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dnxit 15-Sep-20 8:59am View
You can use a Grid Layout and keep width and Height as * so it'll make it flexible and adjustable to screen size, you can see an example on the following link
dnxit 13-Sep-20 0:51am View
What are you trying to do here with that Socket ?
Cookie.Value is string and you're assigning Socket to string ?
dnxit 10-Sep-20 2:35am View
Why are you including Jquery related js files in your view ? same is added in your layout as well.
May be that's the problem
dnxit 11-Jun-20 3:40am View
Setup files can be created for Windows desktop applications e.g. (winforms, wpf, uwp etc) web applications are deployed in IIS. web applications usually work from server so multiple clients can access it through browsers.
dnxit 25-Mar-20 4:01am View
You can give this one a try
dnxit 16-Mar-20 4:51am View
My pleasure :)
dnxit 16-Mar-20 2:27am View
Usually we show Foreign key values in a drop down
model.VehicleTypeId will give you the value selected by end user that you can store as a foreign key.
dnxit 8-Mar-20 7:49am View
Session variable with a key for identification can be used like this

protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
//textbox value is stored in Session
Session["UserName"] = tbUserName.Text;

protected void WebForm2_Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
//Session value is assign on the text box
if (Session["UserName"] != null)
tbUserName.Text = Session["UserName"].ToString();

Read this article for details
dnxit 24-Dec-19 1:13am View
Check this sample
dnxit 23-Dec-19 0:55am View
you can use some cdn to include e.g.
dnxit 23-Dec-19 0:49am View
Not using Site Map but menu is coming from the database, check this article
dnxit 16-Dec-19 1:48am View
Dynamic objects will be processed on the server while generating response. So your webrequest will see all static html with parsed data and other static files like css, js etc.
dnxit 16-Dec-19 1:44am View

Check this article.
dnxit 21-Oct-19 2:56am View
Yeah you can change the where clause, I gave you an idea. Something like this

promotionproduct = promotionproduct.Where(x => x.qty == 3 || x.qty < x.max).ToList();
dnxit 2-Oct-19 15:06pm View
to keep multiple double quotes like width=""628"" height=""374"", which will result width="628" height="374" after rendering.
dnxit 2-Oct-19 14:49pm View
I'm happy to help
dnxit 1-Oct-19 9:29am View
above code is purely C# just one Panel I've used to add that literal control.
dnxit 25-Sep-19 8:44am View
you're welcome, good to know your problem got a solution :)
dnxit 23-Sep-19 6:36am View
you need to create an object and call like

PostcodeAnywhereBusinessLogic xyz = new PostcodeAnywhereBusinessLogic();
xyz.ValidateBank(sortCode, accountNum);
dnxit 19-Sep-19 3:51am View
You can add web api controllers in same mvc application, check this link if you go with this approach
dnxit 12-Sep-19 7:21am View
Hi Simon, try this article for json web token with owin
dnxit 12-Sep-19 1:52am View
SelectionChangeCommitted was available in windows forms it's not available in wpf, if you want to customize Selected Item Change, you can check this article for custom event
dnxit 4-Sep-19 2:11am View
It's better to log the full Exception object to see for stack trace and other details but if you just want the message try ex.GetBaseException().Message;
dnxit 29-Aug-19 6:13am View
basically it uses Dynamic Data Entity templates and Field templates, for more details see
dnxit 29-Aug-19 6:04am View
then make sure you're logged in with WIN10 user :)
dnxit 29-Aug-19 5:57am View
yeah then you can
Process.Start("C:\\Users\\WIN10\\AppData\\Local\\App folder\\spp folder\\app.exe");

try to run your app which is trying to open this app.exe as Administrator there might be permissions issue
dnxit 28-Aug-19 7:30am View
That I suggested in the very first response

I guess your compiled version dlls are not updated in the deployed location.......

but anyways I'm glad your issue is resolved.
dnxit 28-Aug-19 6:01am View
There should be one like basically it wires up your aspx with your code behind and that's how events also wires up.

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="True" CodeBehind="ReportWebForm.aspx.cs" Inherits="Report.ReportWebForm" %>
dnxit 28-Aug-19 5:21am View
Read these two links as well.
dnxit 28-Aug-19 5:19am View
Also check if you've set Code behind page directive in your aspx page correctly?

<%@ Page ... Language="C#" CodeBehind="??? .aspx.cs" Inherits="..." .../>
dnxit 28-Aug-19 5:15am View
One more thing can you try to make
protected void TextBoxCustomerNo_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
public void TextBoxCustomerNo_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
dnxit 28-Aug-19 4:06am View
Host your application on your local IIS on your machine then start the IIS manager then click on Refresh button on Attach to Process dialog.

Here is an article if you don't know how to host in local IIS
dnxit 28-Aug-19 4:00am View
Well in that case you can use the same Client Click to do the post back for you check this article
dnxit 15-Aug-19 8:18am View
You can use HttpWebRequest or Web Client for Posting.... like below

public void Call()
var client = new WebClient();
//var credentials = Convert.ToBase64String(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(userName + ":" + passWord));
//client.Headers[HttpRequestHeader.Authorization] = $"Basic {credentials}";
var encodedJson = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(/*jSonData*/);

var response = client.UploadString($"{apiurl}", encodedJson);
var response1 = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<string>(response);
catch (Exception ex)
throw ex;