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_Maxxx_ 9-Jul-15 7:24am View
It did, thanks - exactly what I was trying to do!
Still didn't work but I think it is permissions problems now, so have contacted the repository owner.
_Maxxx_ 8-Jul-15 8:26am View
I have used SourceTree so I might give it a go and just see what happens - just was concerned that all the docco I can find says to do a pull request from your branch.

Update - tried it, couldn't get it to work (seems to be a permissions thing)
_Maxxx_ 8-Jul-15 7:28am View
Sounds like a homework question to me?
What have you tried?
_Maxxx_ 27-Mar-15 1:35am View
I don't follow you?
Are you saying that the date of birth area has 6 spaces, so you want to force the 'encashable' line to be on the same row?
You mean 'exactly' 6 spaces? Not more nor less?

I think we would need to know where this text is appearing, to give an answer. e.g. if it is on a web page in html, then what is currently causing it to wrap to the next line? Unless there is some tag forcing the line break (for example, <br> or <p>) then it will just be wrapping according to available space on the page.
_Maxxx_ 17-Mar-15 16:39pm View
Maciej and Jorgen are right - make the dw table the joined-to table, and check for nulls as I suggested - so

select dw.C_DSC_Code,MAX(dr.d_date_report)
from tbl_dwr dr
left join TBL_DWR_DETAILS dw on dr.N_Srno=dw.N_Srno
where dw.C_DSC_Code in ( ...)
or dw.C_DSC_Code is null
_Maxxx_ 17-Mar-15 2:50am View
It might help to tell someone what the error is that you are getting.
_Maxxx_ 17-Mar-15 1:58am View
Seriously, try googling C# log file - 4.8 million people will help you!
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 22:33pm View
Unblocking is the answer!
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 8:23am View
So I wonder what is different that is giving you the 'fix' and not me?

I'm too tired to play any more tonight - thanks for all your help with this tonight - at last I've felt I haven't just lost my marbles!
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 8:21am View
Thanks for your help with this - there is definitely something funny going on!

I have to go to bed now - but I'll be having a play when I get into the office tomorrow, on Win 7 in case it makes a difference
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 8:09am View
Wierd - I don't see the message - and also don't ever see the image - even after creating a 2nd page (but I DO see the image on the second page, just never on the original!)

I'm Win 8.1 ie 11.0.9600.17690 right now!
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 8:02am View
If I create the html myself manually - even if I copy/paste the original html into a new html file., that page displays fine, but the original still does not display :(
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 7:55am View
There's no ActiveX or anything - but I went and made that change anyway - no difference :(
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 7:44am View
Yes - sorry, replied but failed to click the submit button :)
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 7:43am View
When I push F12 I just get the DOM explorer window, showing hte HTML (which is as expected) - no messages at all.
Console is empty too, showing no errors, warning or Info
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 7:37am View
It is extremely unlikely that there is such an issue - as this failed to work on Windows 7 machines as well as this virginal Windows 8 machine - but I'm running a scan just to prove it.
I noticed CarefulCoder has reproduced it too - so it will be interesting to see what happens!

Thanks for your help!
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 7:28am View
You don't know how good that makes me feel! I was beginning to think I had lost my marbles!
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 7:23am View
Thanks to everyone for their help so far!
I have just recorded a vide of me performing the steps - and showing it not working - just in case one of you who has it working can see a difference between what I am doing and what you are doing?

the video is at
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 7:23am View
Thanks. I'm on Win 8 here but I will try again on Win 7 pro at work tomorrow

Thanks for your help!

I am also uploading a video of it going wrong - in case you can look at it and see that I am doing something strange!
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 6:37am View
now this is getting more bizarre! There's no way there is malware on my virgin VM of windows 8 - and the chances of something like that having the same effect on three different computers too seems a little "out there!"

can you send me a link to the image you downloaded so I can try with the same image, just in case it is something strange with the image itself? (although I have tried several!)
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 6:34am View
This happened at the dojo on three separate machines, none part of a network, all just individual's home computers.
I tested it here in a VM running a brand new installation of windows 8 with a single user (me) using my Live account as a user Id

Except for Maciej who claims it works for him, this experience happens on every machine I have tried.

I am upgrading the Vm to 8.1 and will test again with that, and try with a local user if it still doesn't work!
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 6:18am View
well that is completely bizarre! What OS and version of IE?
This is going wrong on at least 4 different machines, consistently .
Out of interest could you give me the link to the image you downloaded so I can try with that exact image, just in case?!
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 6:11am View
So you downloaded, extracted from zip into a folder, downloaded a jpg from somewhere else into the images folder, and changed the html to use that new image - and it works fine in IE?

_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 6:04am View
I wish that were true.
I have an image "cat.jpg" and the code <img src="images/cat.jpg"/> and it doesn't work. I have tried mixtures of case and no luck on any attempt.
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 6:02am View
Yes - it survives reboots, cache clearing etc.
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 0:39am View
Also, creating the folder structure manually, creating new html file with the same contents, and downloading the same cat image to the images folder works fine.
So it would appear to be associated with the folder structure that has been downloaded in the zip file in some way
_Maxxx_ 15-Mar-15 0:34am View
It doesn't matter what name the new file is given, it will not display. Any of the existing files display fine.
e.g. There is an existing file dog.jpg - change the html to show that and it is fine. rename dog.jpg to abc.jpg, refresh, noting shows (as expected). rename my image to dog.jpg and still nothing shows. Change the html to show abc.jpg and it does show.

In summary; any existing image file in the images folder displays fine, even if renamed.
Any new image downloaded into the images folder, will not display, even when renamed.

This experience survives a complete reboot.

I am testing on a completely brand new build of Windows 8 - so I know there are no other copies of the files on the machine.

It also occurs with every image I have downloaded to test. e.g. I googled "cat image" right-clicked on the first image I found, downloaded directly into the images folder, re-opened the web page from the file system, and the image does not show.

Opening the same file in Chrome works fine
_Maxxx_ 14-Mar-15 23:27pm View
Try it - it doesn't.
The spelling, capitalisation etc. are correct - did you not see that it worked fine in Chrome? The file is in the specified location - other files in the specified location are displayed correctly if only the file name is changed.

What do you provide with your guarantee? As I can guarantee (and am prepared to put up financial surety) that it does not display.
_Maxxx_ 13-Mar-15 0:36am View
Firstly - this is a very poor way of writing SQL & is open to SQL Injection attacks - e.g. someone could type text into one of the text boxes that contains SQL that would be executed
_Maxxx_ 8-Mar-15 22:34pm View
When you say you want the column removed, do you mean not included in the results at all, or returned as Null?
If you want to not include the column, then you will have to resort to dynamic SQL - i.e. build up the sql string and execute it.
If you are happy to return null, then
Select Case When @p_reportType = 1 Then Null Else row_number() END as MeasurementGroupId
_Maxxx_ 8-Mar-15 22:09pm View
The error will be in your connection string - check that.
_Maxxx_ 22-Feb-15 22:24pm View
Your link doesn't work

You need to explain more. Maybe try using google translate if you don't know the words in English?
_Maxxx_ 22-Feb-15 22:22pm View
I deny that 'flexibility' is a consideration. Dynamically typed languages may take less typing, but in the scheme of maintainability and bug-hunting they're way down in the list; I want the compiler and linker to do as much as possible to save me from myself!
_Maxxx_ 16-Feb-15 6:03am View
Using a DataTable carries an overhead over, say, passing the raw data - but it does allow you quite simply to pass in a single transaction all your data to the database. Generally in my experience it is better to pass a large amount of data in one transaction than a slightly smaller amount in many transactions.

