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m.r.m.40 8-Jul-20 9:30am View
Yes. Thats the answer.
Thank you.
m.r.m.40 8-Jul-20 9:29am View
:D :D
OK! I got it.
m.r.m.40 8-Jul-20 9:28am View
You're right. Thank you. :)
Was the last line necessary? :D
m.r.m.40 5-Jul-18 6:54am View
Thank you very much, It worked.
m.r.m.40 26-Oct-17 4:34am View
I've done it and yet I'm still trying to get some.
in the meantime the tools that I'm using such as visual studio architecture tools they really cost performance and my computer cannot handle this tools, I was asking if someone has experience using a suitable tool for such problem to use their ideas and their help.
m.r.m.40 8-Jan-17 9:50am View
every row exists according to a registration document. so they have the GUID of the document. And every document (any row of the TDocument table) has many rows in the table TInfo, It is possible that the operator of the software application (not the DBAdmin or DB Operator) try to update or delete information of a document this scenario is developed by executing the SP which deletes all info's of a document so I know that every time the SP is executed only the rows of a unique GUID will be deleted. (I don't know If I could explain the situation or not.)
Again, thanks for your help.
m.r.m.40 8-Jan-17 1:39am View
As there are rows with the same GUID due to their registration document I changed to lines that fill the variables of the triggers, in this way:

set @tempF_Cod =(SELECT TOP 1 F_Cod FROM DELETED)

It seems that the problem got solved as it is working properly so far.
m.r.m.40 8-Jan-17 1:08am View
There are rows with the same GUID. could it be the cause of the problem?
m.r.m.40 7-Jan-17 12:08pm View
Thank you so much for your perfect explanation.
Unfortunately Deleted.Guid did not work.
m.r.m.40 5-Oct-16 6:39am View
I don't know about what you said, but it is possible to take the ip of the user.
m.r.m.40 5-Sep-16 2:13am View
it reads the line,
foreach (var menuRow in currentSubSystemMenus)
for the first time, after reading it and trying to check again it holds on "in" word in the foreach condition. and gives me the error, I cannot see what the problem is.
m.r.m.40 17-Aug-16 0:36am View
m.r.m.40 15-Aug-16 1:12am View
Yes, it worked,

What a mistake.
m.r.m.40 13-Aug-16 1:24am View
Thanks, but it's not working.
m.r.m.40 27-Jul-16 4:53am View
I got it,

So now I just stepped into a worst problem, I'll Upload my next question If I couldn't solve this problem.

m.r.m.40 27-Jul-16 3:34am View
I updated the question, the addition 2 is posted in response to you.
m.r.m.40 27-Jul-16 3:33am View
I updated the question, read addition two please.
m.r.m.40 27-Jul-16 3:24am View
No, I need something like "C:\application\Accounting\Form1".
m.r.m.40 25-Jul-16 15:31pm View
Of course I'm learning and beside it I'm solving some problem which I've already been stuck in. However you can read my last 5 question that are asked in the same context.

Thank you for helping me.
m.r.m.40 25-Jul-16 15:17pm View
Thanks for this good explanation.
I read it hours after I could fix my problem. but I'll keep it in mind and try to use it in the same context which I'm already stuck in.
m.r.m.40 25-Jul-16 6:19am View
Hi Ralf,

I fixed it using the function below

Protected Overrides Sub InitLayout()

inside this function I put the first code that you gave me, and it fixed my problem. do you think I should post it as an answer?
Finaly now that the problem is solved, do you think I should link all my questions that are asked about the same context by putting a comment under each of them?

Thank you for all the support that you gave me.
m.r.m.40 24-Jul-16 3:41am View
It works the same on forms but not on usercontrols.
How about adding a special functionality to my baseusercontrol which help my usercontrols work.
m.r.m.40 23-Jul-16 7:18am View
The problem is not form's, you fixed that problem with your first answer, the problem is with the buttoms placed on usercontrols. I cannot find a way to give them the functionality that i want.
m.r.m.40 23-Jul-16 5:38am View
Thank you so uch. but where do I place this code to override the function of there must be a class or something like partial classes.
m.r.m.40 23-Jul-16 3:23am View
I'm thinking about overriding the onload function of the, and inside it, put the code above which you gave me. so each time a form loads, it will add the handler to the buttons inside it. you agree with it?
m.r.m.40 23-Jul-16 2:02am View
Yes I saw it, thanks.
First I must thank you for helping me and spending time for this problem, unfortunately it was our weekend, I start working on it from today till the next five days, I'll Update the state's by replying your comments,
Thanks a lot.
m.r.m.40 19-Jul-16 4:47am View
I think you missed this line of comment,
' remove Handler from each Button when Form is left (becomes unvisible)
m.r.m.40 19-Jul-16 3:16am View
I'm still working on it,
It's a form inherited from base form named 'MainForm', Inside it there's a panel named 'Panel1', the usercontrols open inside the panel. and the code which you gave me does not work on this form and the usercontrols which open inside it, However that work properly of the forms of an other project as a test prject.
m.r.m.40 19-Jul-16 1:09am View
Something came into my mind,

