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Comments by goswami.tarun (Top 13 by date)

goswami.tarun 27-Sep-17 9:19am View    
Okay... Thank You.
goswami.tarun 27-Sep-17 9:18am View    
I am too not looking the client side solution as it is not possible, I have all the validation on server.
I want to know how can i restrict executable files through server side validation.
goswami.tarun 27-Sep-17 8:38am View    
These are the types I have to support :
".doc",".docx",".rtf",".txt",".cpy" , ".dot", ".dotx", ".dotm",".wpd",".xls",".xlsx",".csv",".xlk",".xltm", ".xltx",".xlsb",".xlsm",".xlt",".ods",".ppt",".pptx",".ppsx" ,".pptm",".potx"
goswami.tarun 27-Sep-17 8:23am View    
Hi Dave,I need to allow only document upload.
goswami.tarun 27-Sep-17 7:35am View    
Thanks... Is there any way to block .bat files? .msi file content have same sequence as .ppt or .doc file has, so how can we differentiate them?