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Member 9831003 30-Mar-17 7:36am View
could you please provide table structure with some sample data
Member 9831003 13-Dec-16 4:14am View
you can try below code.

DECLARE @Inserttbl nvarchar(4000)
DECLARE @TableName varchar(50)
DECLARE @Text varchar(50)
--DECLARE @count int
SET @TableName = 'test'
SET @Text = NULL

if (@Text is not null)
SET @Inserttbl = ' Insert into dbo.' + @TableName + ' values (3,' +''''+@Text+'''' + ',1)'

EXEC sp_executesql @Inserttbl
Print 'NULL Value will not inserted'

And yes there is possibility of sql injection even under sp_executesql. Check below link also for validating your parameter
Member 9831003 12-Dec-16 4:07am View
try with xml data type. Check below link may be help full
Member 9831003 8-Nov-16 4:05am View
Thanks, if possible can you please make some insert statement for these tables.
Member 9831003 4-Nov-16 9:25am View
Send your table schema with sample data