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Comments by vanita khatnani (Top 13 by date)

vanita khatnani 20-Mar-14 0:33am View
vanita khatnani 18-Dec-13 4:22am View
please ellaborate your query or doubt properly.. cant get you properly.
vanita khatnani 11-Dec-13 22:16pm View
you can pause the workflow for 2 days by workflow action "pause till day or pause uptill" in sharepoint designer 2010. after the action pause, write the action for email notification.. hope this works for you.. :) :)
vanita khatnani 28-Nov-13 22:41pm View
thanks for sharing here the additional knowledge and tip which you gained from SrinivasSP2010's solution. I will surely implement this in my sharepoint projects. thanks to both of you :) :)
vanita khatnani 21-Nov-13 22:45pm View
I am also having few links for Sharepoint Designers 2010 tutorial... if you need then I can post it here... if you want...
vanita khatnani 24-Oct-13 7:59am View
the other way is tht you can populate the people picker using workflow also.. according to the value selected in dropdown.
hope this work for you...
vanita khatnani 23-Oct-13 23:28pm View
ANY ERROR OCCURED???? may be there is problem in connection... and set only accountid, display name and account type will be populated according them only.
vanita khatnani 23-Oct-13 23:25pm View
Any error occured????? may there will be some problem in connection.. and set only Account Id of People picker. the display name and account type will be populated according to account Id only.
vanita khatnani 18-Oct-13 2:00am View
your question is not clear... exactly tell us what you really want to achieve.
vanita khatnani 26-Aug-13 4:38am View
Please ellborate your problem properly and clearly.... what do you want to achieve and what do you have tried???? and whts the output or error of execution????
vanita khatnani 5-Jun-13 0:12am View
thanks for the reply... will try this solution....
vanita khatnani 4-May-13 1:58am View
vanita khatnani 4-Apr-13 6:13am View
hey m also new in sharepoint... actually recently started working for a sharepoint based portal... but my question is should i continue sharepoint and if yes,, then either as a sharepoint developer or sharepoint admin????????...