The major overheads in a DataTable (my understanding of it, anyway) are in storing 'versions' of the data and defining indexes etc. - but for our purposes, you don't need to do that.

A system I worked on used datatables solely for passing to stored procedures where a collection was required - so the DataTable was built up from the collection of objects in code, then passed as a single parameter, and disposed of immediately.

Very convenient and easily maintainable.

The table-creation was done non-generically (i.e. there was a DataTable defined for every DataTable parameter type in the system - but there were less than a handful) because it is necessary to create a table type in the database that matches.
_Maxxx_ 15-Feb-15 21:52pm View
The easiest way to help is to help yourself
Set a breakpoint or two and see what happens, and if that is what you expect to happen!
Does the timer tick? Are the X and Y calculated as you expect?

At least you may then narrow down your problem - maybe it's your calculation, maybe it's just not re-drawing - and then ask a more specific question.
_Maxxx_ 21-Dec-14 21:59pm View
_Maxxx_ 21-Dec-14 21:59pm View
Done it. What next?
_Maxxx_ 16-Dec-14 0:53am View
As others have said - debug it and look at the sql being performed

But the fact that the error says incorrect syntax bear nvarchar rather imp-lies there is an "nvarchar" in the sql string being built, which doesn't seem logical as you are building an insert statement - so maybe your source data doesn't look like what you think?
_Maxxx_ 10-Dec-14 0:29am View
It's rather expected that you do some work yourself, and then ask questions when you get stuck with specific problems. I'm not sure anyone is going to help you with this as it is simply too large a question to answer on such a forum as this
_Maxxx_ 9-Dec-14 1:08am View
It is expected that you make some attempt before asking people to help you do your homework
_Maxxx_ 10-Nov-14 7:29am View
As we don't have access to your computer, and can't see your screen, you will need to provide more information if you want help.
How about showing us the code, for a start?
_Maxxx_ 2-Nov-14 20:14pm View
1. Attention to detail and the ability to perform repetitive tasks many times over without losing that attention to detail.
2. Me? I use XCode and Visual Studio, SSMS. But I'm not a tester.
3. Rare
4. If in an agile environment, I think it is normal (In my experience). The tester needs to be kept aware of progress and changes
5. Developers claiming 'it's not a bug!'
6. Not understanding the software requirements - so potentially missing something in testing
7. One could argue that finding new ways to 'break' software can be creative - and it is challenging to try to ensure 100% test coverage
_Maxxx_ 1-Oct-14 0:11am View
Is the console application running on the client or the server?
If on the client, then it's down to using activex

or register your own protocol when the exe is installed on the client, so that when you click an appropriate link, the user will be prompted to open it in the appropriate application (a bit like iTunes works when you click on a link to a tune in a web page)
_Maxxx_ 24-Sep-14 8:21am View
Encryption will hit performance - by definition it is doing more work - but generally not too significantly (of course it depends on the encryption!)

And with databases you need to be able to de-crypt - and as a developer you need to be able to do so relatively simply or maintaining data can be a pain - and if you can , then can someone else gaining access to the server?

You could just encrypt some data (if not all of it is sensitive) - but again if you think someone might be able to access the server, you'd need to ensure that decryption was hard enough that any snooper isn't going to be able to get at your data.

But users will have to.

And users will have an application that decrypts the data!

that is probably your weak spot!
_Maxxx_ 17-Sep-14 1:08am View
it's traditional and polite to quote your sources
_Maxxx_ 17-Sep-14 1:07am View
I'm not having a go at you, I am genuinely interested. Could you explain why you haven't just searched for a solution using Google? I searched for "convert binary string to hexadecimal c#" for example, and found 138,000 hits, many of which have code samples?
(Of course, thanks to Prasad below, it will now be 138,001)
_Maxxx_ 17-Sep-14 1:03am View
Looking quickly at it, I would guess your split function isn't working properly,as you seem to be getting more than one row inserted into your temp table even though you are supplying a single student Id - so I would start by looking at that.
_Maxxx_ 9-Sep-14 2:04am View
What do you mean it doesn't work properly? What does it do? What's it meant to do?
_Maxxx_ 4-Sep-14 6:21am View
wow - not sure about elegant, but certainly more complex! Surely, if you decided you wanted 50 rows instead of 5, this is going to prove a little harder to maintain?
_Maxxx_ 4-Sep-14 6:15am View
Thanks - I think I missed that when I copied it over from SSMS - it was 5-past going-home time so I was i a rush :)
_Maxxx_ 2-Sep-14 5:36am View
But I'm sorry, you are wrong. The two queries perform and work identically.
_Maxxx_ 2-Sep-14 4:53am View
i assume you mean it DOESN'T show on your gridview?
make sure you're getting some records back (by running in debug and looking) . It's been a long time since I played with gridViews so, if you can't solve it, I would post the code as a new question asking why your gridview is empty,
_Maxxx_ 2-Sep-14 4:50am View
it's difficult for my ageing eyesight to see, but I suspect you need to put some spaces around your "AND"
Easiest way to find out is to put the sql into a string and stick a breakpoint after it is constructed - then you can see the SQL as it is about to be passed to the engine.
_Maxxx_ 2-Sep-14 4:47am View
It produces identical results to a join and (I believe - been a long time since I bothered to look for myself) an identical execution plan.
it is not a cross-join because the Where clause effectively joins the two tables
_Maxxx_ 29-Aug-14 0:51am View
I'd not discourage you from developing your own solution - but is there any reason why you're not using one of the many survey sites out there (like the ones you mention?)
_Maxxx_ 22-Aug-14 6:58am View
Sorry - responded to the question rather than the comment from Rohan.
I'd suggest specifying the brand of SQL you're using in the tags (you just seem to have C# in there) - I'm guessing you're using SQL Server, btu it's better to be clear.
Also, try tidying up your layout, as it's not easy to read as it is, and those unfamiliar with your table (i.e. all of us) may have difficulty understanding which column is which
_Maxxx_ 22-Aug-14 6:55am View
Why would they show effort - he's asking a simple 'how do I do this' question - why do you feel it necessary for him to make some attempt if he hasn't got a clue where to start? Not very helpful, is it?
_Maxxx_ 22-Aug-14 6:31am View
Why bother answering if you're not going to help at all?
_Maxxx_ 20-Aug-14 2:04am View
The time zone issue doesn't seem to be relevant here - essentially are you asking how to send a message at a given time without using schedulers?
What do you mean by schedulers, and why don't you want to use one? A scheduler is just something that schedules something - which is by definition what you want to do - so I think you may not have explained yourself well.
Also, when you say send notifications to his friends, what sort of notifications? Are you talking about sending an SMS, and email?
If it needs to be push technology then you will have to schedule it in some way - even if you just check every (say) 15 minutes if anything is due. If it can be pull (e.g. when a friend logs in they are told it's Bill's Birthday then you don't need any sort of schedule, just a database record holding the relevant data.
Perhaps you can give us some more detail to help us to help you?
_Maxxx_ 20-Aug-14 1:56am View
I'm not sure what a lakh is. (just looked it up - it is 100,000 yes? So 2 million records!
But if you are binding 20,000,000 or 2,000,000 (it's not clear) then your design is probably at fault; this is a gui control that I am absolutely certain no human being is going to scroll through.
If they did, and we assume 2 million records at 1 second per row, then it's 500 hours worth of scrolling. Even at 1/10 of a second it's going to be a full working week.
If you really want to do it, then you will need to do some sort of paging, so that only a page or two are bound at a time, with more retrieved as the user scrolls.
_Maxxx_ 7-Aug-14 7:22am View