These lines of code:

If Me.Visible Then
CheckControlCollection(Me, Me.Visible)
CheckControlCollection(Me, Me.Visible)
End If

do not need 'if' and 'else' statement. the single line
CheckControlCollection(Me, Me.Visible)
will work as well.
m.r.m.40 18-Jul-16 3:51am View
Yes, this new code and the previous one both work as well,
the problem I have now is how to have this module working on my usercontrols.

m.r.m.40 18-Jul-16 2:13am View
This code works good on Forms but for using it n usercontrols it doesn't work. bucause of the difference between Forms and UserControls. So it counts as good answer.
m.r.m.40 18-Jul-16 2:10am View
Thank you, but no, it's not working on usercontrols.
m.r.m.40 17-Jul-16 1:30am View
I'm sorry It worked properly,
I tested it and implemented it on my forms.
About the other question, I'll make more explanation under that.

m.r.m.40 16-Jul-16 7:04am View
I don't know how to contact him.
I just found out what the problem is. I'll just post it here.
m.r.m.40 16-Jul-16 6:16am View
The codes above are given to me by a professional member 'Ralf Meier'.
m.r.m.40 16-Jul-16 4:05am View
I'm sorry,
Let's say it's an application with 10 forms and 10 usercontrols.
I could make all forms to inherit from a base class and include the functionality I want, but the usercontrols cannot have that functionality inside themselves, I'll post this problem as a new question and link it here, because it's going to be a different question.
m.r.m.40 16-Jul-16 3:48am View
Yes it worked.
Now the only question that remains is how to do that using usercontrols?
m.r.m.40 16-Jul-16 2:34am View
Well, the code that you gave me here works fine.
now it lead me to another question which it seems that will be my last question.
also in the same time I'm also searching for its solution.
How can I implement a function to all of my forms?
m.r.m.40 16-Jul-16 1:42am View
Yes it's an WinForm application. sorry I answered you very late.
m.r.m.40 12-Jul-16 13:51pm View
Alright, first I have to thank you all for helping me and giving me good idea's.

now I'm going to inherit all of this classes from a base class and there I put the function I want, but there is something I don't know,

How can I make 200 classes that are already made to inherit from my base class?
m.r.m.40 12-Jul-16 13:49pm View
Thank you, I'll add a comment in reply to all other comments including yours because some other comments mentioned the same thing.
m.r.m.40 12-Jul-16 13:48pm View
Well that's a tough thing to me. I don't think I can do that, or maybe i didn't get your point clearly.
m.r.m.40 12-Jul-16 13:46pm View
I know I shouldn't have done that, but the first problem is that when I first asked this question they banned it,
The second problem is that this question could be divided in two different questions because each of them have a different domain of programming, here I'm asking about the approach and method of doing a job, there I'm talking in a technological level of programming.
And the classes and buttons number are very close to their real number, it's and enterprise application with about 20 subsystem such as procurement, accounting, banking and ... . Now the application final stakeholders decided to save log of every activity that has occurred and every buttons that's pressed.

Have I been clear enough to you or shall I explain more?

