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Comments by MCGRADYV5 (Top 10 by date)

MCGRADYV5 3-May-13 22:20pm View
Thank you all the same.
MCGRADYV5 3-May-13 7:32am View
Let me explain my question. You can add your own message using macro ON_MESSAGE in MFC, but this macro is not available in WTL. I am wondering whether there is alternative way to solve it.
MCGRADYV5 2-May-13 2:26am View
Could you tell me which part is related to my question.
MCGRADYV5 8-Apr-13 9:09am View
I wrote MSG_WM_TIMER(OnTImer) in my program, but forgot to put it on the website.
MCGRADYV5 11-Mar-13 7:49am View
I did have download the sdk and set the include path.
MCGRADYV5 11-Mar-13 7:41am View
All the demo programs the author provided have some errors when I compile with vc6.0. I am wondering whether he use another anohter edition of Visual Studio.
MCGRADYV5 8-Mar-13 22:03pm View
But I can't find one on the Internet or Mircosoft's official website.
MCGRADYV5 8-Mar-13 21:43pm View
My question is that whether I can use a tool like MSDN when I program with WTL. Is that clear enough?
MCGRADYV5 8-Mar-13 21:27pm View
By the way, are you a experienced programmer or a student?
MCGRADYV5 8-Mar-13 21:25pm View
Thanks for your reply. You mean open source code doesn't always have a tool like MSDN or something like that? I am not very familiar with that kind of code.