"I see nothing offending in my statement." - and therein lies the problem. YOU don't see it - others do (it's no just me). The only characteristic I am getting at is your apparent rudeness to others here, and your arrogance. these come across in many of your posts, to the point where a number of people at CP get annoyed and frustrated with you.

You said "You did not address the problem OP has. I don't even know why Uttam is interested in your answer."

Ignoring the fact that I had attempted to answer his question, IMHO a lot better than you did, in what way does that post help anyone except for you 'blowing your own trumpet' The 'you don't know what you are talking about but I do' attitude grates.

"Please see this comment to the question and my comment and my answer."
Again, 'see my answer' as if you are explaining to me how dumb I've been - although I actually answered what the OP was asking and you didn't.

maybe it is your English skills that are at fault, and it just comes across as arrogance - but come across it does.

"why do you allow yourself such things?" because your manner of posting annoys and offends people, and I would like it to improve; as you say "we need to agree on the exchange of opinions" - my opinion is that you come across as arrogant and rude in some of your postings - enouggh that I really would prefer it if you didn't comment.
_Maxxx_ 6-Aug-14 19:48pm View
I'd love you to comment on what you find appropriate - it is how you comment that offends people.

_Maxxx_ 6-Aug-14 7:38am View
You would need to have a version file that contains all of the version numbers that have been released.
You would compare the current running version against the highest of these versions.
If the current version < highest version then you need to update.
Take the next version higher and download the patch, apply it, and re-run the update process.

e.g. Your version is 1.1
latest version is 2.0
In between you have released 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4

program runs, downloads file with
say you put them in an array.
Now, compare 1.1 (current version) with 2.0 (highest version) - not the same so you need to update
start at beginning of array
Is 1.0 > 1.1 - no, go to next element
Is 1.1 > 1.1 - no, go to next element
id 1.2 > 1.1 - YES
Get the update at and apply it
Your current version is now 1.2, so repeat the process
is 1.0 > 1.2 - no
is 1.1 > 1.2 - no
is 1.2 > 1.2 - no
is 1.3 > 1.2 - YES
Get the update at and apply it
Your current version is now 1.2, so repeat the process

so, each time you perform the update you have to build the url ("" + arrayOfAvalableVersions[currentIndex] + "")

You could also do the same sort of process on an XML file like SAK proposed - where the file would take the place of the text file and you would have the complete URL defined for each release - but the process of checking the release number against the collection of all release numbers would remain the same
_Maxxx_ 6-Aug-14 7:27am View
The problem the OP had was "if launcher version is 1.0 and latest version is 3.0 so it should take update from 2.0 then take update from 3.0 is it possible?"
I think he was interested in my answer because I was addressing the problem rather than being arrogant.
Your answer insists he has a different url for each version which he doesn't state anywhere - his existing code he has a single hard-coded url - which is obviously not going to work!
I was trying to explain the logic with which he could address the problem. Whether he uses an XML file with separate URLs as you suggest (although your solution provides separate urls...) or a simple text file (which he is obviously familiar with) or a text file with just the version numbers and combines version number with URL to provide the updates doesn't really matter.

you told him to "add one more URL, a fixed one" - this he already does - it's in the code - ""

The fact that in your example the versionid matches the url suffix is merely adding redundancy; I suppose it does give the advantage of potentially storing updates at entirely different locations, or calling the patch for version 7 'hoppy version' rather than v.7.0 - but it's unlikely that would be required.
Finally you explain to him the process, but this isn't the process he is after.

He wants a user running version 1.2 to download every version from 1.3 through tot he latest version, and not just get the latest version, thus missing out the patches.

while I can see, and I am sure you can too, that it would be easy to modify your solution to provide that functionality - the OP evidently had not thought about the logic behind doing so - which was what I was trying to explain, and what you failed to explain.

I rarely come to Q&A - and it is because of you, frankly, that i often stay away, because, rather than trying to help the OP and just getting on with that help, you insist on posting comments like that above, with an absolute arrogance that astounds me.

I would appreciate it if you did not respond to any of my posts here in future.
_Maxxx_ 6-Aug-14 7:09am View
That looks interesting! I originally wanted to know about it because I was entering the Intel competition and wanted to write something for the desktop that preferably allowed me to use a touch screen.
I'm too busy now to take a look - but I will add it to my long list of things to look at - and look forward to reading your article on it :)
_Maxxx_ 6-Aug-14 7:03am View
I wrote this when I was entering the Intel competition and needed to write an app for Win 8 using touch etc. I wanted to see if I could write it in Js
_Maxxx_ 23-Jun-14 3:01am View
How does the SP perform when 40K records meet the criteria? If this is acceptable, then you could just present the first couple of hundred or so - if not, then you need to limit the Sp to returning the Top n records rather than all of them
_Maxxx_ 8-Jun-14 5:46am View
As I said before I think, you need to debug the quewries and make sure they are doing what you expect with the data you have.
The dates you showed in your example are earlier than today, so as shown, neither query will return a value.
Your queries differ only by the different dates and the bool value - so try commenting out both, - they should now return a value.
Next uncomment one and see if it returns a value - if it doesn't then that line is likely to be your issue - and hopefully you can work out why!
And run it in debug - look at the returned values - see if you can figure it out.
_Maxxx_ 6-Jun-14 10:58am View
Given that the dates you show in your sample data are all in 2013, that seems unlikely!
As I said, I would debug it to try to find out what is happening -

One thought does occur - if BOTH queries return a record, then the page you go to will depend on the order in which you run them - so perhaps run the full test first?
_Maxxx_ 6-Jun-14 10:49am View
Well you have

<pre lang="cs">var test=$('.count').html();

which says 'get the element with a class of .count and increment it.

