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Comments by kiran dangar (Top 59 by date)

kiran dangar 18-Nov-11 1:34am View
but Not having Identity
kiran dangar 2-Nov-11 4:26am View
kiran dangar 1-Nov-11 1:06am View
Thanks Uday. :) But could not see Vote. :)
kiran dangar 31-Oct-11 6:30am View
Hi, please explain what you are trying to achieve... question is confusing..
kiran dangar 31-Oct-11 6:25am View
kiran dangar 31-Oct-11 6:19am View
Hi, please elaborate your question....
kiran dangar 31-Oct-11 6:17am View
Hi, you can just fetch the B'date from SQL using executescalar method.. and then compare with current date..
Please "Accept Answer" if it helped you...
kiran dangar 25-Oct-11 7:09am View
Same Solution posted 2 times ??? I have noticed this second time
kiran dangar 25-Oct-11 7:04am View
Formatting issue!!!
kiran dangar 21-Oct-11 7:36am View
Question is not Clear...Please explain properly..
kiran dangar 21-Oct-11 7:20am View
What code you have written for sending email.??
kiran dangar 21-Oct-11 7:18am View
Your question is not clear.. please modify and explain properly..
kiran dangar 20-Oct-11 9:01am View
You can also try replacing <input> hidden field with <asp:hiddenfield> control.. you can use any of these...
kiran dangar 20-Oct-11 8:58am View
I have updated Solution... have a try..
kiran dangar 20-Oct-11 8:57am View
Ohh yes... you have to remove "return false"
kiran dangar 20-Oct-11 5:25am View
Please elaborate...
kiran dangar 20-Oct-11 5:10am View
Good job..thanks
kiran dangar 20-Oct-11 5:00am View
Hi, Do not post your reply as Solution.. rather post same thing in as comment by clicking "Have a Question or Comment?" link...
Your reply will be deleted, pls post reply in comment.
kiran dangar 20-Oct-11 4:40am View
Agree with Mehdi..
kiran dangar 20-Oct-11 2:00am View
what are the datatypes of CodeNo & AddCode ??
kiran dangar 20-Oct-11 1:26am View
Hi, your question is confusing.. please elaborate.
where is the relation between UserID & your Item Table ???
kiran dangar 19-Oct-11 9:41am View
Have you placed your code inside $(document).ready() ??
kiran dangar 19-Oct-11 7:51am View
Reason for my vote of 4
kiran dangar 19-Oct-11 6:34am View
Where is the question??
kiran dangar 19-Oct-11 6:28am View
wht is this??????
kiran dangar 19-Oct-11 6:04am View
You question is not understandable.. please explain properly.
kiran dangar 19-Oct-11 5:41am View
yes Rnk wont be available directly in Where clause.. need to put one more select statement..
You can also use Row_number() & DENSE_RANK() are also very useful... you can have a look at those also.
kiran dangar 19-Oct-11 4:18am View
Yes thats y i have provided JS validation in the answer... it will work fine... please click on "accept answer" if it helps you.
kiran dangar 19-Oct-11 4:13am View
kiran dangar 19-Oct-11 3:22am View
You can visit MSDN Or Read any book to get detailed description on this :)
kiran dangar 19-Oct-11 2:37am View
Please elaborate the question by giving the code you have wrote
kiran dangar 19-Oct-11 2:01am View
I guess the problem is multiple records for the same Date...
kiran dangar 19-Oct-11 1:42am View
Do you want to fetch counts of each File types? or your question is how to display that data in GridView?? Please elaborate
kiran dangar 19-Oct-11 1:37am View
The question is confusing.. Please elaborate
kiran dangar 18-Oct-11 8:08am View
Not an Alternative.
kiran dangar 18-Oct-11 1:10am View
This is not an Alternative... you can write in as comment instead.
kiran dangar 17-Oct-11 7:22am View
Reason for my vote of 1
kiran dangar 15-Oct-11 0:16am View
This is not an Alternative. Its a comment.
kiran dangar 7-Oct-11 23:42pm View
welcome... thanks for ur vote :)
kiran dangar 7-Oct-11 5:55am View
Reason for my vote of 5
kiran dangar 7-Oct-11 3:08am View
its copy paste of "Alternative 1" link content..
kiran dangar 7-Oct-11 1:19am View
Not an alternative... please write @ proper place
kiran dangar 5-Oct-11 7:15am View
Reason for my vote of 4
kiran dangar 5-Oct-11 1:13am View
Reason for my vote of 4
kiran dangar 5-Oct-11 1:11am View
Reason for my vote of 4
kiran dangar 4-Oct-11 6:31am View
kiran dangar 3-Oct-11 9:23am View
Hi, can you explain what kind of trouble you are having after trying all solutions below.. If possible paste your aspx file coding as well..
kiran dangar 3-Oct-11 9:16am View
It depends on the architecture of your application.. do you have application code access?
kiran dangar 3-Oct-11 8:11am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Not an alternative
kiran dangar 3-Oct-11 8:11am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Not an alternative
kiran dangar 3-Oct-11 8:10am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Not an Alternative
kiran dangar 3-Oct-11 4:54am View
provide more details...if possible show the code you are writing..
kiran dangar 3-Oct-11 4:38am View
Please explain a bit more
kiran dangar 3-Oct-11 4:33am View
Please provide more information on the issue
kiran dangar 3-Oct-11 4:16am View
Need formatting...
kiran dangar 3-Oct-11 3:08am View
can you explain a bit more on what you are targeting to achieve, so i can answer properly.
kiran dangar 3-Oct-11 2:58am View
please explain properly what exactly your question is?
kiran dangar 30-Sep-11 9:06am View
Impressive design :)
kiran dangar 30-Sep-11 7:31am View
Reason for my vote of 2

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