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AndrewCharlz 5-Jan-16 23:41pm View
well said peter
AndrewCharlz 5-Jan-16 3:59am View
i have discussed the solution there
AndrewCharlz 2-Sep-15 1:13am View
adding dynamic columns is not going to be a big task but thats not good idea.

Alter table to add columns provided the user has got enough permission to do it...
AndrewCharlz 31-Aug-15 23:30pm View
exactly Mr.Philippe
AndrewCharlz 31-Aug-15 7:30am View
y dont u go for sql server Express instead, Install sql server in a system and then connect all the available pc via tcp/ip now you can connect to this DB from all the other system's. this allows N no of app to be connected to a server.
AndrewCharlz 31-Aug-15 7:21am View
did u try using JSON or XML?
AndrewCharlz 24-Feb-15 6:28am View
\n in the text adds new line
AndrewCharlz 24-Feb-15 6:26am View
try the above
AndrewCharlz 24-Feb-15 6:25am View
SELECT COUNT(1) YTD, mvmt.override_payee_id PAYEEID
FROM dbo.movement mvmt
left outer JOIN dbo.stop stp ON
WHERE stp.movement_id is not null and STP.city_name ='CHICAGO'
GROUP BY mvmt.override_payee_id
AndrewCharlz 28-Nov-14 2:17am View
use query string to transfer data from one page to another when user clicks on the link
AndrewCharlz 28-Nov-14 2:15am View
is it you want to populate the drop down using data from first page
AndrewCharlz 31-Oct-14 6:47am View
AndrewCharlz 16-Oct-14 5:24am View
did u mean how to save it or u wanted to save it as doc
AndrewCharlz 16-Oct-14 2:10am View
dock it to the form and then print the form using form print
AndrewCharlz 14-Oct-14 0:20am View
Never make ur Db huge save the path in the db, Save it in a physical location and save its path in db.
AndrewCharlz 10-Oct-14 8:14am View
yu can have only one ajax manager in a page
i.e, if u keep it in ur master page you cannot have one in child page what is that error u get
AndrewCharlz 9-Oct-14 0:41am View
yeah u can do that this will allow you to open the popup first give a try
AndrewCharlz 8-Oct-14 6:53am View
u can do that but show us some of ur code
AndrewCharlz 8-Oct-14 6:51am View
Create a Div with all things inside and use Ajaxmodalpopup extender to show as popup
AndrewCharlz 3-Oct-14 8:15am View
its enf only if we change the location of the object

in timer evnt

picturebox1.Location = new Point(40, 40);

use some validation to make it move like marquee....
AndrewCharlz 3-Oct-14 8:12am View
instead of localhost use the system ip address
AndrewCharlz 3-Oct-14 2:29am View
yeah because you have some error in ur connection string and what query editor do u use to test ur query like sqlyog or workbench etc
AndrewCharlz 3-Oct-14 2:01am View
did u try to execute that query manually
AndrewCharlz 3-Oct-14 1:49am View
It clearly says that the password or username what u gave was wrong.
AndrewCharlz 1-Oct-14 7:34am View
did u get any err
AndrewCharlz 1-Oct-14 5:46am View
was it a video
or any other document
AndrewCharlz 1-Oct-14 2:44am View
what is ur requirement or task
AndrewCharlz 1-Oct-14 1:06am View
did that work
AndrewCharlz 30-Sep-14 7:15am View
have a look into this things to know before starting a project
AndrewCharlz 30-Sep-14 6:36am View
in the below it shows how to insert a excell into database may be this will be useful ..
AndrewCharlz 30-Sep-14 2:41am View
always use your own controls that will help you , telerik won be useful every where
AndrewCharlz 29-Sep-14 7:26am View
not the list box use combobox
AndrewCharlz 29-Sep-14 5:56am View
u can add filter template and you can use any control and we have radcombobox and enbale checked property
AndrewCharlz 26-Sep-14 1:18am View
is t asp dropdownlist
AndrewCharlz 26-Sep-14 0:56am View
yeah it supports html in the solution box
AndrewCharlz 26-Sep-14 0:56am View
test image posting
<img src="" alt="test" style=" width:100px; height:100px;" />
AndrewCharlz 26-Sep-14 0:55am View
iam not sure but i think u can use html in this
AndrewCharlz 26-Sep-14 0:49am View
this is how u use
AndrewCharlz 26-Sep-14 0:49am View
$( "#ddl1id" ).change(function() {
AndrewCharlz 26-Sep-14 0:48am View
yeah man you have a jquery even dropdownlist change even
in that use this to click the second dropdownlist
AndrewCharlz 26-Sep-14 0:42am View
use javascript to open $("#dropdown2).click();
thats all
AndrewCharlz 26-Sep-14 0:41am View
y do u stop your timer
AndrewCharlz 22-Sep-14 0:26am View
did u get any error
AndrewCharlz 21-Sep-14 23:58pm View
You will find it in this discussion