And you have two elements with that class

sorry I don't know how to get it working off the top of my head - as you plainly do't want to give each element its own Id and function///
_Maxxx_ 6-Jun-14 10:38am View
Are you simply saying that passing the same username and password to each of the two methods, NewsTrial returns a record and full_test returns null?
If that is the case, I can't see anything wrong with the query, so it is likely a problem with the data
I would run in debug, break on the query and check the data at runtime.
If it still looks OK I would try removing lines from select 1 by 1 until you DO get a record, and then you know which bit is failing
_Maxxx_ 3-Jun-14 7:51am View
You can do it with xamarin - and the OP has Xamarin and wants to program using it and C#, not HTML/JS
_Maxxx_ 18-May-14 5:47am View
I forgot to mention that this is for a cross platform mobile device application - so standard C++ functions- I think the link you gave was for Windows?
Shirley, in all the years C++ has been about, there is a 'known' method of converting dates to strings and vice versa? When I write an app and someone types in a date, does everyone roll their own?
_Maxxx_ 15-May-14 17:23pm View
I"m not sure why you are talking about finding data in the main form/binding to the main form.
Does the main form already have a collection of all Customers (or whatever)?
Assuming you have some sort of DAL then I would make the look up forms stand-alone. The user enters the filtering data, the form gets the dataset from the database.
When the user selects one in the lookup form, it closes and the main form accesses the selected data and does whatever it needs to with it.
If Db speed is a real issue, then you can always cache the complete record sets in your DAL and provide filtering method(s) there to return only the appropriate records.
If you are talking about pretty static data (i.e. it won't change during program execution) then caching is a good idea - why continually go to the db to get the same list of customer types, for example)
One the controls front, I haven't programmed in winforms for a while, so can't make sensible comment, other than to suggest you develop using sub-classed vanilla controls (i.e. myGridView that just inherits from GridView). This may allow you to replace the base control with another, should performance be an issue, without too many changes.
_Maxxx_ 15-May-14 2:05am View
The result of what? The query?
Something like this
If it were me I would:
Run in debug, up to the call on the SP - if it doesn't get there then you need to dig in your code
If it does, then call the SP through SSMS (or even just run the sql) with the same values you're assigning in the program.
See what happens!
_Maxxx_ 15-May-14 1:59am View
The only real benefit is less code to be written. Instead of having to write lots of loops to search for or sort data, Linq does it for you.
Some people think its the bees knees, and try to use it for all sorts of things it's not really good for, and create messy Linq queries that are harder to maintain because of their complexity.

A good example where Linq is useful (IMHO) is in filtering collections (as I mentioned in my answer) - imagine the user can also select the colour, age, whether it has tails etc. etc. A single Linq query can provide the objects required from the collection, and sort them appropriately, without a) a long trip to the database or b) writing a 'foreach' or similar loop.,

Beyond that, it's really personal preference.

In fact in many circumstances Linq can be slower than writing a simple loop yourself, so where performance is a consideration it may not be the best tool.
_Maxxx_ 15-May-14 0:43am View
Is the SP running at all?
Is the DAL method run at all?
Is the BAL method run at all?

Why have the catch .. throw - leave the exceptions in while you are testing and it may give you a clue!

If you want the SP to return the number of rows affected then you need to write the SP to do so.
_Maxxx_ 8-May-14 2:07am View
What do you mean by "work fine"? When it doesn't, what happens? Is it slow or does it not work at all - do they get an error message?
_Maxxx_ 8-May-14 2:03am View
This is obviously a homework question and, while the gurus here are happy to aid you in learning, they won't just do the homework for you.
I suggest you make some attempt yourself, and ask specific questions should they arrive.
_Maxxx_ 5-Apr-14 8:40am View
Cool - thanks.
I actually want it to be right justified so not using a pointer works for me - but I get your idea if it were a more generic solution.
but enough! I've taken enough of your time, and spent far too long just to display the PooperPig score!

Thanks Griff.
I owe you a beer.
_Maxxx_ 5-Apr-14 8:24am View
So, I gave it a go...

char output[11]; // Allow 12,456,890/0
unsigned int pos = 0;
unsigned int index = 10;
unsigned int digit = (value % 10);
value = value / 10;
char c = '0' + digit;
if (pos++ == 3)
pos = 0;
output[--index] = ',';
output[--index] = c;
while (value > 0);
while(index > 0)
output[--index ] = ' ';
std::string s (output);
return s;

It;s good to have a debugger when you're doing this stuff - I kept leaving a character unchanged leading to interesting displays!

Naive question: With char output[11]; this allocates 11 bytes on the stack (I think) - so presumably this just gets released when it pops out of my function? i.e. I don't need to worry about releasing the memory?
_Maxxx_ 5-Apr-14 7:56am View
Good spot on the do..while.

I figured if I really need it quick I should use plain old vanilla c strings and manipulate the characters directly - I know the maximum length the string can be (potentially whatever the maximum size of an int is, but in my game, only (say) 6 or 7 digits.
So I could set up the string to be (say)11 characters plus \0, fill it with spaces, then just use an index to update each char.
Hmmm. I think I can turn a c string into a std:;string can't I?
I might even give it a go!
_Maxxx_ 5-Apr-14 7:39am View
here's what I got right now

if (value == 0) return "0";
unsigned int pos = 0;
std::string output = "";
while (value > 0)
unsigned int digit = (value % 10);
value = value / 10;
char c = '0' + digit;
if (pos++==3)
pos = 0;
output = ','+ output;
output = c + output;

return output;


Which works and avoids the formatString - If I cold figure how to benchmark the two methods I might give it a go, but it's working right now, and so I"m one happy little vegemite.

(although if you see anything in that code that's dodgy I'd appreciate the thought)

Thanks again !
_Maxxx_ 5-Apr-14 7:25am View
I've currently got a formatString method that I'm using to convert the int to a string, (e.g. s = formatString("%d",12345); then using a modified version of your solution (as of about 3 minutes ago) to convert that to put in the commas.
The formatString method uses vsprintf to format - I don't know if that is more a more efficient way of doing it that what you suggest - I'm wary of putting mod and % because this is being used in a 60fps game loop, so efficiency is important...
Although, I might give it a go just to prove I'm not as thick as I was feeling when I couldn't do this earlier on!

Too used to the niceties of C# etc. where you don't have to write all the damn plumbing yourself!
_Maxxx_ 5-Apr-14 7:07am View
copied in your code and it works. Sort of!
Obviously your version returns 12345 as 123,45 whereas I wanted 12,345.
so i changed it to loop from length-1 to <0
and output += s[i] changes to output = s[i] + output (and same change to adding the comma

And it hung!

I forgot to change to an unsigned int!

cheers Griff!
_Maxxx_ 5-Apr-14 6:57am View
Baaa! I will SWEAR that your solution is almost exactly what I had (only real difference I was using i%3==0 as a test.

