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Comments by Rinshad Hameed (Top 13 by date)

Rinshad Hameed 4-Nov-13 2:25am View
I am not following MVC architecture. The project is in pure using forms. is it compatible?
Rinshad Hameed 23-Aug-13 0:43am View
Yes . This is a exact solution..Thank you so much for the support..
Rinshad Hameed 26-Jun-13 7:41am View
Its only an adjustment to show footer. Otherwise there will be no grid displayed
Rinshad Hameed 26-Jun-13 7:37am View
I have a footer row for this grid which is used to add data. And there is a button to show footer . even if the grid is empty the footer should be displayed there is no way other than this to achieve that as per my knowledge. please suggest some other methods if you know.
Rinshad Hameed 25-Jun-13 8:48am View
i have tried but. I am not able to get such a pattern . please help me
Rinshad Hameed 17-Jun-13 4:31am View
Its a good solution but this is not what i need. I can't change the stored procedure. Above solution says that nothing i can do in the codebehind.
Rinshad Hameed 17-Jun-13 4:29am View
you have to give @Name after "Else" intead of Name right?
Rinshad Hameed 17-Jun-13 4:10am View
are you sure?
Rinshad Hameed 17-Jun-13 3:16am View
@_Amy I can't change the SP is there anyway ? i mean which i can do from the codebehind?
Rinshad Hameed 13-Jun-13 1:06am View
Wow great.. Its really working . u made my day..
Rinshad Hameed 4-Jun-13 0:45am View
Let me try. Thanks for your concern..
Rinshad Hameed 3-Jun-13 8:52am View
As I am new to jquery Please suggest me some more detailed example that i can use in my project. Thanks in advance
Rinshad Hameed 3-Jun-13 8:29am View
Put some content in your accordion panes..