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Comments by Ariana Bond (Top 39 by date)

Ariana Bond 10-Dec-13 6:44am View    
basically a mail server i am trying to setup for my domain.
Ariana Bond 10-Dec-13 6:43am View    
what the problem is i have taken service from google for mailing but their is sort of restriction s while sending bulk mail.
I have tried to setup smtp virtual mail server but i don't know what to provide in mail server.
Ariana Bond 23-Sep-13 14:13pm View    
Thank you for your help.
Ariana Bond 16-Aug-13 12:51pm View    
I am creating alist of URN's while scripting the objects , but when Service Broker turn comes scripter.script () method throws exception "Failed Operation Exception".
Ariana Bond 16-Aug-13 12:27pm View    
Hi Marcus,
I am getting this error when tried to script all objects.
Cannot script the object with Urn='Server[@Name='Example']/Database[@Name='DatabaseName']/ServiceBroker'.
If you have any idea then please help me.