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code in play 4-Apr-13 7:56am View
once you deploy this custom field type on your sharepoint server you can use that in your sharpoint list.
code in play 8-Feb-13 13:49pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n voting your tip is not a good idea
code in play 8-Feb-13 13:47pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n testing my own vote
code in play 17-Jan-12 3:15am View
try to show that image on ClientClick of lb_DownloadXML using javascript.
code in play 17-Jan-12 3:13am View
This is not the problem with C# application, check your service you are using for auto-complete that might taking lot of time or you are doing some operation on key down.
code in play 17-Jan-12 3:07am View
Try to add select field from design view as check box and then send your gridview markup.
code in play 11-Jan-12 4:34am View
did you mean to add foreign keys between dataset tables by bind or get relationship in Dataset??
code in play 10-Sep-11 12:13pm View
what u mean by populated by drop down? Are you showing record based on dropdown selection??
code in play 10-Sep-11 12:11pm View
Post the stack trace.
code in play 24-Jun-11 0:52am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Good one
code in play 23-Jun-11 7:17am View
password stuff is not working on my machine.
code in play 23-Jun-11 7:02am View
Reason for my vote of 4
yes i used to the same
code in play 23-Jun-11 7:02am View
yes i used to the same
code in play 23-Jun-11 6:59am View
Reason for my vote of 5
nice one
code in play 16-Jun-11 14:23pm View
can u provide markup means html where is this button placed? are u using auto-generated columns??
code in play 16-Jun-11 14:21pm View
you can use openxml for word.
code in play 16-Jun-11 0:29am View
Edited for adding pre tag and formatting
code in play 16-Jun-11 0:23am View
you should have some formula to calculate this. I think this is sqrt((x2-x1)^2+(y2-y1)^2) distance between (x1,y1) and (x2,y2).
code in play 6-Jun-11 5:36am View
this will work for sure.
code in play 1-Jun-11 8:55am View
not clear what are you doing where are these controls like ddlCoName???
code in play 1-Jun-11 8:52am View
wrap the code in pre tag
code in play 21-May-11 2:58am View
Edited for formatting and code wrap in pre tag
code in play 18-May-11 14:02pm View
r u adding those bcc addresses to same MailMessage or not. Could you provide the function u are using to send mail.
code in play 17-May-11 13:01pm View
oh! i missed it, and now i made changes for this.
code in play 17-May-11 4:43am View
this is all you need to create the command dynamically, which part is not clear to you??
code in play 17-May-11 4:41am View
oh yes thanks.
code in play 14-May-11 1:38am View
Edited for readability extra line break removed.
code in play 14-May-11 1:16am View
wrap code in pre tag.
code in play 9-May-11 13:02pm View
not clear????????
code in play 7-May-11 5:54am View
question not clear try to explain what you have done and what you want to achieve.
code in play 25-Apr-11 12:46pm View
me too!
code in play 20-Apr-11 8:23am View
please use replay option to send a replay so that the other person could get notify.
code in play 20-Apr-11 4:49am View
What you want to achive??
To run this code and create a List with your custom template programatically??

Am I right?
code in play 18-Apr-11 0:47am View
the solution is edited as your question and you can directly use these queries in OleDb command from C#.
code in play 18-Apr-11 0:40am View
I write the query according to your question, you need not to declare any variable you can replace your column with variable or directly write the values there.

