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rajacsharp5 4-Feb-14 10:48am View
Thanks P O Hanlon.
rajacsharp5 3-Feb-14 7:01am View
we can develop hadoop using .net, check msdn using hadoop with .net, there are some example.s
we do using either java, or .net for hadoop its cloudcomputing framework.
rajacsharp5 9-Jan-14 8:02am View
Install-Package Ext.Direct.Mvc3
use this to install for mvc 3
rajacsharp5 6-Jan-14 11:18am View
Then we have 2 context available?
rajacsharp5 31-Dec-13 7:43am View
that means every time db schema chages, we have to delete existes contexts and poco clases.? and re generate?

thanks for revert.
rajacsharp5 26-Dec-13 2:35am View
public void GetData(){
Console.Write("some text");
You can extend an interface to add new methods or members. In the new interface definition, use the colon operator followed by the name of the original interface. This is very similar to derivation in classes.
The extended interface subsumes the original interface, so any class that implements the extended interface must also implement the original interface as well.
rajacsharp5 17-Dec-13 10:20am View
thanks for reply pankaj, this definition iam very much aware, please understand ,im looking for the reason behind.
rajacsharp5 17-Dec-13 10:11am View
i got you,
i just got thought so searching when iam free.
till now i just telling people using sealed method we can use.
after practising sample example i came to know this.

thans for your responce.
rajacsharp5 16-Dec-13 8:01am View
your telling ,subclass which inherits IInterface23 and do implementation ?
rajacsharp5 10-Dec-13 6:06am View
thanks for revert.
got it.
the thing is im looking weather an anternate is available.
rajacsharp5 10-Dec-13 6:03am View
that ok,
want to know using the other way.
thanks for reverting.interface IFunClass {
void Fun();

class A : IFunClass {
public void IFunClass.Fun() {
Console.Write("Class A!");

class B : IFunClass {
public B(IFunClass f) {
this.m_SomethingFun = f;

public void IFunClass.Fun() {


Console.Write("Class B!");

private IFunClass m_SomethingFun;

A a = new A();
B b = new B(a);;
that is the source we can do
rajacsharp5 10-Dec-13 4:40am View
Ok, got it,

Thans CPallini
rajacsharp5 10-Dec-13 4:35am View
Thanks for reply,subbuksr123.
this i had done im looking for another way.
rajacsharp5 9-Dec-13 7:41am View
CPallini cleard doubt.
iam just asking why the follwing 2 syntaks accepting in c#.
public static List getproduct(){}
static public List getproducts(){}
for this entire code not required.
rajacsharp5 9-Dec-13 2:07am View
thank you
rajacsharp5 6-Dec-13 10:13am View
rajacsharp5 6-Dec-13 10:12am View
Hi thans for your revert.
rajacsharp5 6-Dec-13 9:18am View
what error you were getting,post the error pls.
rajacsharp5 5-Dec-13 2:43am View
thans for revert.i restated it was added later.
current doubt is
1. added one table and stored proce.
2.addcodegeneration item. this also fine.
3.if i added any table or sp again i do need code generation?.
if then 2 ( were creating.
shall we avoid this step. pls help me in this.
rajacsharp5 2-Dec-13 4:47am View
abhishekraj,thanks for your revert.
i was created a controller named"test" has action test1.
but if i was called 'localhost/test/test1 i was invoked.
how this action is invoked.this was not registered in routes method.
rajacsharp5 26-Nov-13 10:07am View
thanks for your response
rajacsharp5 11-Oct-13 9:08am View
hey you just go the msdn stuart given about mvc grid.
rajacsharp5 8-Oct-13 11:38am View
Thanks prasad ,for your reply.
i just found 'The Markup' . but it takes more time to learn and become expert.
actually i just got inspired by reading the trirand and some other blogs to do that .