You will find it in this discussion Click this link
AndrewCharlz 21-Sep-14 6:52am View
just use a timer to refresh
AndrewCharlz 10-Sep-14 1:17am View
Just Click No thats all...
AndrewCharlz 25-Aug-14 2:23am View
try using video tag to play video its easier than this
AndrewCharlz 31-Jul-14 5:51am View
its so simple just get the image from the db and convert the image into ico and then load the icon as this.icon = //from the image;
AndrewCharlz 30-Jul-14 3:51am View
it is known url routing.. ull find more abt this here
AndrewCharlz 30-Jul-14 2:31am View
is it like u want to place a textbox on the page and redirect accordingly ????????????
AndrewCharlz 30-Jul-14 2:30am View
place the popup div outside the table and create a button with style display = none and make it the target control and from codebehind on the datalist use; i think this will work
AndrewCharlz 30-Jul-14 2:27am View
you can use the existing grid but the only thing is when u use a grid in mobile display that won look good just build a dynamic table of ur own show the op exactly like one column each row has all the data as a list and set the width as 100% which will get adjusted in all the screen.
AndrewCharlz 30-Jul-14 2:16am View
do u want to make home.aspx as default page????
AndrewCharlz 9-Jun-14 3:14am View
on every server request it automatically disappears so u can use at the end of the request......
AndrewCharlz 15-Apr-14 8:29am View
JUST Give a try john
AndrewCharlz 15-Apr-14 8:28am View
AndrewCharlz 14-Apr-14 1:42am View
if there is a postback ajaxtoolkit modalpoup will close instead if u want to show it again just
AndrewCharlz 11-Apr-14 6:27am View
hi i knw this works but the thing is my Application variable will be changing every second maybe from other session so its not refreshing but works well when a postback is created

that is why ive mentioned latest application variable
AndrewCharlz 11-Apr-14 4:04am View
Try this way
select sum(case when a.col = 'something' then 1 else 0 end ) as test from tbl
AndrewCharlz 11-Apr-14 2:33am View
ultimately if u have two tables with same columns then what ull have to do is
select * into #temptbl(
select * from tbl..................
once u create a table
all ull have to do is insert from second table
insert into #temptbl
select * from tbl_2
AndrewCharlz 9-Apr-14 4:24am View
u can use it in both web and winform
AndrewCharlz 9-Apr-14 4:24am View
sqlbulk is inbuilt in dotnet please check that how to use it in ur application
AndrewCharlz 8-Apr-14 8:19am View
use bulk insert this would be the best idea to do this kind of operation
AndrewCharlz 8-Apr-14 8:18am View
it tells u that a int column has some value test Maths this is why u get this error
AndrewCharlz 5-Apr-14 5:44am View
AndrewCharlz 5-Apr-14 4:55am View
select VoucherID, Sum(Amount) from ( select Distinct s.VoucherID, d.Amount from dbo.VoucherDetail s left outer join dbo.VoucherEntry d on d.ID=s.VoucherID where s.ReceivedToUsersID=@ExecutiveID and d.TranDate BETWEEN @FromDate AND @ToDate ) as TotalReceiptAmount
group by VoucherID
AndrewCharlz 3-Apr-14 6:54am View
its just because