code in play 17-Apr-11 5:34am View
search on Google you will find a lot of such example.
code in play 14-Apr-11 8:25am View
Have you develop something for this, please sare if you stuck in that otherwise you can simply search on google.
code in play 14-Apr-11 8:07am View
do you want to purchase Accounting System Software??
code in play 14-Apr-11 1:41am View
your welcome if this works for you then mark this as answer
code in play 14-Apr-11 0:58am View
I put the top and left hardcoded 100px you can change this by calculating screen height and width and then position for popup
code in play 14-Apr-11 0:56am View
ok I got your point below means positionly below i thought in the layer below.
Ok I make the changes for that in solution, hope this will work
code in play 13-Apr-11 13:52pm View
you have added same question, if this is by mistake you should delete one of these.
code in play 13-Apr-11 13:49pm View
[Edit]added tag for sql server[/Edit]
code in play 13-Apr-11 13:45pm View
what you mean by tab container, in win form application you can simply put the tab control and add pages, for web pages use ajax toolkit tab panel.
code in play 12-Apr-11 4:10am View
You can create Handlers in place of webservice if you had any issue in using webservice.
code in play 12-Apr-11 4:08am View
Reason for my vote of 5
code in play 7-Apr-11 12:14pm View
Add following lines
var row = ctl.parentNode.parentNode;
var tbl = row.parentNode;
var crow = tbl.rows[row.rowIndex + 1];
var gridID = "<%= GridView1.ClientID %>";
var rowID = gridID + '_ctl' + (row.rowIndex > 9 ? row.rowIndex .toString() : '0' + row.rowIndex .toString());
var ctrl = document.getElementById(rowID + "_lblID");
/*lblID is your label(or any other control within grid row) ID*/
code in play 6-Apr-11 13:31pm View
You can not stop the creation of form but you can check the authorization before calling method.
code in play 6-Apr-11 13:05pm View
if you got any issue in creating web service or calling web service let me know.
code in play 6-Apr-11 13:05pm View
If you have the imei no then pass this to web service function.You can simply create a service reference to the service on server, and the web service will save this data to db.
code in play 5-Apr-11 14:00pm View
what you want?? To create a windows mobile application which communicate with server ??????????
code in play 3-Apr-11 7:59am View
could you provide your markup here.
code in play 3-Apr-11 7:39am View
Don't post the same question again you can use Improve question Link to make change and now when you posted it again you should delete this.
code in play 2-Apr-11 9:45am View
code in play 2-Apr-11 9:45am View
your welcome
code in play 2-Apr-11 5:00am View
it is not clear if you just want to download these files at client side or something else????
code in play 1-Apr-11 5:34am View
what shuld be displayed in checkbox list
code in play 30-Mar-11 0:58am View
code wraped in pre blocks
code in play 28-Mar-11 1:06am View
not clear. what you mean by specific row of drow when drow is itself a datarow.
code in play 27-Mar-11 1:21am View
Edited to add pre tag.
code in play 24-Mar-11 0:31am View
what errors you have given these are not due to any reference these are just due to the way you are writing the code check it yourself and you will resolve it surelly.Try it yourself first and then come with specific errors.
code in play 24-Mar-11 0:17am View
not clear what you mean by binding master page
code in play 23-Mar-11 13:12pm View
the cause behind is your ajaxtoolkit file it might be due to you are missing ajax dll or version mismatch.
code in play 22-Mar-11 14:49pm View
what is the complete error message and stack???
code in play 22-Mar-11 12:32pm View
do you want to show text in UpperCase?? Is this window form application or web application.
code in play 22-Mar-11 0:29am View
using TextChanged event will cause to postback the page, i think javascript is solution for achiving this without postback(OP says in comment for solution1 that he want it with out postback)
code in play 21-Mar-11 13:47pm View
try to specify maximum things in question like you are doing this in web application and you want to do this without postback etc.
code in play 21-Mar-11 5:56am View
what is this are you missing somthing??
code in play 21-Mar-11 3:15am View
did you search on google.
code in play 17-Mar-11 12:10pm View
provide your Markup here I think this can be done using javascript.
code in play 17-Mar-11 12:09pm View
Could u provide the error message here?
code in play 16-Mar-11 2:58am View
this will not work as the windows application is running in single thread synchronously.
code in play 15-Mar-11 0:33am View
edited to wrap code in <pre> block and minor spellings.
code in play 14-Mar-11 6:21am View
what you don't know? To Create singleton class? else specify your scenario.
code in play 11-Mar-11 8:14am View
hi Feleke, I could not find this as alternate of pivoting could you please describe with some structure and dummy data.

code in play 10-Mar-11 2:56am View
your welcome
code in play 10-Mar-11 1:43am View
use case when with exist to achieve this as i used in the solution for otherwise whenever it is returning multiple values it will give error.
code in play 10-Mar-11 1:19am View
what query your writing??
code in play 9-Mar-11 6:45am View
your welcome.
code in play 9-Mar-11 1:42am View
now i improve solution for your case check that.
code in play 9-Mar-11 1:39am View
could you please provide the output here.
code in play 9-Mar-11 1:13am View
ok now i got your point change the group by EID to Group by PID. I already made changes in solution you can use this now.
code in play 9-Mar-11 1:10am View
how could you get 0 rows query using Count which will return at least 1 row either with value 0 or >0.
code in play 9-Mar-11 0:43am View
code in play 8-Mar-11 1:44am View
what have you done for this so far, what you want to do in that application.
code in play 8-Mar-11 1:43am View
you can add on that word by using replace in your query.
code in play 8-Mar-11 1:41am View
could you write your markup here??
code in play 7-Mar-11 6:21am View
where is your question??
code in play 7-Mar-11 5:30am View
don't write this in solution use Add comment Link in Imdadhusen's solution only then Imdadhusen will notify.
code in play 7-Mar-11 5:02am View
my pleasure.
code in play 7-Mar-11 4:59am View
what values you r getting by your query are numeric for that you can change query like this sum(cast(duration as float)) i made the changes in second query in solution check that.
code in play 7-Mar-11 4:49am View
your output is numeric use that as numeric value this will work.
code in play 7-Mar-11 4:47am View
is some error there?
code in play 7-Mar-11 4:38am View
can you put a bit of your markup here.
code in play 7-Mar-11 2:27am View
this is fine for SQL Server 2005 and above any way for 2000
code in play 7-Mar-11 2:15am View
code in play 7-Mar-11 1:00am View
ya but with LinkButton you can achive the same.