Thank you for assisting and helping me.
m.r.m.40 12-Jul-16 6:59am View
See if you can open or read the following question link:

Thank you very much for helping.
m.r.m.40 12-Jul-16 6:28am View
Thank you.
m.r.m.40 12-Jul-16 6:28am View
Thank you.
m.r.m.40 12-Jul-16 6:23am View
I'm asking for ideas here,
The picture is as follows,
Lets say I have a software system already developed including 20 subsystems totally includes 1000 different functionality(the 1000 buttoms). now i'm going to keep track of the user while working with this software system.
m.r.m.40 12-Jul-16 6:19am View
Well, It's a great idea,
The following line of code helped me,

MessageBox.Show(Me.Name.ToString() + " >>> " + Me.ActiveControl.Name.ToString())

Now I'm having another problem, how to dynamicly add this line of code to all click events of all controllers.
m.r.m.40 12-Jul-16 3:47am View
I think I got your point.
Can you give me more information.
m.r.m.40 12-Jul-16 3:46am View
I'm using VB.
My own idea is to create a thread which is always monitoring the mouse event, so each time the mouseDown event occures, it gets the required datas.
m.r.m.40 12-Jul-16 3:34am View
Let's say it's a module that is being added to a program which already has about 1000 buttons.
m.r.m.40 21-Jun-16 11:20am View
Thanks a lot. that was a perfect explanation.
m.r.m.40 21-Jun-16 9:40am View
Sorry I was at work and pretty busy.
then, before calling Open on it, I must check if it is already open or not. right?
m.r.m.40 21-Jun-16 6:20am View
Thanks for your explanation, but my question was about first checking if it is already open! if it is then nothing if not then open it.
Why should I do that?
When I can simply write
m.r.m.40 15-Jun-16 4:57am View
Good consideration, Thanks.

Thanks for helping.
m.r.m.40 15-Jun-16 4:30am View

It got solved by closing and re-opening the VS. :/
m.r.m.40 15-Jun-16 4:24am View
No, it doesn't step into the if statement.

It's like the line below reutrns a false anser:

