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I have got my answer without contact with PayPal. Thanks to all of you for helping me and quick response. 1-Aug-13 9:20am View    
I had post it on Paypal community, but still now I haven't got any answer from them 1-Aug-13 8:52am View    
Thanks for reply. But those are paypal integration for credit transaction. But need integration of Direct debit. Direct debit means PayPal automatically debit amount from customer bank account. For that operation I(Client Of PayPal) have to give a list of my customer, on whom direct debit will be charged. After provide all the information and date of operation, PayPal will go to their account according to my provided information, and will debit given amount from their account. Basically this the function of Direct Debit. I know that PayPal is king of Credit transaction but I need information about Direct Debit. 29-Mar-13 9:03am View    
Thanks for your reply. But here I can use only datareader. I can't use disconnect method