I'll give it a go right now & see what happens!
_Maxxx_ 5-Apr-14 4:29am View
thanks griff - i'll never mention sheep again.
if i wanted to return a string rather than cout-ing how can i do that?
It was doing pretty much what you show, but trying to concat the chars to another string where I started to get exceptions...
_Maxxx_ 17-Mar-14 20:04pm View
it's difficult to critique without knowing your level of knowledge and the teacher's expectations.
e.g. is doSomething acceptable naming or should you be commenting on it?
Is the fact that the use of ID capitalised is against MS standards something that requires comment?
_Maxxx_ 14-Mar-14 7:24am View
If there is a 'dateupdated' column on every table, for example, you could use sp_foreachtable to run 'delete from ? where fromdate < @thedateyouwant
This will fail for referenced tables, but you can just keep running it until it gets rid of everything.
A brute force approach - but should work if you have a consistent method of identifying records on every table.
_Maxxx_ 5-Feb-14 23:22pm View
Well, your solution could have been copied and pasted from the source code I told you to look at!
_Maxxx_ 5-Feb-14 23:03pm View
It's not clear what part you are having problems with - what you have tried or, exactly, what you need to know.
Maybe you could try improving the question (there's a link at the bottom of the question) to show what you have, and what is missing / you need help with. Also, what technology (AsP, PHP, etc.) you are using.
_Maxxx_ 5-Feb-14 17:23pm View
I can't even guess why that wouldn't work. I suggest

1. Post some relevant code here
2. Run in debug, and set up a breakpoint before you add the bracket - look at the Text property then step over the 'bracket adding code' and look again -
_Maxxx_ 4-Feb-14 17:38pm View
TO be clear.
textbox1.Text & "1" works, but
textbox1.Text & "(" doesn't?

And by 'works' you mean the bracket doesn't appear?
_Maxxx_ 3-Feb-14 21:42pm View
When you say "i tried to start by puttint txtbox.txt= txtbox.text & "(" and that didn't work " what didn't work exactly?
_Maxxx_ 19-Jan-14 21:46pm View
You haven't made it clear what you want the trigger to do.
_Maxxx_ 14-Jan-14 23:53pm View
Best thing to do is to post the code you have so we can look at it and (hopefully) tell you where you are going wrong!
Presumably you convert the strings to numeric - that's probably where the fault lies - but without the code it's hard to help further.
_Maxxx_ 14-Jan-14 0:56am View
What aspect are you having problems with?
_Maxxx_ 14-Jan-14 0:53am View
No, not from here.
_Maxxx_ 14-Jan-14 0:50am View
Unhelpful, I know, but Success is spelled Success not sucees or sucess - I mention only in case you have spelled it two different ways somewhere and hence are not referencing the same thing you think you are!

As a debug strategy, I'd take all the sql out of the sp except for the setting the return parameter to 1 - and see if you still get the wrong return result - that way you can see if you are actually getting the returned parameter value, or the query is just failing.
The query looks a bit strange -0 like @sqlqueries isn't actually used?
_Maxxx_ 13-Jan-14 23:11pm View
If it says the path isn't correct, then it isn't. It might look like it is, but it isn't.
You are using Directory.GetFiles and passing the name of a file, not the path of a directory. GetFiles returns a list of files in a directory.
_Maxxx_ 12-Jan-14 21:17pm View
If you think that the code you liked to is difficult then I think you should steer clear of this sort of thing - it's hardly possible to write a more simple program!
this is a pure 'brute-force' approach to finding a prime.
There are lots of ways to find primes that are more efficient - a quick google will provide tons of examples - but the code would be more complex - and if you're finding the given example difficult you may not want to look
_Maxxx_ 7-Jan-14 15:28pm View
You're right - and I think I see what you're trying to do, now.
I tend to use the Xaml code-behind for this sort of stuff (no - stop it, don't scream like that!)
So the code-behind calls a method on its VM (say SaveState()) that takes as parameters whatever is necessary(in your case maybe the docking manager and a key). The VM takes the parameters, and does what it needs to have them saved to some repository.
Then you also have a method LoadState() that would probably take the same parameters, but this time set the state of the docking manager.
This way, your VM only has to know about the Avalon State Manager object, and not a particular view.
some people squirm when they see me advising the use of code-behind, but that's what it's there for, IMHO, to do GUI work; and this is one of those cases where the boundaries between GUI and Business logic become blurred.
_Maxxx_ 6-Jan-14 21:08pm View
Just answering your first question - yes, having the VM have a reference to your View is bad practice, and I would recommend not doing it.
I don't know AvalonDockingManager so can't help more than this, sorry1
_Maxxx_ 3-Dec-13 22:15pm View
Difficult to follow what you are asking exactly.
From what I can tell of your code, you have two arrays containing all the values for the red pixels from both images?
Assuming both the images are the same width, then you just need to look at the bottom row of the top image and the top row of the bottom image.
from left to right, (i.e. from i=0 to i=width) compare the pixel values from each.
I don't really understand what you want to do with the images once you determine if the pixel values are equal, though.
Maybe try re-wording your question as a series of short steps as the English may be easier to understand.
_Maxxx_ 3-Dec-13 22:05pm View
Don't be so rude and obnoxious.
_Maxxx_ 2-Dec-13 2:01am View
I don't know what imegen.exe is, and a quick Google didn't give me any information. Perhaps you could explain a little more clearly what you are trying to achieve?
_Maxxx_ 29-Nov-13 7:25am View
My apologies - I had assumed you were the OP so was referring to his question and not your comment.
_Maxxx_ 29-Nov-13 7:20am View
If you seriously want to write your own face recognition software, then I think (based on the quality and tone of your question) you are aiming far, far too high, and certainly asking a question of the sort you did doesn't seem like you have done any work towards this yourself.

it is not clear, then, what you are asking for?

The link I gave was to open source software, so you are free to use the code rather than treat it as a library.

More info on this sort of thing is here -
_Maxxx_ 20-Nov-13 21:25pm View
I don't know Ruby at all - but it looks to me like you have too many 'end's?
_Maxxx_ 20-Nov-13 18:12pm View
From the original post "We have already started coding with xojo, so that is more comfortable. " So they plainly are already using it. Hence my response.
If vendor lock in is your main issue, then what would you suggest to avoid it? Plainly you couldn't use .Net as that is tying you to MS. So what, entirely open source?
I think you need to look at things not just from a technical point of view, but with a sound business head; From what the OP describes, this is a very simple app, that they have already started coding in xojo, and someone is telling them they should do it in PHP - probably because they have PHP skills.
If the development tool of choice a) does the job and b) is maintainable / supportable and c) doesn't require significant cost (in retraining or tool purchase) then I think it will be fine as there is no overwhelming argument for changing.
_Maxxx_ 20-Nov-13 18:07pm View
Suspicious? I don't understand what you mean.
I wouldn't develop in VB6 now - but these folk already have a VB6 application and (presumably) some expertise.
As for vendor lock in - unless you are looking at wholly open source you are going to get vendor lock in.
From your link:
"Microsoft software carries a high level of vendor lock-in, based on its extensive set of proprietary APIs. "
for example
_Maxxx_ 20-Nov-13 5:51am View
While, as a professional developer, I would steer clear of something like Xojo, it has been around since 1998 in one form or anther, so probably isn't quite as awful as you fear!
Also, what's wrong with a proprietary language?
Supported platforms? From Wikipedia:
"The Xojo IDE is currently available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, 32-bit x86 Linux,[11] and can compile applications for Windows (Windows XP and higher), Mac OS X (running on Intel-based Macs using the Cocoa frameworks), 32-bit x86 Linux, and the web, with support for iOS coming in December 2013. Xojo is self-hosted: the Xojo IDE is built with the current release of Xojo.[12]"
_Maxxx_ 20-Nov-13 5:48am View
The OP is talking about what sounds to be a very simple app. If they already are using xojo and this is the only app they are likely to develop then I believe better to stick with what they know rather than look elsewhere.
_Maxxx_ 29-Oct-13 23:38pm View
I think it might be better to show an example of what you are trying to achieve - e.g. show the rows in the table at each step of what you want to achieve - as it is hard to follow your question.
Alternatively, writing the steps as simple bullet points might help?
_Maxxx_ 29-Oct-13 23:23pm View
I was intrigued so tried this out - in C# not VB - and all was well.
Are you sure there isn't some other process going on that is updating the text box?
_Maxxx_ 29-Oct-13 23:17pm View
A windows form application runs natively on a computer and not in a browser - and so doesn't run 'online' at all.
You need to describe you question better
_Maxxx_ 28-Oct-13 1:02am View
Your English isn't too bad - but your question is!
The folk here are generally happy to help you if you have a specific problem - have tried something and are stuck, or are getting an error you cannot figure out.
They generally aren't here to just write a program for you.
If you _have_ tried something then post the code & say what specific problems you are having - then people will be able to help you.
_Maxxx_ 21-Oct-13 7:46am View
Sorry - I didn't see you addition when I posted my last comment.
That's awesome! Thanks.