m.r.m.40 23-May-16 13:03pm View
As it's been more than ten days I'm searching for the solution to this problem, I'd say none of these solution could solve this problem.
We just realized the problem is with the compatibility of the CrystalReport and new generation of Processors and OS's, and we decided to upgrade our technology or even switch to another technology. However during this period of time if I could find a solution that solves the exact problem, maybe I post it on CP as an article.
m.r.m.40 23-May-16 6:20am View
Yes, I know.
I'm stuck in this problem pretty bad. By the time i reach the solution here I'll post the solution to all these questions.
m.r.m.40 23-May-16 2:39am View
Are you using a 64bit OS or a 64bit Processor. ?
m.r.m.40 23-May-16 2:33am View
Hey there!
Could you solve it?
I just found this problem and been working on it so hard for two weeks I still couldn't get any answer. This is my question:
m.r.m.40 23-May-16 2:31am View
Hey there!
Could you solve it?
I just found this problem and been working on it so hard for two weeks I still couldn't get any answer. This is my question:
m.r.m.40 23-May-16 2:12am View
No, it does.
The problem is with crystalreport exporting, CR doesn't behave correctly.
When I hit the print to Nitro pdf creator printer it works correctly.
m.r.m.40 22-May-16 8:49am View
It's a good Idea, Thanks.
m.r.m.40 22-May-16 8:47am View
It's Ok,
I guess if I'd posted it in SO you'd have banned that post.
m.r.m.40 18-May-16 0:13am View
m.r.m.40 17-May-16 5:02am View
The problem was with adding extra references to the project, i removed all office dependencies and only added the excel reference and used the interop.Excel so it got solved.
m.r.m.40 30-Jan-15 13:13pm View
Yes, exactly.
As it's an educational programming, after I'm done with the algorithm, I'll definitely follow your suggestion about using pointers instead of copying vectors.
m.r.m.40 30-Jan-15 7:10am View
I made it like newnumber = cin.get();
which it doesn't work, and when I input a alphabet character it should stop working but it still gets the character and ask for the next inputm and it shouldn't be working like that.
m.r.m.40 30-Jan-15 4:22am View
well I solved it without using IsNumber, in a very easier way, do you think I should post that solution here?
m.r.m.40 28-Jan-15 5:33am View
Thanks, if it was an answer to a question I'd have given it a five.
m.r.m.40 28-Jan-15 5:15am View
As I can't post questions and comments in stack overflow, I'd say it here:
So if we have header in the project directory like the classes and header files that we make ourselves we use double quotes? and if we're adding a global or a system header file like 'iostream' we use angle brackets right?
m.r.m.40 28-Jan-15 5:04am View
If it was an answer to a questin I'd have given it five stars.
m.r.m.40 28-Jan-15 4:45am View
andreas will you check my comments here pleas?:
m.r.m.40 28-Jan-15 4:33am View
what's the difference between
#include <iostream>
#include "iostream"
m.r.m.40 28-Jan-15 4:24am View
I thought its a bug or something.
It worked.
m.r.m.40 28-Jan-15 3:33am View
How does the 'indent' work?
string indent(depth, '|');
How does it print the '|' in its place? You just called it by name, no '()'.
m.r.m.40 28-Jan-15 2:59am View
Thanks a lot,
2 questions:
const string& context
why const?
why &?
m.r.m.40 27-Jan-15 16:31pm View
In the divide and conquer algorithm, would you still say that recursion is bad? and maybe we should use another way to solve a problem?
m.r.m.40 27-Jan-15 16:28pm View
Thank you.
m.r.m.40 27-Jan-15 16:21pm View
m.r.m.40 27-Jan-15 16:15pm View
I got it.
one question:
for example for an array with 5 elements we'll have 5 recursion, right? at each recursion it will produce one more array and allocate more memory as much as the array size ?
m.r.m.40 27-Jan-15 16:06pm View
Thank you, I didn't know about vectors.
m.r.m.40 27-Jan-15 14:55pm View
m.r.m.40 27-Jan-15 14:47pm View
You're right. There is no need of recursion here, but I'm a beginner and I'm training from the basic problems. see the educational link here if you liked,
m.r.m.40 27-Jan-15 14:47pm View
You're right. There is no need of recursion here, but I'm a beginner and I'm training from the basic problems. see the educational link here if you liked,
m.r.m.40 30-Aug-14 3:06am View
is my cout, programmed it to have the out put on the screen and in a file both in a same time.
m.r.m.40 6-Aug-14 16:35pm View
Thank you,
m.r.m.40 5-Aug-14 10:28am View
Was that a bug?
m.r.m.40 5-Aug-14 10:25am View
It's working right now.
well i'm using VS 11.0.5
Please reed my reply's to Carlo.
m.r.m.40 5-Aug-14 10:23am View
I don't understand what's going on.
I just removed the file 'myfile.cpp' from my solution then added it again and pasted the part of the code which the error was about. Then It Worked!
And it's working right now.
Can you tell me why?
m.r.m.40 5-Aug-14 10:09am View
:D It's interesting i'll check on another system.
m.r.m.40 5-Aug-14 7:22am View
Seems like i cannot define a function like:
void myfile::print(int a[], int l,int s)
I cannot figure it out.
m.r.m.40 5-Aug-14 6:08am View
It's steel the same with another error:
intelliSense: no instance of overloaded function "myfile::print" matches the specified type
And i have a redline under the 'print' where i've comented /* here */
m.r.m.40 5-Aug-14 5:44am View
Now it's updated to the full cpp file
m.r.m.40 5-Aug-14 5:41am View
I'll just update it
m.r.m.40 2-Aug-14 15:52pm View
Hi again,
a question:
now my first educational program which i was working on is done.
but i have problems with it, like " I don't know if it's working correctly or not? or is it working the way it is supposed to? ".
should i post my program and its results as an article here?
how can i do that? i mean ask others opinions about that.
m.r.m.40 2-Aug-14 6:34am View
Thank you,
m.r.m.40 2-Aug-14 6:33am View
Actually, if you see the question, you'll see that I've improved the question by removing pragma part. meaning i figured that out before getting answer.
usually i use namespace std for my input and output and i didn't know that string is from std while i was using std, that's why i asked this question,I wasn't being lazy I just thought there might be a problem with my class definition.
Thanks for your hint,
m.r.m.40 2-Aug-14 3:56am View
Thank you,
m.r.m.40 2-Aug-14 2:14am View
I'll follow your advise.
m.r.m.40 1-Aug-14 15:36pm View
It worked,
m.r.m.40 1-Aug-14 13:19pm View
It was a bit hard, i'll work on that later.
m.r.m.40 1-Aug-14 12:04pm View
Whatever it was about, i forgot it and solved my file problem with the code below:

