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Comments by sv sathish (Top 64 by date)

sv sathish 26-Feb-16 9:59am View    
this is my code for using that dll using assembly

Assembly DynamicAssembly = Assembly.LoadFile(_pathDetails);
string _propsVal = string.Empty;
string fileName = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(_pathDetails);
object DynamicValObj = new object();

foreach (Type type in DynamicAssembly.GetTypes())
if (type.IsClass == true && type.FullName.EndsWith("." + fileName))
DynamicValObj = Activator.CreateInstance(type);
sv sathish 26-Feb-16 9:56am View    
i want to unload the file from assembly.
how to do that
if i do that problem ill solve
sv sathish 26-Feb-16 9:55am View    
sir am editing the path for this post, so this is not a problem.
sorry for that code.
sv sathish 26-Feb-16 8:12am View    
i want kill the process from code
how to do that ???
sv sathish 11-Sep-14 7:02am View    
My problem was solved, am uninstall the postfix and install sendmail in my centos server,now the php mail function is working properly...
thanks for all.