One of my attempts was similar - but I was getting into an infinite loop of windows moving events!

Thanks for your help!
_Maxxx_ 21-Oct-13 1:28am View
Sorry, but you aren't helping at all. I'm talking touch with WPF specifically - you're talking touchpads, which is "a separate topic"

WPF DOES make a difference between a touchpad and a mouse. e.g. the System.Window.DragMove(); method provided specifically drags the window while the left mouse button is down - and is not affected by touch at all (indeed, if you look at the code for it, it specifically tests for the left mouse button being down)

And the dragging of a window without the client area IS related specifically because of differences between mouse handling and touch.

As you say, it is an easy problem, would you be kind enough to supply some code to show me - as I have not found it possible to achieve despite many attempts.
_Maxxx_ 26-Sep-13 0:09am View
Do you mean you want to save each line of the text box into a column of a database table?
_Maxxx_ 8-Aug-13 6:00am View
I don't see what you mean. The mouse coordinates are relative to the screen while the OP wanted to convert that to the coordinates on the bitmap.
Assuming the image takes up the whole picture box then my calculation is right, isn't it?

I'm sure there are 57 other ways of doing it - but I think my code caters exactly for what the OP requested.
_Maxxx_ 8-Aug-13 1:10am View
Perhaps the OP has good reason, perhaps not.
Surely it would be more helpful to let them know the easy answer rather than telling them not to use a PictureBox?
_Maxxx_ 29-Jul-13 1:51am View
It seems quite simple to me. Perhaps you should ask your teacher for help?
If you have a specific problem with your solution, perhaps post it here so we can help/. or give your teacher's email address so I can post a solution straight to them?
_Maxxx_ 17-Jul-13 1:15am View
It would REALLY help if you told us what errors you were getting, and where!
_Maxxx_ 14-Jul-13 5:49am View
Reason for my vote of 2 \n This isn't a tip or trick. I'm not really sure what it is, as I'm not sure it will help anyone understand the yield keyword any better.
_Maxxx_ 30-Jun-13 22:01pm View
Where you are checking for either x or o to win, it would be far easier to write that code as a function into which you pass either X or O - it can then return a boolean telling you whether that player has won or not.

Same with drawing the grid; put it in a function so you don't have duplicate code.

It might be pedantic at this level of coding, but it will save you heaps of time if you need to make changes as there's only one place to change it!

Oh - and there's a bug in your code as you are checking the mat array from 1 through to 9 but it is a zero based index so should be from 0 to 8 - now, if only you'd written the code in a function you'd only have one place to change it :)
_Maxxx_ 17-Jun-13 6:11am View
Yes they can - can you tell us what the data types are on your table and show the SQL you are using, and the error message you are getting.
_Maxxx_ 13-Jun-13 0:31am View
That's a completely different question.
YOu index an array
and it is telling you 7 is outside the bounds of the array
So your sql isn't returning 8 columns.
Look at your sql - it is only returning one column (i.e. count(EmployeeName))and, indeed, only one row
What are you trying to achieve?
_Maxxx_ 13-Jun-13 0:28am View
What IS it giving?
select count(*) from table where condition should give you a row count (I think if you had employee names of Null your count might differ)
Have you tried hard-coding the SQL (or just running what you think should be run) to see the output
e.g. execute "Select count(*) from employee where group = 'YourGroupName'"
If that sql works, then there's probably something different being passed by your code.
If that doesn't work, then look at your table - does that group ectually exist in that column?
_Maxxx_ 6-Jun-13 2:12am View
But which row?
_Maxxx_ 6-Jun-13 1:52am View
Windows forms, WPF, ASP? It makes a difference!
_Maxxx_ 4-Jun-13 17:18pm View
Ok - I was suggesting cookies because that's your only real option without asking the user to log in or give some information to your web app to identify themselves/ their computer.
I guess you are using it for some sort of licensing scheme so don't want users accessing from multiple machines?
Best you could do is a combination of cookie, ip address, user ID and date/time
_Maxxx_ 13-May-13 2:57am View
If something like returning null is happening when you lose focus then something is wrong. My comment about rebuilding the data was not related to that - it's just that you need something to tell the child control "give me your data now" - and assuming on the child control there is a bunch of controls which the user has changed (textboxes or whatever) then the child control would have to build the object to return to the parent for it to save.
Of course you can have a write to database method in each UC - then all you need to do is to call that method on each of your child controls when the user clicks the save button on the parent control.
Personally I tend to keep any user controls small and low on functionality - so just capture the data and return it via a property. The Controller (in your case the parent control) then does the dirty work like saving it to the database.
There are arguments for doing it either way, though.

I was suggesting what you could do - it wasn't a synopsys.

_Maxxx_ 13-May-13 0:57am View
What the heck software is this anyway?! ManCage?! :)
_Maxxx_ 13-May-13 0:56am View
No worries. Ive looked at your code and am finding it difficult to follow what you're trying to do.
I THINK what you are asking for is simple - but I may be missing the point.
In UC2...UC99 have a public property that returns the data to be added/updated to the database.
Then in your update process you can call your WriteToDatabaseMCD() method passing that property as the parameter.
If necessary, the Getter of the property in UC2...UC99 will need to build your ManCageData object before returning it.
Another public property may be required for the IsUpdate parameter.
_Maxxx_ 12-May-13 22:43pm View
No worries. It's a common mistake for new OO programmers (this isn't an XCode issue - it's normal practice for many OO languages, including Objective C).

An NSString is an object. So, when you have two objects, how can you compare them for equality?

