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Comments by Qadri Jillani (Top 12 by date)

Qadri Jillani 11-Jul-13 19:07pm View
have you created all the tables at dbo level or user level?
if the table is at user level and you are using dbo.table than it would not work for you
Qadri Jillani 5-Jul-13 2:02am View
promod i think solution 1 will have your work done give it a try :)
Qadri Jillani 4-Jul-13 4:03am View
solution2 is a better and simple solution for you. give it a try
Qadri Jillani 21-May-13 1:53am View
are you using vs2010?
Qadri Jillani 18-May-13 0:44am View
aoa ! brother tahir is the structure of all the three tables same or not?
Qadri Jillani 16-May-13 6:07am View
no if you know which file should be added so kindly let me know.thanx in advance
Qadri Jillani 7-May-13 4:20am View
Expresso is a tool for handling regular expression. just like a compiler . you make an expression and execute it there it gives you output of that expression. and lots of other options are available as well
Qadri Jillani 7-May-13 3:27am View
thanx for guide line
Qadri Jillani 7-May-13 3:12am View
thanx alot jameel moideen it was really a great post especially for me .
Qadri Jillani 7-May-13 2:52am View
thanx for guideline
Qadri Jillani 6-May-13 6:00am View
thanx for guidance but please provide regular expression for the rest of 2 patterns also.
Regards: Qadri Jillani
Qadri Jillani 4-May-13 1:34am View
thanks for guidance Aarti Meswania