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Comments by joe_j (Top 95 by date)

joe_j 16-Jul-13 3:51am View
guess you might be missing some .dll files.
joe_j 15-Feb-13 6:40am View
You'r welcome..I found out a link that can help you with aspect. Check it out
And if my answer was helpful, then please Accept it as a solution.
joe_j 15-Feb-13 4:18am View
this question is a year old.
joe_j 15-Feb-13 2:43am View
Well as mentioned before POP doesnt have the capability to identify read or unread. If you have no other option than POP then your only way to go about it is to link a database to your app and keep updating all the UIDs of messages that already came in and only download the ones that do not have a UID in your database.
joe_j 14-Feb-13 8:34am View
Its not a long process, everything in green is commented out and is not required in the code.
joe_j 14-Feb-13 8:23am View
please do not use Cap letters, looks rude.
joe_j 13-Feb-13 8:38am View
have you started with something? or atleast did a google search?
joe_j 13-Feb-13 7:53am View
Please do not use terms like "I need immediate response". People here are just to help and not to provide answers at such demands.
joe_j 13-Feb-13 7:29am View
please use the "Have a Question or Comment?" button to poset a reply to an answer.
joe_j 13-Feb-13 6:00am View
Please check the above answer, I have added the C# version as well now.
joe_j 13-Feb-13 4:17am View
Do you already have a stored proc in place?
joe_j 13-Feb-13 4:13am View
You would have to specify functions of your dashboard, and have you tried something yet?
joe_j 13-Feb-13 3:35am View
Try setting the EnableViewState = True
And not sure if you would require the gd_PageIndexChanging event
joe_j 11-Feb-13 10:05am View
your welcome and happy that it helped you. happy coding
joe_j 10-Feb-13 6:17am View
You are welcome. If it helped, then it would be nice to vote this answer please
joe_j 8-Feb-13 5:58am View
please use the "Have a Question or Comment" which is found below an answer to ask your question.
joe_j 8-Feb-13 1:55am View
please post the entire code that sends the email including all the smtp settings
joe_j 7-Feb-13 8:08am View
didnt understand that comment!
joe_j 6-Feb-13 7:11am View
Could you please make the question more clear? Not quite clear about the requirement.
joe_j 6-Feb-13 7:07am View
The seetings in your webconfig is set to not allow you to see the actual error.
Inside the add this . After that open the website again. This time you should be able to see the error. Copy it and paste it here please
joe_j 6-Feb-13 7:05am View
the seetings in your webconfig is set to not allow you to see the actual error.
Inside the <system.we> add this <customErrors mode="Off"/>. After that open the website again. This time you should be able to see the error. Copy it and paste it here. By the way, is it running on your system?
joe_j 6-Feb-13 4:17am View
I already started testing it, but by no way the page is navigating. ill check that. thanks
joe_j 6-Feb-13 0:55am View
Thanks Pete, guess then I have no easy way out. Would you be knowing of any good tutorial or "how to" for using WebKit or Gecko?
joe_j 5-Feb-13 8:01am View
The main issues that im facing with WebBrowser control is Zooming and page fit.
Would there be any control that can be easily worked with like WebBrowser?
joe_j 5-Feb-13 2:06am View
ok, then if you are trying with the above code, you do not need to put this <link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> as you have already specifying the CSS within your masterpage itself <style type="text/css">.....</style>
So first take off the <link href=...../> part
Then check if the image file "testing.jpeg" actually exists and is in the "images" folder.
joe_j 5-Feb-13 1:22am View
sure not a problem. is the above code inside your masterpage?
joe_j 5-Feb-13 1:14am View
Yup, code please.
joe_j 1-Feb-13 8:43am View
@davoodta : Please use the "Have a Question or Comment?" button to provide a reply. You are posting reply as Answers
joe_j 1-Feb-13 8:17am View
try adding the session in your content page (login page) and check and provide more details
joe_j 1-Feb-13 8:14am View
Have you tried out some code? Are these values in a database? please provide more details
joe_j 23-Jan-13 0:54am View
is your connection to sql timing out?
joe_j 21-Jan-13 9:20am View
welcome and happy coding.
joe_j 21-Jan-13 7:18am View
Please elaborate your question.
SHOW all values as in? how are you pulling the data?
joe_j 11-Jan-13 4:29am View
oops, if its a windows app then you do not need a session.
just store it into a global/public variable, then you can pass it on to any form.
store these data into a txt file or an xml file and different forms can read it from there.
joe_j 11-Jan-13 4:09am View
thanks for pointing that out, I have added the password check in that now
joe_j 11-Jan-13 4:03am View
how about autostart the batch file after the MSI installation and prompt the user for the credentials?
joe_j 9-Jan-13 9:10am View
I believe that you are using an Item template to show the checkbox in the GridView. if that is so, then in the Template Edit mode you should be getting a Bind option
you should be getting something like this in the aspx code. the one below is for a DDL, you can modify it for a checkbox