hope this will help.
code in play 7-Mar-11 0:54am View
did you read complete post??
use Linkbutton Not Hyperlink then you get click event and same look and feel as hyperlink.
code in play 7-Mar-11 0:10am View
i think if(@Imag is Null) will work
code in play 5-Mar-11 12:13pm View
hope this will help you.
code in play 4-Mar-11 2:37am View
you mean {2^-2)^-2... five times.
is it.
code in play 4-Mar-11 0:59am View
no I am not saying to use Entity Model of Linq that is Linq To SQL, but I am saying to use Linq to DataSet this will not change all your logic of connecting with database. Hope you could understood now.
code in play 4-Mar-11 0:48am View
what is your target plateform?? are you getting any error?? please describe in detail.
code in play 4-Mar-11 0:43am View
have you added both the namespaces??
code in play 4-Mar-11 0:31am View
I am using System.Linq namespace and you need to add a reference to System.Data.DataSetExtensions.dll i am using VS2008 if you are using 2005 then you have to use an extension.
code in play 4-Mar-11 0:21am View
on button click filter the data as i have done in this LINQ.
code in play 4-Mar-11 0:16am View
I am trying to remove but i am not able to do.
code in play 3-Mar-11 23:24pm View
could you please explain a bit what you mean by button created.
code in play 3-Mar-11 23:10pm View
i rarely required to write or read something in VB.NET and this is just an idea how can we do OP can change according to his requirement.

anyway thanks for your suggestion.
code in play 3-Mar-11 7:42am View
actually i did not know syntax for while in VB.Net as I used to C#.
code in play 3-Mar-11 2:41am View
code in play 2-Mar-11 23:45pm View
use jquery follow the link i added
code in play 2-Mar-11 1:09am View
what about edited part that must work. have you checked??
code in play 2-Mar-11 1:07am View
i made change for your requirement.

Have you try this
SELECT 0 as Uid,'All' as UserName
SELECT Uid,UserName FROM UserDetails WHERE RoleId=2 order by UserName.

I am not sure about this but it should work.
code in play 2-Mar-11 0:48am View
as i can see you are using asp:HyperLink for menu items you can access these on code behind and disable these at page_load.
code in play 2-Mar-11 0:07am View
how could i provide user name and password. I am trying this with gmail account
code in play 1-Mar-11 23:27pm View
could you provide details how are you creating menus using <ul> <li>
or anything else? are you giving some id to menu element or not??
code in play 1-Mar-11 23:17pm View
yes openXML is free..
code in play 1-Mar-11 13:39pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
nice tip.
code in play 1-Mar-11 13:26pm View
nice just change variable names use different in parameter and inside function.
code in play 1-Mar-11 13:23pm View
this will change to--
function Total() {
var gridID = "<%= GD_Prod.ClientID %>";
var grid = document.getElementById(gridID);
var RowCount = parseInt("<%= GD_Prod.Items.Count %>");
var selection="";
for (var i = 2; i <= RowCount + 1; i++) {
var rowID = gridID + '_ctl' + (i > 9 ? i.toString() : '0' + i.toString());
var TxtPPort = document.getElementById(rowID + '_TxtPPort');
var TxtBFPort = document.getElementById(rowID + '_TxtBFPort');
var TxtLOPort = document.getElementById(rowID + '_TxtLOPort');
var TxtTSPort = document.getElementById(rowID + '_TxtTSPort');
TxtTSPort.value = parseInt(TxtPPort.value) + parseInt(TxtBFPort.value) - parseInt(TxtLOPort.value);
code in play 1-Mar-11 13:08pm View
what changes have you made.
code in play 1-Mar-11 11:58am View
then what you try in
string Name = gvRow.Cells[1].Text;
code in play 1-Mar-11 11:52am View
did you want access amount value for name value us Cells[0]???
code in play 28-Feb-11 11:02am View
This may be your interpretation but in question OP does now talking about click on button
"While clicking inside the second panel, the focus is coming to the 'Back Button' in IE."
he is saying when he click on second(not on any button) focus goes to Back Button, and the solution works for that