voucher id and sum(amount) belong to ReciptAmount
AndrewCharlz 3-Apr-14 6:54am View
now this should work
AndrewCharlz 3-Apr-14 6:53am View
select VoucherID, Sum( Amount) from ( select Distinct s.VoucherID, s.Amount from dbo.VoucherDetail s left outer join dbo.VoucherEntry d on d.ID=s.VoucherID where s.ReceivedToUsersID=@ExecutiveID and d.TranDate BETWEEN @FromDate AND @ToDate ) as ReciptAmount
AndrewCharlz 3-Apr-14 6:23am View
without alias query wont work y did u remove that xx
AndrewCharlz 3-Apr-14 5:03am View
u can use any alias for that sub query without that ull get error
AndrewCharlz 3-Apr-14 3:51am View
select s.VoucherID, Sum(s.Amount) from (
select Distinct s.VoucherID, s.Amount from dbo.VoucherDetail s
left outer join dbo.VoucherEntry d on d.ID=s.VoucherID
where s.ReceivedToUsersID=@ExecutiveID
and d.TranDate BETWEEN @FromDate AND @ToDate ) xx
AndrewCharlz 3-Apr-14 3:46am View
i dont think u can stop only one app
AndrewCharlz 3-Apr-14 2:54am View
where ur calling this function
AndrewCharlz 3-Apr-14 2:52am View
Right click the website and try stopping or starting or restarting
AndrewCharlz 3-Apr-14 2:50am View
what version of IIS ur using
AndrewCharlz 3-Apr-14 2:36am View
please show us the output of ur query so that we can give some solution
AndrewCharlz 26-Mar-14 23:50pm View
so u want to access ur mysql db from remote system am i rite?
AndrewCharlz 24-Mar-14 23:47pm View
then ull have to convert the video if u would like to use it or else u can use flash video player in ur site
AndrewCharlz 19-Mar-14 6:55am View
C# is case sensitive check that, it should work
AndrewCharlz 18-Mar-14 7:54am View
just use a loop and update it ..

is it winform or web app??
AndrewCharlz 18-Mar-14 7:48am View
do u use ajax control toolkit
AndrewCharlz 18-Mar-14 7:42am View
yeah sure, its possible to create a ws to load data into a memory and later you can use that data using any application..

suppose if u would like to refresh that data for every 5 sec all ull have to do is call that web service for every 5 sec . is that clear
so u want a webservice to load data into ur common memory am i right
AndrewCharlz 18-Mar-14 7:36am View
its working fine in mine
AndrewCharlz 18-Mar-14 3:35am View
oh did u start with the project
AndrewCharlz 18-Mar-14 3:00am View
what kind of hardware u wanted to use
AndrewCharlz 18-Mar-14 2:43am View
The Atm card holds the account number thats its when u insert the card the hardware inside the machine reads the card and finds the number and then later you can query to find weather password match for that acc num this is how authentication works.
AndrewCharlz 17-Mar-14 23:42pm View
do u want to get the query string and pass it as parameter????????????????????
AndrewCharlz 17-Mar-14 3:47am View
add columns dynamically
DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn a = new DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn();
AndrewCharlz 17-Mar-14 3:41am View
please check the process from the task manager wther it is running or not
AndrewCharlz 17-Mar-14 1:18am View
did u check with other browser or the latest one
AndrewCharlz 17-Mar-14 0:39am View
AndrewCharlz 16-Mar-14 2:16am View
what query is that
AndrewCharlz 14-Mar-14 4:00am View
deploy that software online and send that link to all users for them to update and make it updatable so that in future u can post some updates
AndrewCharlz 14-Mar-14 3:58am View
using the particular ID
AndrewCharlz 14-Mar-14 3:13am View
the out put will be ".5"
AndrewCharlz 14-Mar-14 2:14am View
make ur platform target to anycpu.
AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 23:52pm View
just save ur image in a physical path once data is saved get that path and rebind the image button ur done with it :)
AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 23:49pm View
sqlclient is a good one
AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 23:48pm View
_query = _query.where(a => a.contains(str))
AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 23:46pm View
Brother you can find the location using IP address (external IP) and using that ip u can find the time zone. mostly u wont get the accurate location but that will point your client to its home country, mostly.
by the way obtaining the time zone via ip is quite easy task .
there are lot of web service for this purpose find one for you which suits and is efficient i terms of speed.
AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 13:29pm View
how do u connect ur remote server is it using the ip
AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 8:21am View