<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Status" SortExpression="status">
<asp:DropDownList ID="DropDownList1" runat="server" DataSourceID="AccessDataSource2"
DataTextField="status" DataValueField="status" SelectedValue='<%# Bind("status") %>'>

<asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text='<%# Bind("status") %>'>

here Status is the field that is pulled from the database.
joe_j 9-Jan-13 7:30am View
I have updated the solution above. Try if that works.
There would be a difference when you view it in IE and CHROME etc.
joe_j 8-Jan-13 8:53am View
Not a problem Mahesh.
If you do find out a permanent fix for this, please post your solution so that it could be of help to others.
joe_j 8-Jan-13 8:03am View
Then this is hard to get around. Below are some things that you can try.
I wouldn't be able to give a more specific answer without some thing more concrete to work on.

-Are you getting any error messages?
-Is AJAX setup on the server?
-What are the changes that were made to the IIS by the admin?
-Try setting the EnablePartialRendering property of ScriptManager to True
-Set the mode to Transitional in web.config
joe_j 8-Jan-13 7:29am View
I'm guessing that you are trying to choose the ddlcompany and get the relevant value populated in ddlBranch.

Probably there is a problem with the UpdatePanel.
Try removing the UpdatePanel and check if this same code works.
joe_j 7-Jan-13 1:21am View
can you please post your code here so that it can be checked by others as well
joe_j 4-Jan-13 7:40am View
Ok, let me know if I got your question right
When you try to access the page using myIP:myPort/Forms/Login.aspx the page loads
but, when u try just myIp:myPort the page doesnt load. Is that right?

Then try this, put a default.aspx page with just a redirect code in the Page Load even. The redirect should be to your /Forms/Login.aspx.
then, in your IIS set the default page as default.aspx

If the above works, then probably there is nothing wrong with the code of the page, there is probable something wrong with the redirection of IIS.

Please let me know the outcome of this.
joe_j 29-Aug-12 3:44am View
about 188px
joe_j 29-Aug-12 3:43am View
Dialog editor? not quite sure how to do that.
joe_j 3-Aug-12 7:41am View
using MS Access DB actually
joe_j 1-Aug-12 11:34am View
oops, its pasted above now.
joe_j 1-Aug-12 11:05am View
what im trying to achieve is the the below
there are 5 or 6 text boxes in the aspx page.
and once text has been entered into them and the "update" button is clicked, these text should be inserted into the MS access database as separate rows.

With the code that i have currently I'm able to get the text in each textbox, but not able to update them into the database.
Member 4332304 26-Jul-12 9:58am View
i am using the default charts that come with VS 2010. guess its a bit confusing with default library. But anyways, guess its working now. though i did take some time to find it out
Member 4332304 26-Jul-12 9:34am View
k guess after some experimenting and some extensive googling, got a way to substitute 1K for 1000
Member 4332304 26-Jul-12 7:56am View
Not quite sure on how to do that. would you be able to provide me with a way to do that please
Member 4332304 22-Feb-12 4:04am View
how do i get the gridview aligned to the bottom of the chart with each grid view separator aligned with each X axis values on the chart
Member 4332304 17-Feb-12 1:01am View
that is an option but i need it to look something like the excel graph with the data table aligned with the chart
Member 4332304 14-Feb-12 2:00am View
Hi Markand,
im trying to get the same thing with Charts in VS2010 but have no idea how to show the datatable below the charts with their corresponding values. did you manage to achieve this yet? if yes, would be helpful if you could share it

