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Comments by Debopam Pal (Top 37 by date)

Debopam Pal 2-Dec-13 23:53pm View
I'm extremely sorry...The link that I was posted somehow changed. Now Check. Is it OK?
Debopam Pal 2-Dec-13 9:55am View
I didn't told so...
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 12:50pm View
Well said:)
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 11:59am View
Listen, we're not here to fight with you. You can ask good questions, but I don't know why you're doing this stupid work??? Sorry, if I hurt you somehow, I don't want to...I hope you understand. Thank You.
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 11:53am View
If you understand then it is good. But if you misunderstand, it will finish you.
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 11:49am View
First you should know how to talk and how a question is? then you come & post your questions. Really you are disgusting person @
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 11:39am View
I think your a/c should be deleted from CodeProject as you misuse it since last 1 hour. It is disgusting...@
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 11:30am View
Are you taking interview? :)
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 11:29am View
Do not proceed with any topic without knowing it. And we're here to solve questions not to give lecture on a particular topic. I refer you to search about this topic in CodeProject's Article/Technical Blog/Tips/Tricks Section.
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 11:17am View
:) @ karthik mahalingam01
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 11:14am View
Are you taking interview? You should work with C#, as well as Delphi, then if you face any problem during working, post it here. We're here not to recommend, but to solve questioins. I hope you understand. Thank You.
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 11:09am View
Wrong...Not only help .NET Developers but others also as CodeProject is for all Developers. And one thing it should not be a reason to prefer C#.
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 9:55am View
Well said:-) @ Nelek
Debopam Pal 1-Dec-13 4:57am View
Why do you want to embed abode PDF forms in web application? Is HTML Form not enough to take input data from the user and store in the databse? Don't make a simple thing, complex unnecessary ...First you should know the purpose of PDF Forms.
Debopam Pal 30-Nov-13 19:30pm View
Ok...I understand. Thank You.
Debopam Pal 30-Nov-13 13:48pm View
In generic way, it should not be. Not only for this question.
Debopam Pal 30-Nov-13 13:05pm View
Its OK...Actually the beginners always want the source code associated with a particular Article, so that they can proceed with a ready mate example. So, they will face the problem in this situation. That's it. I hope you understand. Thank You.
Debopam Pal 30-Nov-13 9:17am View
Yes, it is not global rule, but when you refer something, then you should refer a resource which is fully valid, not partly valid.
Debopam Pal 30-Nov-13 9:15am View
I think you should go for the GridView...
Debopam Pal 30-Nov-13 6:41am View
Then he should delete the URL and refer for another URL where readers can download the associated zip file.
Debopam Pal 30-Nov-13 3:47am View
I think you should use GridView control for CRUD operation as it is better. Follow the link below to work with GridView.
Debopam Pal 30-Nov-13 3:10am View
Try this: Response.Redirect("../Hr/EmployeeRegistration.aspx?empid=" + empid, false);
Debopam Pal 30-Nov-13 3:03am View
Not clear...Try to write the question in simple way and proper english.
Debopam Pal 29-Nov-13 21:50pm View
You are very welcome:-)
Debopam Pal 29-Nov-13 15:18pm View
Now see. Is it OK?
Debopam Pal 29-Nov-13 13:35pm View
Try the following link, I think it will fulfill your requirement:
Debopam Pal 29-Nov-13 12:14pm View
What do you mean by another application?
Debopam Pal 29-Nov-13 11:23am View
See my answer below for this question...
Debopam Pal 28-Nov-13 4:56am View
Just create new worksheet and add it to the current workbook according to the Article I've already referred you.
Debopam Pal 28-Nov-13 2:52am View
Not clear...Write your question in simple way and in proper english. I really couldn't understand what you're trying to say after reading 5-6 minutes.
Debopam Pal 28-Nov-13 1:28am View
The related file to this link cannot download...Please do something.
Debopam Pal 28-Nov-13 1:22am View
I didn't understand your questions properly. Try to elaborate in simple way.
Debopam Pal 27-Nov-13 4:35am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Keep it updated always. Thanks for this.
Debopam Pal 19-Nov-13 19:03pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Nice
Debopam Pal 19-Nov-13 10:51am View
Please provide any links which is related to the answer of this question. Don't give hope that doesn't fulfill. Thank You:)
Debopam Pal 18-Nov-13 21:47pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n :)
Debopam Pal 18-Nov-13 21:32pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Nice...