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raj_arenem 28-Mar-13 6:08am View    
Thank you for your reply.
I tried the other way also, but the result is the same.
raj_arenem 28-Mar-13 6:05am View    
Thank you for your reply.
I checked that, it has data. The thing is it is not getting updated to the database. i would like to mention this, the table to which am updating has no primary key in it. Does this also matter?

Thanks & regards
raj_arenem 28-Mar-13 6:00am View    
The table just stores the status, either "Fixed" or "Not Fixed" for a particular ID. Like:
MaintainTable->MaintainID, MaintainDetails..., DefectsTable->DefectID, DefectDetails... and the (Table without Primary key) MaintainDefectTable->MaintainID, DefectID, DefectStatus.

I tried to use LINQ, but the values were not getting reflected in the database(MaintainDefectTable). So i arrived at a question, whether LINQ is suitable for such tables.

Thank you.
raj_arenem 25-Mar-13 6:03am View    
I had same name for my entites in Entity framework and even in database i added. So i had repeated names in my application. Now i have resolved it. thank you for the reply sir.

Thanks & regards
raj_arenem 25-Mar-13 3:11am View    
I have added an existing database to my Entity framework, and also i have created a DataClass for LINQ to SQL. When i debug, i have errors saying that the parameters already exists. The entities mapped in DataClass(LINQ t0 SQL class) and entities in the model are in conflict. How to resolve this? suggest a solution.