Member 4332304 19-Jan-12 13:01pm View
thats great, glad that it was of help. maybe you can put a rating on this one
Member 4332304 17-Jan-12 5:50am View
k, then i got your question wrong. i havent tried this but you will find the below links helpful
Member 4332304 17-Jan-12 5:25am View
k then if thats the case, you can use, but you will have to write in a lots of complicated codes.
the better way is to use a COM object called Redemption (
you can try it out using the free ware, but you will have to buy the Distributable version for production. i have found it pretty useful.
it provides a simple way to read and send emails
Member 4332304 17-Jan-12 3:39am View
what kind of emails are you trying to receive, gmail, yahoo, or is it corporate email ids.
have a look over here
Member 4332304 29-Dec-11 0:52am View
can you give me some examples for that on how to do it with plz
Member 4332304 28-Dec-11 8:49am View
Thanks for that but do you have something simpler or any other way to do it as there are 80+ emails that i have to go through.
and how do i get the Read email count?
Member 4332304 28-Dec-11 8:15am View
they are all located in exchange mail server, and the sub folders are located in the inbox
Member 4332304 17-Nov-11 6:57am View
hi, its actually for exchange i just corrected my initial question
i tried using redemption but it keeps asking for the exchange username and password

i need to make a webpage that would automatically pull out the inbox and sub folder email counts from 2 different email ids.

would this be possible. i do not want to use OL as there are 2 email ids that has be retrieved
Member 4332304 8-Nov-11 6:17am View
i have used the VS built in login screen and then added the below in the webconfig
<remove name="LocalSqlServer"/>
<add name="accconstr" connectionString="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=|DataDirectory|DB.mdb" providerName="System.Data.OleDb"/>
<add name="ADConnectionString" connectionString="LDAP:SERVERNAME"/>

<identity impersonate="true" userName="AD ADMIN USERNAME" password="AD ADMIN PASSWORD"/>
<membership defaultProvider="MembershipADProvider">
<remove name="AspNetSqlMembershipProvider"/>
<add connectionStringName="ADConnectionString" attributeMapUsername="sAMAccountName" name="MembershipADProvider" type="System.Web.Security.ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider, System.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a"/>
Member 4332304 19-Oct-11 10:11am View
Member 4332304 18-Oct-11 8:03am View
K, this is wierd.. all this time it was giving me an error. and after i closed and restarted VS, your code is working perfectly.

thanks a lot mate.
Member 4332304 18-Oct-11 7:56am View
after the users tick the 4 checkboxes that i have on an aspx page, a java script msgbox is poped asking them to confirm the action. if ok is clicked, the codebehind is fired, if cancel is clicked i need the checkboxes to be in their original state. is this possible? i was just trying to work around this.

When i put in the code that you had provided, it thorows a JQUERY error
Member 4332304 18-Oct-11 4:57am View
mm not so sure on how to do this actually
if you could help me on this it would be great.
Member 4332304 18-Oct-11 2:27am View
THanks for that but it doesnt work it throws an error
i tried
else {document.getElementById('<%=cb_ibinv.ClientID %>').checked = false;}
but they are all giving error
and for the checkbox i tried onclientclick="return f2()" still error
Member 4332304 14-Oct-11 7:25am View
its actually for exchange server 2003
Member 4332304 13-Oct-11 7:32am View
perfectt.. i was actually about to tell you that the page has a master page. awesome.. atleast now it doesnt throw the jquery error..
thanks a lot my friend..
Member 4332304 13-Oct-11 7:20am View
could you please give me an alternative. not so sure on jquery.
if you could provide me the coding then that would be perfect
Member 4332304 13-Oct-11 7:19am View
its still giving me an error
"Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object expected"
Member 4332304 13-Oct-11 5:44am View
hi Murali,
its below
that is the submit button
<asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Confirm" onclientclick="return askConfirm()" />

