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Comments by Nibu Kurian (Top 8 by date)

Nibu Kurian 12-Jun-13 8:03am View
Again this example uses the tooltip but I am not looking for that.. I need to change the style of balloontip that comes with notify icon in windows form application
Nibu Kurian 12-Jun-13 4:08am View
I am sorry, you have send me a link for java .. my application is built in and I don't think this is gonna help me.
Nibu Kurian 17-May-13 4:39am View
code for collecting data from excel will do.. textfile or notepad would be an added advantage.
Nibu Kurian 17-May-13 3:07am View
Well leave notepad.. just tell me how to read data(single column with many email ids) from excel sheet ..and then insert it to table..
Nibu Kurian 17-May-13 2:43am View
Maybe just give the email id and take it from there.. orelse leave that just tell me how to get it from excel sheet.. the code shud have provision to insert more than one mail id for single user.
Nibu Kurian 28-Feb-13 0:07am View
I am not looking for that. Consider some other applications and when we install the app before finishing there is a checkbox that asks the user if he wants to run it as a startup program. this is what I am looking for. I converted my project to a setup file but when I try to install it it doesn't ask that question. I want that question at the installation level
Nibu Kurian 27-Feb-13 1:53am View
thankyou sir...that idea worked perfectly.
Nibu Kurian 26-Feb-13 0:32am View
yea exactly . I want to exclude the restore and minimize/maximize option and have just the close capability . I checked the msdn help but couldn't find anything specific.Just like what you see when you run a setup file(.exe)