmdfFsContextUsePolicy = CannotUseFsContexts


DisplayName = %WudfRdDisplayName%
ServiceType = 1
StartType = 3
ErrorControl = 1
ServiceBinary = %12%\WUDFRd.sys

HKR,,DeviceType,0x10001,0x0000001b ; 0x1b = FILE_DEVICE_SERIAL_PORT

UMDriverCopy=12,UMDF ; copy to drivers\UMDF


; =================== Generic ==================================

MediaDescription="Microsoft Sample Driver Installation Media"
WudfRdDisplayName="Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework Reflector"
VirtualSerialDeviceName="Microsoft VirtualSerial Sample (UMDF 2)"
amitrkcian 30-May-16 11:07am View
Thank U Richard. Appreciate that.
AS my development machine & my test machine are 64bit windows system with Windows 7 operating System So to give myself a head start I compiled the ComPort project under Windows-driver-samples-master/serial/VirtualSerial2 sample code provided by Microsoft, initial it flashed an error that said as follows "Provider cannot be "Microsoft", must be an organization who authored INF" so I changed the following line in .inx file MSFTUMDF="Microsoft" to MSFTUMDF="Sample", then it compiled successfully.

Then I follow the following process to install the driver on the target machine.

1) I copied the VirtualSerial2um.cer file & VirtualSerial2um.inf from Windows-driver-samples-master\serial\VirtualSerial2\ComPort\x64\Debug & devcon.exe from C:\Program Files\Windows Kits\10\Tools\x64 to a Sample folder in the C:\ drive of the Target device.

2) Then on target machine I open the internet explorer I went to Internet Options->content->Certificates->import then I selected the VirtualSerial2um.cer file & imported the Certificate.

3) Then on target machine I open the command prompt as Administrator, browseed to the Sample folder & typed the following command.

devcon install virtualSerial2um.inf UMDF\Virtual_1

Then on the command prompt it says:
device tree entry created
devcon failed

In the device manager Under Unknown Device COM11 appears but when I open my hyper terminal COM11 doesn't show on the drop down list of COM ports.

Now I am unable to figure out why my devcon installation is failing.

Could anyone please guide me in the correct direction