#include "stdafx.h"
#include <conio.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

int main(){
string str1;
ofstream fp("file1.txt");
cout<<"\n Enter first string ::: ";
cout<<"the first string is written in the file.";
cout<<"\nenter second string :::";
cout<<"the second string is written in the file.";
ifstream fp1("file1.txt");
cout<<"the file will be opened and read.";
cout<<"\n press any key to continue :::";string s;cin>>s;
return 0;
m.r.m.40 30-Jul-14 5:41am View
Well thank you very much for your great tips.
m.r.m.40 27-Jul-14 12:43pm View
m.r.m.40 27-Jul-14 12:41pm View
I got it, thanks.
m.r.m.40 27-Jul-14 11:20am View
Why didn't you wrap your code into the code blocks?
It really makes it easier to read the question.
m.r.m.40 27-Jul-14 5:52am View
I'll update the question.
m.r.m.40 27-Jul-14 5:48am View
it didn't work.
this time without any warning or error i get a message:
assertion failed.

is there any other way that i can get the size or index of the last item of the vector ?
m.r.m.40 27-Jul-14 5:36am View
it didn't change anything:

unsigned int i=0;
for(unsigned int j=2; j
m.r.m.40 27-Jul-14 4:38am View
Well thanks a lot andi,

i used these codes:

#include vector

vector reminds the stack data structure. is it right?

and you were right calling arrays wouldn't work, thanks for that.

i wish this ranking here had something more than 5.
m.r.m.40 27-Jul-14 2:03am View
Thanks for the tutorial, i got it.
And this is not homework, this is self-study.
I'm starting with implementing Sorting algorithms.
m.r.m.40 27-Jul-14 1:27am View
I'll do that,
Thank you.
m.r.m.40 27-Jul-14 1:02am View
Well that's my own code ( what a great code! ),
and the question was that when i put one getchar to hold the screen it doesn't work, but by putting the second one it works, and we figured that out why does it work like it, then we fixed it, you can see the solution 1 and it's comments.

Thanks anyway,
m.r.m.40 26-Jul-14 15:36pm View
Thanks andi, actually i'm following it.
m.r.m.40 26-Jul-14 13:52pm View
This is not homework,
m.r.m.40 26-Jul-14 7:49am View
It's definitely a better idea, Thank you for helping me.
m.r.m.40 26-Jul-14 7:38am View
well, While loop doesn't start.
i replaced getchar right after the cin :

while ( true )
cout<<"please enter element "<<i<<" ::: ";
if ( num < 0 ) break;
for(int j=0; j<=i; j++)
cout<< arr[j];

and it worked.
m.r.m.40 26-Jul-14 7:26am View
I commented one getchar, and changed the true to false, it didn't work.
m.r.m.40 26-Jul-14 6:30am View
I got it, it worked, LOL.
Thank you.
m.r.m.40 26-Jul-14 6:18am View
It says
"exitValue" is undefined
m.r.m.40 26-Jul-14 6:15am View
It says
"exitValue" is undefined
m.r.m.40 26-Jul-14 6:02am View
int arr[10];
int num=0;
int i=0;
while ( num== NULL )

its not working,
it works when i say :
while ( true ){...}

then how can i give its loop a stop order ?
m.r.m.40 24-Jul-14 9:08am View
Yes, Thank you.
Actually i'm working on My programming skill, trying to find out the best way of programming insertion sort for integers.
Which i already know there could be better algorithm such as counting, bucket, radix ...

m.r.m.40 10-Jan-14 17:58pm View
i guess i could solve it myself(the solution below),
thank you.
m.r.m.40 10-Jan-14 17:58pm View
actually that was:
i guess i could solve it myself(the solution below),
thank you.
m.r.m.40 1-Jan-14 23:48pm View

well the cone is solved and for creating a sphere using same formula i need to give the circle a little slope instead of giving it height( means the same center(x,y,z) but different angle )
m.r.m.40 1-Jan-14 23:47pm View

well this is the cone and for creating a sphere using same formula i need to give the circle a little slope instead of giving it height( means the same center(x,y,z) but different angle )
m.r.m.40 23-Dec-13 12:54pm View
very clever,
Thank you.
you can read the comments under the previous question you may get something.
m.r.m.40 23-Dec-13 10:04am View
give it up,
i try to solve it myself,then i'll put the answer here, and give you a buzz,
m.r.m.40 23-Dec-13 9:51am View

It has to be like it, i know how to use a builtin function of matlab but it shouldn't use any of matlab related builtin functions.
m.r.m.40 23-Dec-13 9:47am View
well, i was exactly here:

however thank you.

