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Comments by keyur_raval (Top 40 by date)

keyur_raval 25-Sep-16 5:44am View    
sorry, but it is not working well and here in this string stars come in any order. please help me out with this problem.
keyur_raval 30-Oct-15 5:03am View    
I need some c# code to select / deselect all checkboxes in a datagrid in WPF 3.5 framework. I would like to do this by clicking a single header checkbox in the grid. then i would like to delete those selected row or rows.
keyur_raval 30-Oct-15 4:54am View    
i would like to develop code in WPF application. I don't want to know about bro. Please give me any link which is related to the WPF application.
keyur_raval 30-Oct-15 2:55am View    
thanks bro..
keyur_raval 30-Oct-15 2:44am View    
Here, I found one link. In this link code is only for selection & this code is not work for me, but i would like to develop like this and delete selected row and rows.