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Comments by Patrick Kalkman (Top 33 by date)

Patrick Kalkman 20-May-13 5:50am View
Done, Thanks for you comment.
Patrick Kalkman 26-May-11 2:34am View
Yes that was what I meant, just copy the characters until you receive two null characters after each other.
Patrick Kalkman 19-May-11 9:06am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Great tip, thanks
Patrick Kalkman 13-May-11 16:43pm View
Is it an existing service? If you are able to reconfigure the service you could try to convert it to a rest service. Then calling the service would be as simple as calling an url.
Patrick Kalkman 13-May-11 16:41pm View
Can you share some more information, the error looks likes an exception occurs on the server side. Did you try to catch the exception on the server side?
Patrick Kalkman 6-May-11 16:35pm View
How many devices are shown in combobox in the directx variant?
Patrick Kalkman 6-May-11 4:08am View
The twitter api for posting message is relatively simple. The authentication is more difficult. What I used for example is the TFS Build monitor at it tweets the TFS build status whenever a build quality changes. Its open source so you could study the source code.
Patrick Kalkman 6-May-11 2:34am View
We would love to help you with your question but you have to describe it more clearly. Do you want to use post twitter messages from an application
Patrick Kalkman 5-May-11 10:09am View
Why do would you want to load an large amount of records in a data table? If you are going to filter it, you should use the database query engine. If you intent to show it to a user, implement paging using the SQL server.
Patrick Kalkman 4-May-11 1:47am View
You use a debug dll the same way as a release dll, there is no difference in functionality. Normally, when you have a dll which is compiled in debug mode you have a corresponding pdb (program database) file. This pdb file contains information that enables a program such as a debugger to map the generated il (intermediate language) to your c# source code line number. But it also contains the names of your local variables.
Patrick Kalkman 3-May-11 6:16am View
Good link to a tool that shows debug or release dll, didn't knew that :-), 5 points from me.
Patrick Kalkman 3-May-11 6:16am View
Good link to a tool that shows debug or release dll, didn't knew that :-), 5 points from me.
Patrick Kalkman 30-Apr-11 1:55am View
Have you tried to regenerate the R file using the context menu of Eclipse. I am assuming that you use Eclipse.
Patrick Kalkman 30-Apr-11 1:53am View
Is the activity is part of the same application/package as the activity that gets started first?
Patrick Kalkman 30-Apr-11 1:47am View
Why do you use KnownType? I only use it if I specify a base class in my contract and during runtime I want to exchange a derived class. I than have to indicate that the derived class is a known type.
Patrick Kalkman 30-Apr-11 1:44am View
You have to give us more than that, this is not a real question. For example, which gprs (device) you are talking about.
Patrick Kalkman 24-Apr-11 5:15am View
I did not miss it. I thought that communicating with the putty client from his c# application was the easiest solutions. That is what I suggested, use sendkeys to send keystrokes to the putty client window.

I may not be the most elegant solutions but but it works.
Patrick Kalkman 22-Apr-11 6:27am View
Nice explanation Olivier, you got my 5 votes.
Patrick Kalkman 22-Apr-11 6:24am View
You're correct, I missed it. :-(
Patrick Kalkman 21-Apr-11 15:35pm View
Here on CodeProject there is an article about connecting to Interbase from c# Maybe it will help.
Patrick Kalkman 21-Apr-11 10:21am View
No solution, but a little background information. Every COM interface must implement IUnknown. I guess that is why you see value as unknown. The method add_EventHandlerNameHere expects an instance of an class that implements IUnknown.
Patrick Kalkman 21-Apr-11 7:06am View
You open the file with FileMode.Create this recreates the file every time. If you want to overwrite certain parts of the file you will have to open it with FileMode.Append. The file pointer will point to the end of the file though so you will have to seek to the appropriate place in the file.
Patrick Kalkman 19-Apr-11 10:24am View
What you could do is increase the total number of concurrent calls and/or sessions (to 20) and check if you can make 20 requests. If this is the case you are still not releasing the connections. Make sure that you use the dispose pattern on the connections.

Look at for information on how to increase the number of calls and sessions
Patrick Kalkman 17-Apr-11 8:26am View
Can you tell me what is wrong with your implementation, does it give an error? If so, what kind of error?
Patrick Kalkman 5-Apr-11 8:05am View
Any tips about what exactly the code doesn't do, does it produce an error?
Patrick Kalkman 5-Apr-11 7:55am View
What type of authentication is the server/service using?
Patrick Kalkman 17-Mar-11 2:18am View
Have you added the NetTcpBinding to the WAS configuration?
Patrick Kalkman 17-Mar-11 2:09am View
Are you able to call the service from an internet browser?
Patrick Kalkman 17-Mar-11 1:43am View
Hi sridharan,

I do not understand your question.

Step 1. You fill a dataset from an XML file?
Step 2. You want to save the contents of the dataset into a CSV file?

Is this want you want to do?
Patrick Kalkman 28-Feb-11 10:19am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks for sharing
Patrick Kalkman 12-Feb-11 16:32pm View
Reason for my vote of 4
Thanks for sharing
Patrick Kalkman 12-Feb-11 1:09am View
Hi, I have some difficulty understanding your question. You mention that you already have a c# or vb project. Which compiler did you use when creating these projects?

Are the visual studio express versions what you are looking for?
Patrick Kalkman 5-Feb-11 8:07am View
Thank you for your tip. Besides the formatting also include the why in the tip. Why should I use Linq to Sql connection? Does it save time? Improve performance? etc.

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