I hope you can understand this or i need to write in hindi.
code in play 28-Feb-11 6:43am View
when we put the button on panel this suppose to as submit button and in IE whenever focus goes to any of the panel in IE the back button got focus as there is no other controls but buttons but when add UseSubmitBehavior="false" then this will not happen. Actually i face the same problem ones so that i provided the ans work for me.This initial markup works fine with other browsers but not with IE, and we are to make change like this for IE.
code in play 28-Feb-11 6:35am View
thanks for quick correction i missed that.
code in play 28-Feb-11 6:29am View
thanks Ankur
and it is working i check for the same. the initial code provided focus the back button wherever you click in both the panel but now it is not show check both the code with IE.
code in play 28-Feb-11 6:21am View
you already posted this question

You should not re-post the same problem if you have any doubt discusses at that only
code in play 28-Feb-11 6:16am View
provide some details what kind of auto search you are trying.
code in play 28-Feb-11 6:11am View
have u check this this will solve your problem

<form id="form1" runat="server">
<asp:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server" Width="100" Height="300" BorderColor="Black"
<asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Back" UseSubmitBehavior="false"/>
<asp:Panel ID="Panel2" runat="server" Width="100" Height="300" BorderColor="Black"
<asp:Button ID="Button2" runat="server" Text="submit" UseSubmitBehavior="false" />

write like this
code in play 28-Feb-11 2:58am View
Please clarify the things you want to create control for such requirement or you just want the function to be called from different forms.
code in play 28-Feb-11 1:53am View
check the followings
code in play 28-Feb-11 1:50am View
solution is to change target platform
code in play 28-Feb-11 1:44am View
this problem is only if you are using Oledb provider with 64 bit OS.
code in play 28-Feb-11 1:33am View
I think you should use OracleDataReader from OracleClient...
code in play 28-Feb-11 1:28am View
go to project-> project properties->build -> platform target
code in play 28-Feb-11 0:57am View
provide markup for that block.Have you fixed size for your body and menu control.
code in play 28-Feb-11 0:47am View
how are u sizing the page and how you divide the page did u use floating of div and fixed sizes.
code in play 28-Feb-11 0:26am View
write your issues here if any other ask your testers to check for issues and then provide details here.
code in play 28-Feb-11 0:24am View
have you handled events properly?
is there any change in markup in server and local machine?
check for these if still u have problem then provide some code, Markup of grid
code in play 26-Feb-11 12:22pm View
it is just aspx page code for data binding you might be familiar with this if u ever use custom columns. When you add bound fields from editor then use convert it to template field and check markup for these both you can easily understand the concept.
code in play 26-Feb-11 6:33am View
if u create GlobleState in same name space and a public class it could not be there. this is general problem with referencing check for that.
code in play 26-Feb-11 3:38am View
make change on main form and on load event of main page write username.Text= GlobalState.LoggedInUser;
code in play 25-Feb-11 10:03am View
i think u forget to vote..

ha ha :)
code in play 25-Feb-11 10:02am View
i m bit confused with this please try to change between to < and > it help u to identify mean while i am trying to resolve...
code in play 25-Feb-11 9:00am View
i think you did not read my complete comment "booking end date is less then current date" simply add where enddate>getdate() or change is as your requirement.
code in play 25-Feb-11 7:14am View
give me your detailed table structure and procedure you are using then after only i can give u the code.In general case you should change your query to get all active booking i.e. booking end date is less then current date.
code in play 25-Feb-11 6:44am View
what exactly you want to do??
Is to put selected index of dropdown to lable..
and what problem you are getting
code in play 25-Feb-11 5:56am View
ok mark this as answer.
code in play 25-Feb-11 5:53am View
welcome dear.
code in play 25-Feb-11 1:50am View
simple answer for that is we cannot send mail from HTML, we need to use some program for that and we never can ensure for that.
In that case we should use server side code.
code in play 25-Feb-11 1:41am View
yes actually outlook sends this mail automatically.
code in play 24-Feb-11 7:22am View
What you want to achieve. Do you want to put multiple links in that link button??????
code in play 24-Feb-11 7:06am View
I think you are trying to access data from two different databases by a single connection am I right?????

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