m.r.m.40 23-Dec-13 9:37am View
i just couldn't find a useful answer in google.
m.r.m.40 23-Dec-13 9:33am View
Thank you so much.
m.r.m.40 23-Dec-13 9:30am View
that was accidental, please tell me how to remove the repost.
m.r.m.40 23-Dec-13 9:24am View
m.r.m.40 23-Dec-13 9:24am View
Thank you,
i didn't know to use google.
m.r.m.40 23-Dec-13 9:14am View
thank you,
I have several similar question, i'll add them in a minute.
m.r.m.40 14-Jun-13 3:32am View
i did follow them.
m.r.m.40 13-Jun-13 16:15pm View
thank you,
m.r.m.40 13-Jun-13 16:14pm View
m.r.m.40 6-Jun-13 5:36am View
i'll go for them
m.r.m.40 6-Jun-13 5:34am View
thats a word.
i'll do that.
m.r.m.40 6-Jun-13 5:10am View
nv3, thanks for your suggestion.
actually i solved it.
and you are right 100 percent.
I'm using deitel book. ( if you know any better resource please tell )
but to be honest its faster for me to do this way as you may see now from yesterday up to now i could implement the binary search tree.
m.r.m.40 6-Jun-13 5:04am View
about declaration and using them i did like you said.

actually this was the problem the node data and also other function i could build them up myself so i didn't see any necessity to put them here.

now the tree is built and its working properly.
m.r.m.40 5-Jun-13 17:02pm View
thank you CPallini,
i didn't know about "->" expression.
what is its name(i want to search and learn about it)
m.r.m.40 5-Jun-13 16:59pm View
when i do as you said,
when i print node.right, it gives me the address of node2 not the key of it.
m.r.m.40 5-Jun-13 16:55pm View
i did it,
when i printed node.right
it gave me the address of node.right not the key of node2
how can i see the key of node2 ?
thank you,
m.r.m.40 3-Jun-13 4:38am View
you almost saved my life.
thank you,

declaring 2d array was my problem.

int **b = new int*[n];
for(int i = 0; i <= n; ++i)
b[i] = new int[k];

m.r.m.40 2-Jun-13 18:23pm View
Please help.
it took 1 day for me to solve it. I'm still working on it, but yet no result.
Thank you,
m.r.m.40 2-Jun-13 18:19pm View
this is what i want:
when input is 5 it means make an array from 0 to 5.
and also the for loop is needed to act 6 times if n is 5.
m.r.m.40 2-Jun-13 13:43pm View
all program is working as its supposed to.
but that line.
although i wrote exactly as the binomial factor using 2d array algorithm.
m.r.m.40 2-Jun-13 13:42pm View
look griff i cant get what you mean.
could you please be straight?
m.r.m.40 2-Jun-13 13:21pm View
i recommend you to look for c++ hardware programming and c++ device programming.
i saw something about it on youtube.
m.r.m.40 2-Jun-13 13:10pm View
n * k
at maximum
m.r.m.40 2-Jun-13 12:44pm View
yes alexandrovix,
but couldn't get anything of it.
m.r.m.40 31-May-13 13:07pm View
Thank you!
m.r.m.40 28-May-13 7:42am View
thank you,
I'm looking for the number of elements of the array, as you said.
m.r.m.40 28-May-13 7:35am View
is there any code like 'sizeof' that returns the size that i allocate?
m.r.m.40 28-May-13 7:35am View
is there any code like 'sizeof' that returns the size that i allocate?
m.r.m.40 26-May-13 15:15pm View
yes alex, using a class could be helpful, thank you.

i wish i could rate comments aether.
m.r.m.40 26-May-13 15:11pm View
Thank you Mahdi,

Actually our friend are right, but however your solution was helpful somewhere else, you solved one of my question before i ask it, thank.
m.r.m.40 24-May-13 15:32pm View
thanks for your attention, i'll use a loop.
m.r.m.40 9-May-13 6:26am View
Thank you CPallini,
but the equation must be entered from input by the user.
m.r.m.40 28-Apr-13 14:49pm View
2+5 = 7;
2+5 / 2 = 3.5;
i need to have 3.
m.r.m.40 25-Apr-13 11:58am View
It worked.
thank you,
m.r.m.40 25-Apr-13 11:44am View
Thank you Alexandrovich,

You're right.
I just forgot to check the msdn.

anyway, thank you for helping.
m.r.m.40 14-Apr-13 16:38pm View
thank you alexandrovich.
you didn't have to answer it or leave a comment, did you?
m.r.m.40 11-Apr-13 18:24pm View
thank you Mr. Dino.

i don't want to use default functions. looking for an algorithm.