and below is the javacode
function askConfirm() {
var ddl = document.getElementById(DropDownList1).value;
// var SelectedIndex = ddl.selectedIndex;
// var SelectedValue = Dddl.value;

if (confirm("Confirm action ?" + ddl))
//alert("you clicked yes")
return true;
Member 4332304 11-Oct-11 1:43am View
i have to enter the above withing a <script type="text/javascript"> right
Member 4332304 11-Oct-11 1:27am View
tried it, but its not picking up the selected dropdown text once the submit button is fired
Member 4332304 10-Oct-11 10:21am View
nope, its still throwing a jquery error
Member 4332304 10-Oct-11 8:00am View
oooh k.. i think i got it..
the java script without the <script type="text/javascript"> kinda got me confused if it was c# code or javascript.. thanks for that koolprasad.
Member 4332304 10-Oct-11 7:54am View
i got the onclientclick whihc i have added,
but im pretty confused with where to add function askConfirm() and the rest of the code.
if i put it into the Button1_Click codebehind, it gives me an error
Member 4332304 10-Oct-11 7:48am View
confirm in is giving an error
Member 4332304 10-Oct-11 7:46am View
but if the user clicks YES then i need to execute functions that are coded with in the code behind page.
so how do i get if yes, then execute the codebehind code?

Member 4332304 10-Oct-11 7:44am View
could you please let me know this in code
Member 4332304 10-Oct-11 7:37am View
thanks for that reply. but do i add the above after this?
Protected Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Member 4332304 6-Oct-11 15:40pm View
Thanks for that Uday.
my doubt is, i have to put this javascript inside an aspx page that is inherited from a masterpage, so where do i put this code and how to i call it to check the screen size on load. hope that you can help me on this
Member 4332304 6-Oct-11 14:38pm View
Pretty good Rafeeque, i think i got it. thanks man
Member 4332304 6-Oct-11 14:37pm View
thanks Tejas, though i didnt not use the above exactly coz i was a bit confused but you sure did put me on the right track. thanks a lot man.
i would try to use your code into mine so that i can make it better
Member 4332304 5-Oct-11 4:59am View
it should only merge if the 4 cells in a row have the same data which is pulled from an access DB.
Member 4332304 5-Oct-11 4:36am View
and as of now i have linked the gridview directly to an access DB using an accessdatasource.
and do i need to add the "counter" field in the access DB as sequence numbers for every row?
and is there a way to first get the data in ascending order and then display it in each gridview? coz if i add the counter in the DB then that might not be possible as it might just take up the numbers less than or greater that the half of rows
Member 4332304 5-Oct-11 4:34am View
i did try this, however, i couldnt see it merging, it still shows all the 4 cells.
Member 4332304 5-Oct-11 4:33am View
well its like, if all the 4 cells in the row have the "true" value, then the 4 cells merge and it should just show a single cell displaying the time that all 4 fields became "true".
Member 4332304 5-Oct-11 4:19am View
hi Tejas, well im not a big time programmer so not quite clear on your answer above
Member 4332304 5-Oct-11 3:58am View
its to divide the number of rows equally between 2 gridviews
Member 4332304 3-Oct-11 13:41pm View
thanks Abhinav. that did give me some idea.
Member 4332304 3-Oct-11 13:20pm View
yup, the chart is an image.
it does center it, but doesnt fill up the entire <TD>
Member 4332304 31-Aug-11 7:02am View
its more like an automated dashboard showing the graphs on a screen based on the data in the database. not sure on how to implement this into silverlight though. would you be able to give me some kind of samples for this please.
Member 4332304 31-Aug-11 3:09am View
yup, its Ms charts VS2010.
I am checking into the link that you hav given. im sure it should help out. thanks karthickjce

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