If it was, say, a BaddySprite object in a game, or a CustomerObject in a business application, it is quite clear that saying if(object1 == object2) is open to interpretation - do we have two instances of the same baddy (or customer) or a single instance? Are they equal if their name property's match?
It is one of those things that is so easy to do wrong that, even now you know, I bet you do it wrong again (I know I still do)!
_Maxxx_ 12-May-13 21:25pm View
When you say you are keeping the UCs loosely coupled - just how loose? i.e. do you have a reference to the Children in your parent?
If you do have a reference then there's no real difference between there being a user control on the other tabs and, say, a text box. When your parent saves, it needs to access the data from the child controls and save it too.
It's difficult to do step by step instructions without seeing what you've already done - because there are simply so many ways you may have implemented it already.
_Maxxx_ 9-May-13 18:39pm View
Hope you will use "Bob's your uncle" in a conversation today! (Lucky I din't say "Robert's your father's brother - which is quite common as Bob's your uncle is so ubiquitous)
My ViewModels are in their own project, separate from the Views (which struck me as being the best way as it ensures separation - the views have a reference to the ViewModel project but not vice versa)
Originally my design time view models were in the view project - so moving them to their own project too seems to work quite well.
With my 'framework' I actually separate my ViewModels from ViewData (essentially the ViewModel has the functionality, and the viewmodel contains a viewdata object which is purely the data.
I'm not suggesting that's how you should go - but moving the viewModels into their own project is a sensible move I think
_Maxxx_ 19-Apr-13 3:17am View
a) try asking a proper question and b) do your own homework
_Maxxx_ 19-Apr-13 0:33am View
What "answer"? The function manipulates the textbox and puts the results back in the textbox as far as I can see - so MessageBox.Show(TxtBoxInput.Text) would do what you ask - but I can't believe that's what you mean!
_Maxxx_ 18-Apr-13 1:49am View
Are you serious? At leas tell someone what the freaking error is!!!!!!
_Maxxx_ 18-Apr-13 1:48am View
You have my permission to do so.
_Maxxx_ 16-Apr-13 2:27am View
What do you mean by "Smartcode"?
_Maxxx_ 9-Apr-13 22:32pm View
Your code is bizarre - sorry, but it is. You are using .ToString all over the place when you are dealing with integers.
THen you have
If CalulateHeigestScoreArray(1).ToString = CalulateHeigestScoreArray(1).ToString

which is always true!

Essentially I think what you are asking is how to find tghe second highest value in a sorted integer array?

Well, if the array is 9 elements long, then the second highest (assuming it is sorted in ascending order) is the 8th element, which is at index 7 (assuming the array is zero based)

So second highest is in array(array.Count -2)
_Maxxx_ 8-Apr-13 1:17am View
Seriously? What sort of an answer do you expect with this level of question?
If you have a particular query you need to speed up, then post it.
Or are you just wanting general advice on how to reduce processor usage when running queries?
_Maxxx_ 27-Mar-13 2:50am View
Yes - and as I commented to the OP it would be a highly unlikely situation if you genuinely wanted a specific output order in an SQL table
_Maxxx_ 27-Mar-13 2:49am View
Why? Not sure what you are getting at? Solution 2 does it without union but you said that 'he need result in 2 columns not single column output' My solution didn't have a single column output - I genuinely don't understand what you are saying"?
_Maxxx_ 27-Mar-13 2:38am View
You seem to be mistaken over what UNION does - it does not reduce the output to a single column it joins together collections of rows.
_Maxxx_ 27-Mar-13 1:58am View
Isn't 11:00:15 - 11:00:20 plus 11:00:40 - 11:00:45 only 10 seconds? Or are you looking for the difference between 11:00:20 and 11:00:40?
_Maxxx_ 27-Mar-13 1:08am View
Sure - and why would you want an sql server table to be sequenced exactly? That's why you have order by clauses!

You could simply write the query as a hard-coded insert row by row - the question is a nonsense really

If you needed the sequence to be the same you would probably have to write each select with an additional constraint - and have a select for each row - which again is nonsense.
_Maxxx_ 27-Mar-13 0:48am View
Are you sure you have the 89-null rows correct ? (i.e. are you sure col1 isn't null and col2 89?)
_Maxxx_ 22-Mar-13 2:55am View
I don't understand how you are swapping between modal forms - only one form can be modal at a time...

I suggest you post some code so we can see where you are going wrong.
_Maxxx_ 22-Mar-13 2:17am View
delete from table where columname = value

will delete all records 'simultaneously' from table where the value of columname is equal to value
_Maxxx_ 22-Mar-13 0:31am View
NO I can't send you a link or example - I don't have one and can only google as well as you.

I don't know what accsee database is - I assume you mean Access but if you expect to get any help from forums such as this you need to be much more accurate and also at least try something yourself - not just ask others to write stuff for you.
_Maxxx_ 19-Mar-13 5:48am View
I don't understand? Did you follow the link? The manual shows you how to set up replication with MySQL. Try as well. Just google MySql replication - there are pages and pages of help out there
_Maxxx_ 19-Mar-13 5:07am View
I just sent you the link to the manual explaining exactly how to do replication with MySql - what don't you understand?
_Maxxx_ 19-Mar-13 5:06am View
sorry - I think it's boolean in Postgres? so yes, I'm suggesting you see what happens if you tell the code it's a boolean even thought he column type is an integer.
_Maxxx_ 19-Mar-13 5:05am View
How about trying some yourself then asking back here when you have problems - I'm not about to do your work for you!
_Maxxx_ 19-Mar-13 1:30am View
doesn't look like there's a problem assuming all is spelled correctly - I'd take out the echo off and try it - then you can see any errors

(and put the pause after the move)
_Maxxx_ 19-Mar-13 0:34am View
Your question isn't clear. You have added two columns (Period and Subject Name) but not populated them with any values - you need to explain better what you want to achieve
_Maxxx_ 18-Mar-13 2:30am View
Do you mean radiobutton or do you mean checkbox? With a radiobutton, its very nature is that only onbe of a group is selected at any one time.
_Maxxx_ 12-Mar-13 2:10am View
Seems obvious what the OP wants, to me. He wants to be able to globally remap keys in the Windows OS - so while his application is running, anyone pressing , say, the 'A' key in Notepad would see an 'X' being typed.

I don't have a solution though ;)
_Maxxx_ 4-Mar-13 1:40am View
Yes - but the point is that i is a row counter and you were using it as a column index.
_Maxxx_ 4-Mar-13 0:57am View
Me too - but not on me, and it was faster to google and cut and paste than anything else.

It's so rare I'm smart enough to answer a question I was quite please someone had asked something so basic ;)
_Maxxx_ 25-Feb-13 20:35pm View
Seems others replied recently which popped it to the top of the list - I just felt like putting a different aspect to the answers which all seemed a little formal to me:)
_Maxxx_ 20-Feb-13 22:14pm View
Do you want to Create a test to give to someone else, or to prepare to take the test yourself?
_Maxxx_ 18-Feb-13 2:51am View
I am suggesting that as a way to learn how to write the function gernerically, rather than just have someone give you the code.
_Maxxx_ 18-Feb-13 1:25am View
Just to confirm.
You want a list of the names of the tables that have a record with the value 'jquery' in the Name column?
Are these 58 tables the only tables, or if not can they be somehow identified (do all their names start with 'XXX' for example)
_Maxxx_ 18-Feb-13 0:16am View
Great answer given the OP's original question!
_Maxxx_ 14-Feb-13 6:02am View
You say you shouldn't be adding drums to the cymbals - then surely the answer is "then don't"
The way you are setting up our drum$ is that it is a collection that contain individual drums plus a collection of cymbals. M<y suggestion is that it simply contains individual drums and individual cymbals , or it contains a collection of drums and a collection of cymbals.