try this i have not tried yet
AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 8:19am View
AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 7:16am View
AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 6:53am View
if it is standalone pc then only one user can login at a time if it is a server then no of users can login at a time.
all you need is to allow remote access in ur windows system and then allow incoming connection .
i believe licence for that OS is enough and RD is a build in feature.
AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 6:49am View
Double check the name of that table may be a typo error
AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 6:49am View
disable the header
AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 6:08am View
hey bro !!!!!!read it clearly what i have said
AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 5:36am View
why do you want to convert a grid to button instead use button control. very simple.
AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 5:34am View
once a wise man said, always find the reason for your problem and ultimately ur problem will be solved.
AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 3:47am View
Dude Deleting a database is not a good idea but if you wish to do then
drop database db_name -- deleting a database
drop table tbl_name -- deleting a table
So simple.

AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 3:45am View
substring cuts the required part of a string
ex u have a string 123.15 and u want only 5 then what ull hav to do is
select substring('123.15', 5, 7)
where 5 is the start point and 7 is endpoint is that clear for you
now our value is (213.007)
we need to get 007 from that so what we are going to do is
select substring('213.007', 5, 7)
we are stariting at 5 and ending at 7 this is how substring works. got it.
let me knw if der r any other queries

AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 2:12am View
how output should be? i cannot get yu
AndrewCharlz 13-Mar-14 1:46am View
what is that u want can tell it precisely?
its quite confusing
AndrewCharlz 12-Mar-14 23:34pm View this comes out for free with restrictions and if you want to create ur own Ajax controls hav a look at
AndrewCharlz 12-Mar-14 22:30pm View
U can use telerik or Obout suite etc there are many Ui controls like this using this u can almost make like winform control but with few restrictions. if u want u can give a try Telerik ajax controls. or even u can create ur own control using ajax.
AndrewCharlz 12-Mar-14 8:28am View
use javascript for your task that will be good in this case
google how to hide and show a div using jquery or js
AndrewCharlz 12-Mar-14 7:17am View
see prasanna when u redirect a page all the changes uve made will be changed and restored defaultt. that is why after redirect all the objects are visible.
can you describe the scenario why u need to do this kinda task.
AndrewCharlz 12-Mar-14 7:11am View
where did u save ur documents either in sql db or in Physical folder.
AndrewCharlz 12-Mar-14 4:21am View
finally will always be executed but in this case once page is redirected it wont go into finally
AndrewCharlz 12-Mar-14 2:04am View
in ur sql query cast all columns to varchar eg: convert(varchar, colname) as 'Colname'
AndrewCharlz 12-Mar-14 0:07am View
in sql we do this like this order by name asc , Unitid desc

in linq try this .Orderby(c => c.Name).ThenBy(n => n.unitID)
AndrewCharlz 11-Mar-14 23:23pm View
please check the column datatype
AndrewCharlz 11-Mar-14 6:43am View
please give me sample data ill have a look into that
AndrewCharlz 11-Mar-14 5:25am View
when u create a list join two column into one and this way u can do
AndrewCharlz 11-Mar-14 2:03am View
its very simple u can just save the rtf in DB and then u can save the data desired..

when u ask question just elobrate ur question so everyone will understand
AndrewCharlz 10-Mar-14 12:58pm View
its me only try and let me know
AndrewCharlz 10-Mar-14 7:55am View