I guess i simply can't see why you would want to uncomment the line in question - I believe your design is flawed and, rather than work around the issue, you would be better off fixing the design.
_Maxxx_ 8-Feb-13 5:41am View
Got an error back from CP when I posted the comment - tried to post as an answer, got an error, posted as comment, worked OK
_Maxxx_ 8-Feb-13 5:38am View
My text was just an example(I said 'something like' ) typed on the fly - get the quotes right & I think you could pass one or more parameters in such a way as to inject sql
_Maxxx_ 5-Feb-13 23:51pm View
Let us know how your homework goes!
_Maxxx_ 31-Jan-13 0:26am View
_Maxxx_ 31-Jan-13 0:26am View
Do you really mean you are inserting X - or are you updating a row with a new value of X.
If you are inserting a new row, do you mean you only want to insert the new row if the value of X is not equal to the previous row's X value? If so, what do you mean by 'previous row'? Is it the last row inserted by this user, by any user , with the next lowest key value?
explain more and I am sure someone can give you some SQL to point you in the right direction!
_Maxxx_ 30-Jan-13 23:44pm View
You are an idiot
_Maxxx_ 30-Jan-13 5:30am View
Do you mean that when you run the SP directly it doesn't update rows?
_Maxxx_ 30-Jan-13 5:29am View
I'm not looking for help, the original poster is. "Tick" is an English word - look it up - and I fully understood what the OP meant - your comment was unhelpful and insulting - if you can't be helpful, don't post at all.
_Maxxx_ 30-Jan-13 1:30am View
Your question doesn't make sense
_Maxxx_ 30-Jan-13 1:22am View
You don't actually call a user control - do you mean you want to execute a method of a user control when you press a button on another user control? Or do you want to instantiate a user control when you press a button?
Perhaps if you explained a little about what you are trying to achieve?
_Maxxx_ 30-Jan-13 0:38am View
You haven't given enough information for anyone to help very much with this - and you describe your required output but are asking bout writing to the database - you need to provide much more information, I think, in order for anyone to know what you need help with.
_Maxxx_ 30-Jan-13 0:08am View
I think he is talking English - what language are you talking (Out language is Unicode???)
_Maxxx_ 21-Jan-13 23:51pm View
Giving him a fish allows him to eat for another day - gives him longer to survive and hopefully thrive.

Telling him how he's doing it all wrong, should bloody learn to fish properly and then advising him to use golf clubs, a table leg or a hari net to do his fishing, isn't what was required here (IMHO)

And your arrogance in saying "not have to deal with continued questions here" is, I think, the sort of thing that puts people off using CP Q&A
_Maxxx_ 21-Jan-13 22:54pm View
He got the sql from me - and yes, it is dreadful (but based up on his original sql that he was having trouble with)
Rather than suggesting a complete database redesign etc. I tried to help him with his immediate problem - maybe he had an existing DB with the tables he spoke of, maybe it was homework (I suspect so) but the sql was provided to the OP in the form he was writing SQL, in the hope of helping him solve his problem, rather than a bunch of advice on why he shouldn't be doing what he was doing in the first place.
_Maxxx_ 21-Jan-13 22:49pm View
Yes - I assumed you'd want to match those and not only match exactly the words entered - without knowing the complete context, this may or not be what is required
_Maxxx_ 21-Jan-13 22:41pm View
You haven't said what is wrong with the SQL given?
The first EXISTS should give orders with gizmos
The second should give those with gadgets
and the third (not exists) should give those that dont have lines that are neither gizmos nor gadgets

Is that now what you required?
_Maxxx_ 21-Jan-13 22:38pm View
Options 6, 7 and 8 are horrible solutions relying on magic numbers which are exceedingly prone to blowing up in your face in the future. (e.g. what if you get more than 999 gizmos in case 7, what happens when you introduce Dumwhickeys, fandoogles etc. etc.

The op got that sql from a previous question where, I think, that sql answered the question - sure it is inefficient etc. but I don't think you really made an attempt to help with the sql
_Maxxx_ 20-Jan-13 22:32pm View
Surely Gadgets and Gizmos and Neither gives you all orderitems - how can they be anything else?
_Maxxx_ 30-Aug-12 3:02am View
You can convert it at
_Maxxx_ 13-Jun-12 18:55pm View
That's what I ended up having to do - not quite as simple as that in the 'real' situation, as the first row in the collection wasn't always detached - depending on circumstances - so I had to clone the row then add it (as you can't add a row that is attached to another table)
_Maxxx_ 13-Jun-12 0:10am View
While ItemArray is a reference type, in fact assigning it causes the contents of the array to be assigned to the individual columns of the receiving row - it does NOT assign a reference to the dataRow.
You could think of it as having a setter that iterates 'value' and sets row.Item(i) for each element in the value array.
Jut to be sure I made the suggested change - no difference :(
_Maxxx_ 13-Jun-12 0:05am View
It's the loop in the first three lines of code that doesn't loop - the function is just there to show what's in the List
I have output the count first - it is three, or two, or whatever.
I have commented everything out except for the loop itself - and it does not loop as expected.
"There is not enough information to answer more exactly" - I wish you would let me know what additional information I can give?
_Maxxx_ 28-Feb-12 0:48am View
I'm not clear on 'where' you want to get the value from your combo into your class? Essentially, you probably need a property in the class that you set to the selected value, when the combo changes value.
_Maxxx_ 27-Feb-12 22:48pm View
What does it do? Have you tried debugging the function to see where it fails?
_Maxxx_ 17-Feb-12 0:22am View
You've posted this as a C# question but say you are new to javascript. Is this an ASP.Net page ? If so, are you using MVC or 'plain old' ASP.NET?
_Maxxx_ 17-Feb-12 0:20am View
By writing some code? You give absolutely no clue as to what you are trying to do - many of the people responding to questions here are clever to the point of genius, but I don't think any of them are psychic.
try to give as much information as you can about what you are trying to do, and what you have tried; don't worry too much about your language, if English is a problem, use short sentences but the more (relevant) information you give, the more likely you are to receive some help.
_Maxxx_ 14-Feb-12 23:44pm View
According to the docco[^], this event is only raised when one of the pager buttons is clicked...
_Maxxx_ 14-Feb-12 23:31pm View
One person's attractive is another person's plain ugly - so you need to be more specific in what you are looking for; what was wrong, exactly, with the one's you have found through google?
_Maxxx_ 7-Feb-12 17:20pm View
I haven't tried coalesce - I'm not interested in fixing the issue (I have fixed it) but working out why it is not working
_Maxxx_ 2-Feb-12 23:36pm View
So the links under a post (here's one from the lounge)
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What does the 'Email' link do, exactly?

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